Top 5 Problems of Automatic Doors

Often, the most significant number of problems with automatic doors that are received by Locksmiths by telephone are due to the same reasons. Fortunately, most of them have simple arrangements that you can make yourself at home.

Through all those requests, we have made our TOP 5 of problems that you can find with the automatic doors of your home. You will realize that it is not so complicated to keep your digital locks in excellent condition and functioning. Of course, most of the automatic doors require regular maintenance that you can also do yourself with only a little care and love. We will give you all possible advice, through our articles, so that its maintenance is a simple task and you do not need the help of a professional regularly.

# 1.Bugs/Insects that get in the door a problem to solve!

The bugs and ants seem to be a common problem that prevents an automatic door open/close. They hide in warm places, such as security sensors and control boxes. Thus, you need to be sure to check these areas are free of them from time to time. You have to use a soft and dry cloth to clean the garbage gently.

# 2.Mouth of the automatic gate

Sliding doors are the most common doors used for domestic and commercial use. Sticks, leaves, stones and other obstacles could cause the door to stick, so check it and make the motor run smoothly. Sliding doors tend to get these obstructions in or around the door, and a simple garden broom will do the trick in removing this debris.

# 3.Manual Mode

From time to time you may need to put your Digital Door Lock India in manual mode. There are so many reasons for it and to name a few of them: it is possible that you have a loss of power due to a blackout and that is why your door does not open / close automatically.


Until a technician arrives, the manual release mode is essential so that the opening/closing of your door is released and that no tension is being placed on the motor of your door and can be released from work at some point.

# 4.Interruption of the power supply

Often the reason why a Digital Door Locks India does not work in its opening/closing is something very mundane and domestic, something much more straightforward than it seems. As much as we like to visit our customers, we also believe that the biggest hidden secret of this is that the button in the door position has been ‘off.’ Do yourself a favor and make sure the switch is on.

However, if the button is ‘on’ and the door motor is still not opening and closing, try another device in the socket to make sure that the problem is not in the socket. If that device works, it’s time to put your door motor in “Manual Mode” and call a technician.

# 5.Remote Controls

The “timbre” or “controller” are just some of the names that the remote control has known, but when it is not working properly, it could be called something else!

As you know, these small devices work with batteries. Most have a red light on the right and above or above that flashes and indicates that you have asked to open or close the automatic gate. When the light on your remote control is no longer flashing, this usually means that the battery is no longer working. Replacement batteries can be purchased at any supermarket.

Samsung SHP-DS705: The Digital Door Locks that Sets New Standard for Compact Digital Door Locks

Move over the rectangular door locks that are way past their better days. In this age wherein everything is mobile and compact, why should your home security system look large and least sophisticated? Is it not time you had a major upgrade in your home security. Well, your answer in affirmative has the solid backing of the Samsung SHP- DS705. The SHP-DS705 is the cynosure of the eyes due to its ultra compact circular design which is a definite advancement that gets caught almost immediately at the first blush.

As is the case with Samsung home security system, the beauty of all its door locks is merely the tip of the iceberg. These door locks have the most sophisticated technology that never lets you off-guard when it comes to the security of your family.

Installing a home security system is easier than ever today. The Samsung SHP-DS705 has been made by keeping in mind the wooden doors only. In this age of smartphones and ease of access technology doing the rounds in almost every aspect of our life, the home security too is one of the important factors which need to be covered under the mobile notification’s umbrella.

As a home or a business owner, you get all the notification of every activity at your doorstep via sms. Upon your arrival at home, you can also have a quick view on all the in & out activities which this home door lock is capable of recording. As many as 30 records can be stored for future reference thereby giving you a window wide enough to check for any malicious activities that had been going on for quite some time in your absence.


Now coming to the business end of the things, no one is even remotely interested to carry the bulk of keys in their pocket to work. This is where the Digital Door Locks India has been the biggest game changer in the recent years. Speaking more on the keys, the traditional door keys and the locks were liable to get jammed due to its ferrous composition that could get rusty anyway. These home door locks truly banished all such hazards with the use of digital technology.

One of the biggest myths about the Automatic Door Lock is that the people think that it can deter any kind of swift evacuation in panicky situations let’s say a fire breakout or an earthquake. What should really amaze such group of people is the fact that the Samsung SHP-DS705 is fully loaded with quick escape technology which is easy to operate. You are further relieved with its efficiency in terms of battery life as well. This product’s battery is capable of delivering the goods for approximately 12 months.

