Access Control Systems Provide Comprehensive Security to Your Property

Access Control Systems

At the outset, to guarantee our safety, we used conventional alarms which had a unique function: to make a sound when detected by a person or an intruder; these sound signals were not adequate to ensure the tranquility of homes or premises.

It is how Security Access Control System in India are born; we can define them as a set of devices that includes alarms but in turn much more technological materials such as sensors, cameras, central, infrared, etc. Through multiple access control systems, households could be secured by making them quiet and comfortable.

One of the primary objectives of Security Access Control System in India is to achieve a pleasant place in all aspects. From the standard household appliances to the leisure and entertainment equipment, automatic remote control has also reached the safety of the home.

The market currently offers a multitude of access control systems for different types of houses, as we know that, According to the dimensions of the same we will agree one option or another. In residential buildings, or housing complexes, we can establish different levels of security based on the physical location of the control areas.

To be a little clearer, we will offer some examples. The first level of security refers to the surveillance in the areas surrounding the property, in these environments is intended to detect the presence of a suspect, to observe and follow their movements in the vicinity.

The second level can be framed in common areas, within the private parts of the building, here the access control system will be very rigorous as it will monitor the lower and upper entrances, parking areas, gardens, community pools, basements, decks, Terraces, etc.

Types of Access Control System

An effective way to detect the intruders that prowl around our property are the GPS pressure sensors. They are installed under the ground. They create an invisible security ring of several meters that, when interfered by any individual, emits an alarm signal that activates the cameras of closed circuit advising to the police or the private security service.

Another of the most popular proposals for access control systems are biometric and proximity readers for home presence control; These are integrated into the lines of home automation systems and allow to create security scenarios activated according to the user that is identified by the sensor.

Some access control systems have not such technological devices but are equally efficient, one of them is the autonomous proximity controller, it is installed in controlled access doors and consists of a memory card reader that Stores up to 30 user cards.

The exit button and the lock are connected directly to the user, and the lock is configured as a push button; the fingerprint reader is another surefire way to secure our home or office. The inputs and outputs can be made through a secret code, a fingerprint or with an emergency key.

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