Satisfactory Level of Security With Digital Door Access Control Systems

The level of satisfaction achieved with the installation of an Access Control System depends on the level of integration that you want to reach with other systems that you have installed in your company – System of Sensors, Alarms or Fire Prevention Systems, etc.

Through our Proximity Access Control System you can obtain an ONLINE Monitoring System- with a direct and immediate connection to the database.

Access Control System is actively available and ready to operate in 24×7 environments- continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It consists of elements such as Access Control, Proximity Cards, Electric (or electromagnetic) locks, Door Closed Sensors, Alarms, sirens and CCTV etc.

The Access Control System can be installed in Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and all types of offices.

Come to the professionals, and we will evaluate your requirement, we will propose the best Access Control System of the market, for this we need to know important aspects, such as:

  • Door Type (Glass, Wood, Metal)
  • Device to activate (Door, Tranquera, Windlass)
  • Desired Technology (Fingerprint, Proximity – RFID)

What Is A Fingerprint Door Opener?

Keys for opening the door everyone knows. Maps, whether provided with magnetic strips or hole patterns, are also familiar. Transponders are less well known, but they have not been novelties for a long time.

Prefer Fingerprint door locks. Instead of placing an element that can be easily lost or manipulated, only your fingerprint is used for opening. And this is precisely where the advantages of this system lie.

Enhanced Security

  1. A fingerprint door lock does not rely on keys, cards or codes. It may sound more insecure than conventional and well-known locking systems. But it is not.
  2. Door locks with fingerprint even represent an increase in security in their home. And for good reasons.
  3. Neither keys nor cards can be lost. Thus, owners of such a lock can neither exclude themselves nor can they accidentally gain access by losing one.
  4. The code cannot be forgotten. And empty batteries, as it can happen in the transponder, do not lead to the fact that the inhabitants are helpless in front of the locked door.
  5. Another important advantage, Fingerprint door openers represent a lower risk of burglary than conventional locks. Although professional can track them too, this procedure takes a long time and appropriate tool.

Corporate scale

The primary requirement for a biometric system access control (ACS) – their compliance with the organizational structure of the enterprise. This concept includes the following aspects:

  • There is no limit on the number of users;
  • Support for the territorial network – the company’s remote offices;
  • Unified management of all ACS (including territorial separation) from the central office with the synchronization of the main and branch server ACS in an automatic mode through the internet;
  • Minimizing the costs associated with the dispersal of staff in the territory – for example, the remote registration of ACS users working in remote locations;
  • Support the management hierarchy (divisions, departments, etc.), when, say, the head of a part of management has access to the data only for the staff of the division.

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