To conclude we break down some of its most salient features:

  • Quick view of in & out activities(30 records)
  • Mobile notifications when family members arrive at home through SMS
  • For wooden doors only
  • One touch unlock with your smartphone Bluetooth
  • Silent mode
  • Anti-panic bar
  • Quick escape in emergency

Home Security with Digital Door Locks; Dealing with Human Error

Burglaries can happen at any time. However, it has been found out that the majority of victims have not been a victim of any kind of forced entry or sophisticated thievery skills. It is their poor Home Security System chosen for their home which inflicts losses. As a matter of fact, the statistics show that household break-ins often occur by burglars by looping into someone’s property from an area which is not covered by Door Access Control System.

But there is good news for homeowners – you don’t have to turn your house into a guarded fortress. There are simple proactive measures you can take to safeguard your home without armored knights and high walls. Here are a few of them –

The DON’Ts:

Don’t leave areas in your house unlit.

  1. Dark corners in your front or backyard have a magnifying effect on thieves, and it makes sense – why should they be alarmed when no one can see them come in?
  2. Don’t scatter your keys in so-called “hidden” places. This is a clear invitation for burglars to just walk right in your doorway. And yes, it turns out our hiding places like the doormat or the plant tub is often not so secretive and creative like we thought.
  3. Don’t leave your mail piling up when you’re gone. Ask a neighbor to pick up your piling mail for you while you’re not home. Otherwise, this screams “I’m not home” to anyone passing by.
  4. Don’t leave your entrances unlocked. Forgetting to lock the door is so unbelievably common, it happens to everyone. But all it takes is one time for a burglar to take advantage of our absent-mindedness and use it to break into our home.

    The DOs:
    The digital door locks and other home security solutions from the Security Access Control System in India is the most ideal choice for your houses. Most thieves, unsurprisingly perhaps, look for the easy way in. So if you’re using a well-known Digital Door Locks lock, most thieves will probably look for another way in.
    Install a smart lock to eliminate the risk of losing your keys or forgetting to lock.
    It’s incredible how simple solutions can prevent our human-error risks. After all, we’re all human, and that means we have to deal with emotions and stress and “drive me around to all of my after-school activities” and “where did I place those darn keys??” thoughts. And that’s okay because we can’t be expected to be robots and do everything right. That’s what we have technology for – to solve our human errors. A smart lock is made to give us that peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding our home access, by relieving us of constantly worrying about our keys and whether or not we locked the door.

    Maintaining our home security is a top priority, but somehow we keep letting it slip under our daily, mundane routine. Fortunately, there are simple ways to be more cautious and use affordable technology to prevent us from neglecting our home security.

  Now all we have to do is start using them.

Why Choose Wireless Solutions for Access Control

Many times we focus only on the features that the access control systems provide us once installed:

  • Operability: a method how to the user
  • Control: information in real time
  • Security: a system without false acceptances
  • Savings: greater longevity and less consumption
  • Scalable: flexibility and adaptability for any building and temporary or future need.

But now we will concentrate on how important it is also to highlight the benefits they bring at the time of installing the system, especially in the case of buildings in use. The innovation applied in the last decade allows us to guarantee a quick, comfortable and safe installation, without the daily activity of the facilities being affected and ensuring the adaptability of the system to all accesses.

A higher level of adaptability and comfort in the installation

In India, we have thousands of buildings equipped with old access control systems, which sooner or later will have to change to the latest more innovative methods, either due to deterioration of their current solution or to access a higher level of security and comfort. In this context, it is essential that current solutions, in addition to their main functionalities, offer the highest possible level of adaptability. So that Digital Door Locks India can be installed in all types of installations, doors, and systems with the least possible inconvenience, without affecting the daily activity of the organizations and guaranteeing at all times the highest level of security.

Automatic Door Lock For Your Home

A higher level of security with less work and no hassles

All this adaptability of the components, added to its simplicity in the installation, supposes a significant advantage over the traditional systems of control of accesses that required of substantial works in their facility, generating huge annoyances and, even, requiring the total or partial paralyzation of the activity of the buildings.

This supposed, in many cases, a huge barrier when it comes to taking the step to a new system of control of access, since nobody wants that the activity of his company is affected; and in the end it resulted in the maintenance of obsolete solutions that did not guarantee the maximum security of an installation. But thanks to the innovation applied in the sector in the last decade, the installation of the solution is no longer a problem to increase the security of a building, and we can guarantee a higher level of protection with less work and without discomfort.

