How Technology is emerging with Digital Door Locks?

Digital Door Locks

Over the years the way you are entering your home has been drastically transformed by the Automatic Door Lock. We are living in an age where you can have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and fingerprint enabled high-tech locks. These high-tech locks have made the house keys an obsolete item like the rotary phones. But some people still think whether or not these easy access doors are safe for their homes. Whether the selection of these lock is a worthy decision or not for them. But their thoughts have a genuine ground, as we human, resists the change and it takes the time to accept the new things, and same goes for the Automatic Door Locks.

Easy to use and adopt.

We are living in an age where thing is based on technologies, from mobile phone to the Penthouse and cars to LED TV everything is based on technology. And if you are a tech savvy or has a fondness for the latest technology, then there is not doubt that Digital Door Locks and Electronic Door Locks are the first choices for you. But it is the information that transforms the situation; the time has come when the homeowners have to think beyond the bundle of the key and make a selection of Automatic Door Lock. Above all the lock should be such that it suits the user and can be easily adopted by the user.

Electronic Door Locks-Adds another layer of safety and security to your home.

The easiest ways for the burglars to force their entry into your home is the unlocked doors, open windows and open doors. In fact, in most of the burglary and criminal cases, the convicts have accepted that the biggest deterrent to their activities is the camera. But this thought has undergone a tremendous change with the use of biometric deadbolt lock, as these locks scan the fingerprints of the person unlocking the door. It is one of the best locks in the segment of Electronic Door Locks. These locks are easy and convenient to use, but are not as strong as the conventional locks.

Preparation for the installation of the Automatic Door Lock.

Your stride toward the installation of the Digital Door Locks starts with the replacement of the hollow-core wooden doors with the solid steel or wood doors. The wooden jambs should be reinforced with the additional layers of steel plates, as such doors need hard kicks for the entrance. You are required to fit the strike plates that are made of heavy duty metals, and they should be secured with a three-inch screw for their proper alignment. Sidelight glass of the doors should be replaced with the polycarbonate that is shatter resistant. The easy usage of the Digital Door Locks will imbibe in you the practice of locking doors whenever you are leaving your home, even for a short period.

There are Electronic Door Locks that you can open from a remote location with the use of an app. You can even integrate these locks with your home automation devices and add another layer of safety and security to your home. These locks allow you to be smart with your safety. Your first stride towards the smart home starts with the selection of the Electronic Door Locks for each entrance of your home. The locks are designed in such a way that they can easily connect and compliment with other existing smart devices of your home.

Why it’s High Time to Install Electronic Door Locks?

For perfect home security, we need to use a suitable locking system and digital door locks are convincingly fulfilling such requirements. This advanced security system enables us to lead a tension free life with protection and ease. With digital based door lock systems, it is quite easy to control the door locking or unlocking. The automated mechanism of these door locks does not need a key for this purpose. This digital door entry system can also be controlled through your mobile.

Today these gadgets are making their place in major households of the country. So, if you are still stuck with those traditional locks, then now it’s high time to install these amazing electronic door locks. The safety mechanism of this security system is far ahead of your conventional door locking system. There are many real life crunch situations that can be handled through these door locks.

The major benefit of installing these locks is that you can limit the individuals that enter your office. You can choose few employees with whom you can share pin of your door lock. The digital door lock is big a hit in various commercial settings as only selected employees and workers can enter the building. Contrary to the traditional ones, burglars cannot surpass these locks. This digital system also carries an alarm system which starts beeping in case of fire.

Digital door locks have added to the luxury and ease for us. Now turning the lever has become an old fashion. You can open the door in style and show it to your friends and relatives. Fingerprint access and dual password insertion give you the maximum security. It will certainly prevent any external intruder. The anti-theft mode can be switched on by a simple one touch. In order to open the lock you just need to type certain codes on the digital door lock keypad. Without feeding the correct code the door cannot be opened. Many people may think- What will happen if the code is revealed accidentally? Well, you don’t need to worry a bit as the password can be changed in no time. For latecomers these digital door locks offer ‘manner mode’ that allows quiet entrance in late nights. This way you can enter your home without disturbing your family members.

