Reasons to Buy an Electronic Lock

The electronic locks are increasingly demanded when installing a new access door to a home or premises. An electronic lock is also handy when looking for a safety bonus, as we told you when we talk about how to improve the security of a door quickly.

When controlling the opening and closing of a door that offers security, you can find different types of locks:

  • The traditional lock, which uses a key to control the opportunity The closure or mixed lock, which is composed of a conventional or mechanical part that also requires a key, and another electronic component.
  • The electronic lock, which does not need a key and only needs to enter a digital code to give access to an enclosure or not.

5 Advantages of the electronic lock

The electronic locks offer a series of positions concerning mechanical or conventional locks:

  • The Electronic Door Lock allows increasing the security, regarding traditional or automatic locks. This type of lock has a mechanism that blocks the door in case of trying to be opened by an unauthorized person. It also locks when you try to force the opening by a drill. Or with a lever or other external element outside the system.
  • The keys are not lost. There is no danger that any of the people who have the access key will miss it. Or that someone makes a duplicate of it or they steal the key.
  • Limited Authorized Access. It only allows access and it opens with the people who are authorized.
  • The electronic locks allow to be programmed with different access codes, different for each person. So, you can regulate which person enters your home or office, what days you can access, and for how long. This increases the control of who is authorized or not to come.
  • For all types of doors. It can be fixed in almost all types of doors, depending on the model of electronic lock that we choose.

Types of electronic locks

Depending on your opening system, in the market you can find varieties of electronic locks:

Digital Door Locks with key: It is a conventional lock that opens or closes with a key, but that incorporates a screen in which you can configure an access pin or that allows you to read the fingerprint. In this way, the lock provides extra security to the system.

Automatic Door Lock For Your Home

Lock with password: This kind of electric lock allows access or locking of the door by configuring a password, code or pin. They are the type of electronic lock most used in private homes or offices. In general, they are simple to install and use, and cheaper than those that incorporate a fingerprint reader.

With fingerprint reader: This type of smart lock has a small digital screen on which you can configure the access for different people with your fingerprint. These locks are handy in offices or companies in which you have to give access to different people. They are beautiful locks in their materials, safe and very resistant.

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