Thanks To Digital Door Locks!! My Professional Life Doesn’t Affect My Family Anymore

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and family”

Just like every business professional, I also always remain equipped with work. In the present times, the business life has turned so busy that it is very hard to take out time for our loved ones. I work in a multinational company as an Investment banker and as you all know investment banking requires quite a lot of time and devotion. Late night work hours are a daily thing for me. Over the years I have learnt one thing that is It’s not easygoing balancing work and your family, but how well you manage this can make a momentous difference to your relationship with your family.

Being a father to two children I realise my responsibilities towards them. About 6 months back, there was a time when I used to be completely lost in my work and had no idea about time and family. Eventually my wife and children started suffering because of my negligence. Criminal activities one after the other in our locality scared my family even more. It was high time now and I definitely needed to take a serious step to ensure the safety of my loved ones. I discussed this thing with one of my dearest frineds and he told me about this new thing called Digital Door Locks. I didn’t knew about it and the next day I searched for it on Google. Mr. Google told me everything about it and I was so impressed by these gadgets that I ordered one the very next day from an authorized online Samsung dealer.

Within few days I got the Samsung SHS-P717 Digital Door Lock and the professional explained me everything about its functioning. Now whenever I go home, I walk carefree knowing that my family is safe. My late night entrances no more disturb the sleep of my children all thanks to the card and password locking/unlocking facility. Along with safety from burglaries and thefts, this digital door locks also provides safety from natural mishaps like fires. I really think that I have brought a key of happiness to my home with this latest Samsung digital door lock. Now when I look back at my decision, I feel really thankful to that friend. My family is now no more affected from my busy work life and everyday I watch them sleeping carefree. This Digital Door Lock has made my life simple and easy and I work carefree knowing that my family is safe in my absence. Thank You Samsung SHS-P717 :)

Mr Vikrant Negi

Investment Banker