Great forecasts for the access control sector

And it is that we are in an exciting time in the industry of access control. We are fully involved in the transition from mechanical systems to electronic, wireless and intelligent systems, and the latest advances in this field have revolutionized a market in which the demand for complete high-security wireless networks based on Automatic Door Locks does not stop growing. In this sense, the objective of this article was to put on paper and highlight the advantages provided by these access control systems during installation in buildings in use. Since sometimes we focus only on all the good that they give once installed, but we must not forget either the advantages presented during the assembly: they are much faster, comfortable and safe to invest.

Reasons to Buy an Electronic Lock

The electronic locks are increasingly demanded when installing a new access door to a home or premises. An electronic lock is also handy when looking for a safety bonus, as we told you when we talk about how to improve the security of a door quickly.

When controlling the opening and closing of a door that offers security, you can find different types of locks:

  • The traditional lock, which uses a key to control the opportunity The closure or mixed lock, which is composed of a conventional or mechanical part that also requires a key, and another electronic component.
  • The electronic lock, which does not need a key and only needs to enter a digital code to give access to an enclosure or not.

5 Advantages of the electronic lock

The electronic locks offer a series of positions concerning mechanical or conventional locks:

  • The Electronic Door Lock allows increasing the security, regarding traditional or automatic locks. This type of lock has a mechanism that blocks the door in case of trying to be opened by an unauthorized person. It also locks when you try to force the opening by a drill. Or with a lever or other external element outside the system.
  • The keys are not lost. There is no danger that any of the people who have the access key will miss it. Or that someone makes a duplicate of it or they steal the key.
  • Limited Authorized Access. It only allows access and it opens with the people who are authorized.
  • The electronic locks allow to be programmed with different access codes, different for each person. So, you can regulate which person enters your home or office, what days you can access, and for how long. This increases the control of who is authorized or not to come.
  • For all types of doors. It can be fixed in almost all types of doors, depending on the model of electronic lock that we choose.

Types of electronic locks

Depending on your opening system, in the market you can find varieties of electronic locks:

Digital Door Locks with key: It is a conventional lock that opens or closes with a key, but that incorporates a screen in which you can configure an access pin or that allows you to read the fingerprint. In this way, the lock provides extra security to the system.

Automatic Door Lock For Your Home

Lock with password: This kind of electric lock allows access or locking of the door by configuring a password, code or pin. They are the type of electronic lock most used in private homes or offices. In general, they are simple to install and use, and cheaper than those that incorporate a fingerprint reader.

With fingerprint reader: This type of smart lock has a small digital screen on which you can configure the access for different people with your fingerprint. These locks are handy in offices or companies in which you have to give access to different people. They are beautiful locks in their materials, safe and very resistant.

Leaving the Keys is no Longer a Problem: the Latest in Doors and Locks

The doors and their locks are one of the main lines of defense of our homes against external threats. They limit the entry of unauthorized personnel and keep us safe, both for ourselves and for our possessions.

Little by little technology has become fixed in these critical elements of the home, and in recent years we are witnessing the beginning of a revolution if it is more important than the one that produced the invention of the first metal keys. Why? What can technology do for your doors, locks, keys and access control? Let’s see it.

Any safe home that claims to be it must have, in addition to an updated alarm system, a good, reliable and robust door that is capable of preventing the entry of unwanted individuals. This is the lock, whose access control is the metal key we all know.

It is an active system, provided that we do not lose the keys or that they do not fall into the hands of unknowns since then the whole system is useless. Although there are technologies that can help us never to lose the keys, to have them always under control and well located avoiding that they fall into the wrong hands, the final solution goes through new ways of controlling access regardless of the traditional analog keys.

Two main trends are currently developing: Digital Locks for Doors and the use of a third device, the smartphone, as a key to access the home and as an identity manager for its inhabitants.


Biometrics: your body is the best key!

Each human body is special and different from the others, a feature that can be used to implement various systems of identification and personalized authentication with a high degree of security.

In the domestic sphere and outside the spy movies, one of the systems that are having more acceptances is the one related to the fingerprints and their almost infinite patterns of furrows and bifurcations. This is to increase the security will be complemented in the future with sensors able to detect factors such as temperature, conductivity, dielectric constant, blood pressure or heart rate.

