The Regular Use of Access Control System

The common characteristic of a home, a company and the venues of events, is that they all have an access door. The primary mission of entry is to control who can enter and who cannot; for example, the door of a dwelling allows to enter the members of a family, in a company it will enable to control the entrance to the employees, visits, and messengers. This process is called access control.

The three essential components of an Access Control system are: Door, Lock, and Key

If we want to have higher security, we can install a door sensor on the top of it and thus know the status of the door, in this way any abnormal situation will trigger the alarm and warn the security company or the police.

In any case, what happens if the keys are lost, or are many keys to find them in a short time?

In the first case, we can find a locksmith who opens the door in five minutes, but this will also indicate the unreliability of the mechanical locks; in the second case, carrying many keys on top is a lot of weight and a lot of time selecting what the key we are looking for is.

To avoid the above issues, Door Access Control Systems are the perfect solution.


Also, the administrative management of access control is highly laborious.

In a traditional mechanical locking system, if a new member is added a new key is needed, while in the office time clocks are used on paper to control the attendance and the work times of the employees, which makes the Counting is laborious and conducive to errors and omissions.

Conversely, the introduction of a modern network access control system can simplify and improve the process by merely connecting to the Internet, entering a system’s web server, and adding or eliminating staff authorization levels, as many as you wish. , and know their entry and exit conditions. What’s more, the attendance and timings report can be easily generated and edited with less labor and more precision.

Taking into account, the current trend in the growth of companies have delegations in different parts of the city or the country. This is the reason why a data synchronization service is needed. The creation of networks of access control systems provides an excellent solution to manage and control subsidiaries from the central office, adjusting the days off in each or the working hours in a more efficient and comfortable way so that it surpasses more than traditional systems of mechanical access control.

In a traditional Access Control System, the lock only admits a single key; however, in the electronic access control system, a lock can be opened with multiple keys (that is, the user data kept in the memory chip of the controller). You may wonder about the need for multiple cores. In fact, different keys can represent different users. Therefore, each user’s entry/exit event record will be done in response to security concerns.

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