Electronic Locks for Hotels, Offices and Residences

An efficient access management system adapted to the needs of your hotel, whether by chip, proximity or magnetic stripe cards, allows you to control the access of employees, guests or any other related person, being viable to program and audit by means of a software management at any moment the accesses, schedules, levels of hierarchies. Avoiding robberies, capital flight, or to take more strict, detailed and practically real-time control of the hotel’s administrative management; besides, it improves the image of modernity considerably,

Electronic locks for hotels, residences, and offices, specially designed for card opening, allow total control of access to the rooms. The electronic locks system works with chip or cards being more reliable than magnetic stripe cards. The system allows recording on the card the complete state of the room, being able to enable it at the moment of the entrance of the client and stipulating the date of departure of the same.

How electronic locks work

As we have seen previously, Digital Door Locks have an electromechanical opening and closing system. They have a small motor that is controlled thanks to the electric impulse. This motor can be activated in different ways, depending on the type of electronic lock that is: with a keyboard to mark a code, with a card reader, with a fingerprint reader, with remote control. In any case, this system only allows access when it receives the correct information. The closing of the system occurs thanks to a mechanical block that works with electromagnets. Thus the door closes more securely.

Therefore, an electronic lock requires a source of electric power to function. One of the cons to these locks is that they can block the door in case the electricity goes away. To avoid this drawback, many of the electronic locks combine an electronic lock control with a physical one. In this way, they provide extra security and reliability for the user. It is also recommended to integrate a generator or a supply source in case there is an emergency and the usual cause of electricity fails.

In summary, it can be said that buying a Fingerprint Door Lock for our home or premises is a good choice. The price of smart locks is higher than that of other locks. Despite this, buying an electronic lock is an investment in security that is worthwhile. Especially if we talk about the safety of our or our business.


And you? Do you already have an electronic lock in your home or business?

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