In a short time, it will be usual that we have at home fingerprint recognition systems that we can easily install in an external frame of the wall, in the door, or even in the handle itself or crank. The identification will be quick and can be programmed to detect the family members or friends we want.

In addition to Fingerprint Access Control System, in the coming years, we will assist in the implementation of new identification methods that, combined with each other, will allow even more reliable authentication of the inhabitants of the home.

For example, among those who could be more successful, we find those who use the human iris as a unique and personal identification map, but also retina scanners, facial recognition and even voice recognition, which is increasingly accepted in computer and telephone systems.

Electronic Locks for Hotels, Offices and Residences

An efficient access management system adapted to the needs of your hotel, whether by chip, proximity or magnetic stripe cards, allows you to control the access of employees, guests or any other related person, being viable to program and audit by means of a software management at any moment the accesses, schedules, levels of hierarchies. Avoiding robberies, capital flight, or to take more strict, detailed and practically real-time control of the hotel’s administrative management; besides, it improves the image of modernity considerably,

Electronic locks for hotels, residences, and offices, specially designed for card opening, allow total control of access to the rooms. The electronic locks system works with chip or cards being more reliable than magnetic stripe cards. The system allows recording on the card the complete state of the room, being able to enable it at the moment of the entrance of the client and stipulating the date of departure of the same.

How electronic locks work

As we have seen previously, Digital Door Locks have an electromechanical opening and closing system. They have a small motor that is controlled thanks to the electric impulse. This motor can be activated in different ways, depending on the type of electronic lock that is: with a keyboard to mark a code, with a card reader, with a fingerprint reader, with remote control. In any case, this system only allows access when it receives the correct information. The closing of the system occurs thanks to a mechanical block that works with electromagnets. Thus the door closes more securely.

Therefore, an electronic lock requires a source of electric power to function. One of the cons to these locks is that they can block the door in case the electricity goes away. To avoid this drawback, many of the electronic locks combine an electronic lock control with a physical one. In this way, they provide extra security and reliability for the user. It is also recommended to integrate a generator or a supply source in case there is an emergency and the usual cause of electricity fails.

In summary, it can be said that buying a Fingerprint Door Lock for our home or premises is a good choice. The price of smart locks is higher than that of other locks. Despite this, buying an electronic lock is an investment in security that is worthwhile. Especially if we talk about the safety of our or our business.


And you? Do you already have an electronic lock in your home or business?

Fingerprint Door Locks – The New Standard of Better Security and Easier Access

When it comes to protecting your home, there can be no compromise on security. The problem with gearing up your house against burglary to be secure is that by making it difficult for burglars to get in, you can also make it a little tougher on yourself. Is it really worth the time to spend a few minutes on the age old methods of providing security to the doors with opening locks, sliding back deadbolts, and basically creating an impression of trying to access a bank vault? Do you have an idea of a perfect home security that you can get easy access to, but bad guys will have a nightmare with? There is a solution out there than can make the latter scenario a reality.

We are talking about Fingerprint Door Lock, the security system that uses anything but your fingerprints to grant or deny access to your property. You may be wondering that this security system is exclusive or at least available to only those who fall in the bracket of upper class. But much to your pleasant surprise, the Digital Door Locks India are providing Digital Door Locks at the most reasonable price. Hence, you have no point in lamenting for the best security system not being made publicly available.


At the moment, you are probably wondering how this technology works not to mention how it can possibly discern your fingerprint from that of anyone else. As you probably already know, every fingerprint is unique to each one of us, and the technology used in these locks is able to look at the ridges and valleys in your fingerprint, turning that into a binary number that will be totally unique, too. If anyone else other than those granted access to the system try to tamper with the digits up to the control panel, they will be denied access.

This makes for incredibly easy access for you and your family, and therefore you also get to save some time that would have been lost in fumbling for keys in your pocket or purse. There are actually a wide variety of different fingerprint locks from the Digital Door Locks in India to choose from, and you can make access even more foolproof by adding a number into a keypad. You can even choose to have key access in there if you want. These are very often the locks chosen by commercial enterprises. It is certain that you will find that there is a fingerprint lock to suit every budget.

We are still very much in the early days of this technology, but it is already proving to be a huge success, thanks in large part to its affordability, as well as the level of security that it delivers. As great as it is, it’s an industry that refuses to stand still. Some of the newer locks even have Bluetooth capability. The future of residential and commercial security is now, and fingerprint locks are the way to go if you want to be on the cutting edge.


