Why in the Present Age We Must have Digital Door Locks at our Homes?

For quite a long time we all have been using those traditional door locks with a bunch of keys always hanging around us. In the present times that the scenarios have started to change we all need advanced tools and sadly those traditional locks no more fit in our household’s security system. Now when conventional door locks have become outdated what should we look out for? Digital Door Locks have now made their space in the major households and rightfully so because they have been timely advancing and provide a great sense of security to us. On account of advances in innovation, battery-worked digital locks are turning out to be progressively fit for us.

In the following blog we take a look at some of the features of electronic door locks that prove that they are the smartest choice for us –

Time Saving and Convenient

Innovation has finally found a solution for those time wasting and insecure traditional locks. Let us take a simple example, if you have lost the keys of your main entrance what will you do? You will have to call a locksmith who will remove the lock from your door and install a new one. With an electronic lock you don’t need to; the codes can be changed by the means of your keypad. The latest innovation in digital door locks even allows you to lock/unlock your home entrance from your smartphone.

This also allows user to have a multiple codes for all members of the family and also it saves a lot of times as you need not worry about the keys as well locking/unlocking as become even more simpler. It is even more helpful in the case you install them at your office premises as you can effectively monitor your authorized entrances and exits and you can unlock your office doors from anywhere. Now that seems cool!!!

The bright side of these digital door locks is that no one can enter your possessions without your consent.

Enhanced Security

In the present age, security is the foremost concern of every human being and now we cannot depend those traditional door locks for security. At your home and offices you have valuables as well as small tiny tots those on whom you always need to have your eyes.

Just taking a simple case study of hospitals, where medications needs to be timely checked and controlled. Access to the room where the medications are put away should be limited to only the staff members, every one with an individual access code for the digital lock. This makes it easy for the hospital staff, as not everyone needs a key for the lock. All staff members have their individual passwords and they can enter the room at any time without locking/unlocking the door with conventional key locking system. With security point of view these digital locks for doors are even better as you can keep a track upon who enters the rooms.

Another great feature of these digital locks is that it generates a 2 digit random number to activate your login screen so as no one can guess your access code using the finger print marks on the keypad.

Intelligent Access Control

It’s impossible to ignore the regular innovations that have been positively affecting the execution and capacity of electronic door locks, and most likely in the coming future they will serve even more purposes. Proceeding on with the electronic door locks, we’ll keep on seeing better approaches for controlling coded locks – for example, utilizing cell phone or tablet applications, again adding to their ease of use, push pull features, automatic lock, fire alarm and several other features that make them intelligent access control systems.