These devices have automatic locking so you just need to pull the door while going out. Thus, as a helpful, secure, and suitable device when you’re not at home, these locks are one great choice that you might consider including into your home security system. Say goodbye to all your worries of home safety and keeping check on keys, as with electronic door locks you just need to memorise a pin code or your fingerprint is sufficient.

Why Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Becoming First Preference?

Security is constantly becoming more and more prominent in our modern world as the technological evolution is marching forward. When it comes to protecting your home or your business establishment, digital door locks are the way to go since they use new technology compared to conventional door locks.

These advanced locks don’t require a key as the combination of codes or your finger can do the job for you. The fingerprint door locks are also called as biometric locks. These locks read your fingerprint first before the door unlocks allowing you to get access to the room. Only those users whose finger prints are registered in the system can get access to the particular area. Install highly advanced Samsung SHS-P718 digital door lock for adding smart automation to your home security. Some of the exciting aspects of these door locks are as under:


1. Convenient to Operate

Think of a situation when you are carrying several bags in your hand. It is very difficult to operate the door without keeping your stuff aside. Moreover, it can become very frustrating for you if this task is to be repeated several times. With these door locks, you only need to do a simple operation of push or pull to reduce your efforts.


2. Better Home Security

The safe and robust design of these electronic door locks prevents unauthorized entry to your home. Its anti-hacking encryption protocol is unbreakable. In addition to this, it has perfect durability which saves your hard earned money.


3. Smart Functions

These locks have Manner Mode that lets you inside the house without disturbing others. So, you don’t need to worry about your late working hours. One more exciting feature that comes really handy is the locking notification which confirms whether your door is locked properly or not. This gives you a complete sense of satisfaction and security.


4. Innovative technology

A user gets the speedy and accurate access with this Samsung SHS-P718 digital door lockIt has double authentication mode setting which is highly secure. You can install this smart locking system in your house as well as in your office. These days, theft cases are increasing quite rapidly and the key based locking system is no longer a secure choice. It is pretty easy for thieves and burglars to open the traditional locks either with duplicate keys or some other way. Thus for complete security of your house and office, these digital door locks are the best option.

You can deploy these devices to prevent the movement of employees in the unauthorized areas. There are several spaces in the office that are very restricted and used by selected staff. Thus, under such scenarios, these door locks helps in conducting your meeting in a confidential manner.

How Digital Door Locks have Become an Important Part of our Lives?

Present day innovation, especially mobile gadgets, takes digital door locks to the top level of popularity. They might seem like a cutting edge techno gadgets that are out of your financial plan, however believe us – these are reasonably priced locks that you really cannot manage without in the coming future. Here are a few things that make them an important part of modern day home security.


Samsung digital door locks

With keyless door locks, you no more need to look your pockets or bobble around in your sack to find your keys. Rather, you can unlock the doors with your mobile gadget before you even come out of your car. This is particularly useful on the off chance that you have basic need packs in your grasp and can’t burrow through your satchel to discover the house key.

Keyless door locks can help in case you’re worried about being separated from everyone else outside for a really long time, particularly oblivious. Likewise, on the off chance that it’s raging or cold, you’ll get into the warm, dry house faster by not digging for your keys.


Having keyless passage to your home means you no more need to conceal a key under the doormat or some place outside your home. A concealed key is frequently one of the principal things a potential interloper will search for to locate a simple approach to break into your home. Likewise, on the off chance that you lose your keys and are concerned somebody can discover them and attempt to soften up, keyless door locks guarantee this won’t happen.


Supportive When You’re Not Around

Keyless door locks can give individuals access in and out of your home when you’re not around. Samsung digital door locks let you utilize your mobile gadget to check to ensure your doors are locked, and additionally unlock them remotely. In case you’re still at work and need to give your children access when they get back home from school, you can utilize your mobile gadget to open your door locks and after that lock them again once your youngsters are securely inside. You can even set your samsung system to send you notices when somebody locks or unlocks your door.

When you have a baby sitter or neighbor staying with your youngsters while you are out, you can open the door with a feature available in your smart phone when they approach at your door step.

You could likewise let in your pooch walker who may come while you’re not available. You guarantee your pet gets the consideration he/she needs notwithstanding when you are away, while as yet keeping your home secure. Digital locks for doors even come with a feature that automatically locks the door when you pull the door while going out.