Electronic Door Locks for The Front Door of Your House

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door lock on the front door is one of the most popular products for a good reason. The reliability of the electronic lock for a long time does not cause grave concern and level of safety at times exceeds the expectations. It should be remembered that the convenience and comfort of with modern security systems and outputs the product to the first step in home security. For different door systems, there are a variety of electronic door lock systems; they vary a lot regarding safety, reliability, and design.

The main requirements for such locks except modern automated filling and extra reliable mechanical parts. The average number of openings and closings of the castle is more than 150 000 times if you do a little calculation that the intensive use it will be more than ten years under the condition that we will open and close the door. You agree that such a result is impressive reliability and mechanical locks behind at times than electronic.

Types of Electronic Locks For The Doors

–    Rim locks with a control panel on the outside

–    Biometric electronic locks with the fingerprint scanner

–    Automatic door locks for glass doors

 All of these models differ in the functions of opening, installation and programming, and on our website are provided reliable and time-tested model.

 Leading manufacturers of electronic door locks have taken care of the design and at the moment there are a lot of models that meet the latest requirements of technical equipment and modern design of electronic locks. Of course, considered the most reliable electronic mortise locks for doors. The number of functions in one lock can exceed tens of course, not all of these features, we will use it, but for convenience, offers almost everything.

Electronic rim locks are also filling the most advanced electronics, but slightly inferior to the classic design, there are mostly traceable modernity and usability. Code panels, made in ultra-protective style – always look attractive and stylish. Reliability overhead locks is also quite high, and is convenient because they can be used without further modification, the doors by simply setting as an additional or auxiliary lock.

The real professionals of the theft are increasingly prepared to burgle the most rudimentary locks as the most sophisticated. The search for a system which prevents access to malicious is pushing manufacturers to adopt increasingly sophisticated mechanisms. The most innovative electronic keys, which interact with the home automation system of the house, combine the convenience of operation of the mechanical security cylinder lock that are burglar-proof. It is important to change the electronic locks you have more than a decade: they are attacked as less secure than the current ones.

Why Should You Consider Installing Automatic Door Lock On Your Home

Ensuring the safety of your children is the prime thing you should consider while installing the modern day locks on the doors. Thus, you must keep in mind to choose something kids-friendly. Fortunately, there are companies that offer Automatic Door Lock for the doors that are kids-friendly too. You do not need to get worried about the safety of your children or the entire house when you install this kind of lock on the doors.

Door locks are meant to offer optimum security to the house and its habitats. The best thing you can do is to find out the lock which does not need your additional supervision. What can be apter than an automatic door lock in such situation?


Sometimes, you need to leave your kids (not the toddlers) alone inside the home. In such cases, having the automatic door locks on the main door or the other rooms can help you to feel secure about the safety of your kids. How? Let’s check it out.

  •   First of all, you can make the rooms of your house kid proof. They cannot enter inside those rooms when you are not there. Sometimes, these rooms may have important documents, devices or objects that may not be used or even touched by the kids. Those objects may harm your kids if they touch or use it without your observation. With the help of the modern automatic door locks or Electronic Door Locks, you can easily keep these rooms unreachable for your kids when you are not at home.
  •   Secondly, these locks cannot be opened with keys, so they offer more security to your house rather than the traditional lock and key system. Your kids cannot open the doors when you are not at home and go outside.
  •   Thirdly, as a parent, you cannot expect your kids to be so attentive about locking the doors every time they go out or come in. Kids live in their own world, and it is quite normal that they forget about the lock of the doors. When you install the modern automatic door locks, then you do not need to get worried about this matter. Even if your kids forget to lock the door, it will not remain unlocked.
  • Fourthly, it is easy to install and maintain these locks. You do not need to carry the bunch of keys with you all the time. With the help of the Electronic Door Lock, you can remain free from this burden. Moreover, it is very simple to maintain these locks without any special care.

There are many homeowners who have shifted the locking system of their home from the traditional one to this new version of door locks. They find it extremely efficient, safe, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective. Further, they also understand that it is almost impossible to break these locks without advanced software system that are not easily available in the market. That means you can leave your house as well as your family inside the house and go for your daily works without any tension when you have the modern day automatic or electronic door locks on the doors of your house.