The Fundamental Role of Access Control Systems in Businesses

The access controls are one of the fundamental points in any business that wants to implement its security. The doubts arise before the possibilities that exist when installing/selecting an access control system, there are several options, and sometimes we do not even know, as a company, what options we have at our disposal according to our type of premises or office.

It is important to know all the variety of options available to us to choose or recommend the most appropriate solution according to our type of business, the characteristics of the products we sell and the kind of location or office where we carry out our activity.

The Fingerprint Access Control System are one of the classic solutions within the access control, allow you to have control over one or more doors and technological advances have made significant developments in door controls, allowing voice control and video of the entries we want to control.

Another of the most interesting technological developments is based on access control with integrated biometric management, which allows us to establish access readers with different modes, card, fingerprint or fingerprint with a card and other types of more advanced biometric readers.

We can also implement a comprehensive access control system, which can be used for pedestrian entrances and vehicles in our corporate building, this type of systems are usually used to make a good impression to visitors and leave our brand image well present. This is the first contact of the visitor with our offices or corporate building, without a doubt an excellent opportunity to generate a good impression and give an image of security and confidence.

This type of integrated systems allow a modular configuration which will allow us to integrate different functional modules according to the needs we have, we could include video, communication, lighting, etc.

The systems access control such as a  biometric reader Facial and Fingerprint are technology most in demand in today ‘s market, we have migrated from mechanical systems, and specialized personnel has processes controlling input and output fully automated with different types of technologies and devices. It is essential to carry out a sufficient study, segmenting the zones, the access groups, the allotted times, the level of access for each user, measuring the number of people or cars traveling through each zone and discovering the goals of each access control.

Among the benefits of having a Door Access Control System are, of course, the control of entry and exit. These equipment offer greater security and control of the public, the personnel or the residents of a building, in the companies, it brings savings in personnel costs, a fast return on investment.

Digital Door Locks

Other benefits are the reduction of the time in the registry and the improvement of the productivity, the restriction of access in the opening of doors and it adds a particular value of modernization to the building. There are many types, from fingerprint or card readers to opening doors or staff access slots, access ports for people with reduced mobility or vehicular access barriers, there are many functions and models that can be had of these devices.

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