As a helpful, safe, and convenient device when you’re not at home, digital door locks are one alternative you might consider incorporating into your home security system. With electronic door locks, never again do you need to bungle for or stress over the keys to your home.

Why in the Present Age We Must have Digital Door Locks at our Homes?

For quite a long time we all have been using those traditional door locks with a bunch of keys always hanging around us. In the present times that the scenarios have started to change we all need advanced tools and sadly those traditional locks no more fit in our household’s security system. Now when conventional door locks have become outdated what should we look out for? Digital Door Locks have now made their space in the major households and rightfully so because they have been timely advancing and provide a great sense of security to us. On account of advances in innovation, battery-worked digital locks are turning out to be progressively fit for us.

In the following blog we take a look at some of the features of electronic door locks that prove that they are the smartest choice for us –

Time Saving and Convenient

Innovation has finally found a solution for those time wasting and insecure traditional locks. Let us take a simple example, if you have lost the keys of your main entrance what will you do? You will have to call a locksmith who will remove the lock from your door and install a new one. With an electronic lock you don’t need to; the codes can be changed by the means of your keypad. The latest innovation in digital door locks even allows you to lock/unlock your home entrance from your smartphone.

This also allows user to have a multiple codes for all members of the family and also it saves a lot of times as you need not worry about the keys as well locking/unlocking as become even more simpler. It is even more helpful in the case you install them at your office premises as you can effectively monitor your authorized entrances and exits and you can unlock your office doors from anywhere. Now that seems cool!!!

The bright side of these digital door locks is that no one can enter your possessions without your consent.

Enhanced Security

In the present age, security is the foremost concern of every human being and now we cannot depend those traditional door locks for security. At your home and offices you have valuables as well as small tiny tots those on whom you always need to have your eyes.

Just taking a simple case study of hospitals, where medications needs to be timely checked and controlled. Access to the room where the medications are put away should be limited to only the staff members, every one with an individual access code for the digital lock. This makes it easy for the hospital staff, as not everyone needs a key for the lock. All staff members have their individual passwords and they can enter the room at any time without locking/unlocking the door with conventional key locking system. With security point of view these digital locks for doors are even better as you can keep a track upon who enters the rooms.

Another great feature of these digital locks is that it generates a 2 digit random number to activate your login screen so as no one can guess your access code using the finger print marks on the keypad.

Intelligent Access Control

It’s impossible to ignore the regular innovations that have been positively affecting the execution and capacity of electronic door locks, and most likely in the coming future they will serve even more purposes. Proceeding on with the electronic door locks, we’ll keep on seeing better approaches for controlling coded locks – for example, utilizing cell phone or tablet applications, again adding to their ease of use, push pull features, automatic lock, fire alarm and several other features that make them intelligent access control systems.

Get Rid of Those Useless Bunch of Keys – Go for Digital Door Locks

Along with thousand stressful thoughts and tensions of life you still need to manage a raucous bunch of many heavy keys clanking against your side as you walk. Not just do they make you seem like Jacob Marley’s apparition in A Christmas Carol, but on the other hand they’re a long way from being a powerful method for securing your house. What a terrible day it will be when you loose your whole bunch of keys.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could disentangle the entire business of keeping your properties secure? Consider the possibility that you could simply ditch those bulky keys completely and decide to move on towards electronic door locks. In case you’re hoping to update your flat unpredictable or investment property with a specific end goal to pick up an edge over your rivals, one of the best ventures you can make is to introduce keyless locks on the majority of your gateways. Significantly more helpful than conventional keys, they offer a few remarkable advantages that can basically make life less demanding for you. The following are three ways that you can profit by changing to keyless locks.

1. With keyless locks, you won’t need to stress over lockouts any longer.

Ever been getting late for an important meeting at your office, just to have it hindered by a telephone call from an upset relative or neighbor who’s been locked out of your home? This situation is very awkward for both you and your close ones, since you must stop what you’re doing and rush to your home, and they must hold up outside until you arrive. What’s more, on the off chance that it happens to be raining, that just compounds an already painful situation. In such cumbersome situations digital door locks will deal with any issue inside and out. Rather than keeping up with keys, which can be stolen or lost, they should simply remember a basic security code. Business class with children will truly value a keyless lock ; as in the blooming business era when there is more value of time than money, you can save a lot of time through these convenient digital door locks.

You can equip your house with a multi-password lock framework like the Samsung SHS-3320, which is usable with simple to-utilize features. Its installation just takes a screwdriver and 30 minutes of your time, so you won’t need to stress over any muddled setup issues. Once you’re up and running, you can rest guaranteed that your inhabitants will dependably have an approach to get into their home, regardless of whether you’re accessible.

2. With Electronic door Locks, access control is easy.

Not any more stressing over what copy duplicates of your keys might be skimming around; with keyless locks, you’re in finished control of who can get to your house, and when. You can even program your Digital locks for doors to work inside of a predefined time allotment, for circumstances where temporary workers or support workers might need access to your house. On the off chance that there’s ever a period where you have an inclination that your code might have been stolen or disclosed to someone, you can transform it at the keypad, or remotely through an online interface. With regards to get to control, you truly can’t beat that kind of mechanism.

3. Digital Door locks offer more Security.

There are innumerable shady characters on the planet who might love to attempt their hand at breaking into an house or some other sort of property that might appear to be a simple target. The most ideal approach to manage this kind of risk is to introduce a keyless lock that can serve as a vigorous robbery obstacle by its extremely plan. The Samsung SHS-H705 keyless push-pull lock unquestionably possesses all the necessary qualities where security is the main concern; not just it has a optical biometric scanner it also has smart features such as automatic lock and random security code. Any future interloper attempting to move beyond that sort of lock is going to have a difficult night! Digital door locks are additionally an awesome thought for your rental or renting office also; they can help you keep an check on your tenants or office employees and also ensure security of your premises.

3 Real Life Situations Where Digital Door Locks Prove Their Usefulness

Digital door locks now are not a new thing to us. In the modern era these gadgets have slowly and steadily made their place in major households of the country. If you are still using those traditional key based locking system, then let me tell you digital door locks are light years ahead of your conventional door locking system, be it in terms of security, ease of access or anything else. You might be thinking of it as an audacious statement, but we have many reasons to back it up. There are innumerous real life situations where digital door locks have proved their mettle. Here are 3 such incidences that occur in your every day life and the difference digital door locks can make in your life.

Ever been running late for work and forgot to lock your front door? The greater part of us have encountered that awful minute where you realise that you strolled right out the door without locking it and it happens when you’re a few miles away from your house. Troublesome situation right? Do not worry the modern day digital door lock come with facilities such as smart phone operated lock/unlock facility. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an electronic door lock that would automatically unlock the door when your are not at home? The Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock does only that, mitigating any stresses over regardless of whether your door was left unlocked or you want to open it from your smartphone. The modern day electronic door locks will automatically secure your door just by the click on your smart phone or automatically when you leave your house, which makes it ultra-advantageous for going to work every day, as well as for any events where you simply need to dash out at a genuine emergency.

If you have kids who often get back home from school before you get free from work, you’ve most likely had at least one experience where they either lost or couldn’t find their home key. You certainly don’t want your children to stay outside your house and hold up until you can arrive, and you can’t generally rely on upon a neighbor to offer help everytime. With digital locks for doors, all your child needs to do is punch their password into the keypad, and they’re inside the house in a jiffy, with the door locked securely behind them. Also you can unlock the door with your smartphone in case your kids forget the passcode too. No staying aware of keys, no interruption on your workday and no pointless stretch or stresses over their security, here are electronic door locks at your service.

Digital locks for doors

Ever lost your home keys? Discuss an upsetting feeling; you don’t have the foggiest idea about whose hands it might have fallen into, and you have no influence about whether or not it will be returned or conceivably replicated. A digital door lock dispenses with the entire experience of having a bunch of keys with you all the time. You Won’t ever encounter a trouble situation (and surprising cost) of tending to a locksmith to come and unlock your door, either. Your “key” will really be the basic password that you focus on memory, which empowers you to unlock the door with the slightest of push and pull. Moreover, your lock will be significantly more secure than a conventional lock, which is frequently subject to theft and robberies.