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Digital Door Locks

As a real estate agent in the heart of India’s capital, the security for all my property and other important asset is second to none. I have to travel extensively to all parts of the country, at times even out of it and it is virtually impossible for me to stay vigilant all by myself. Moreover, I was looking for a long-term and foolproof security plan for my business set up and administration building. After much researching over the internet, I found out that there is a concept of Electronic Door Locks that has taken the digital security system by storm. A greater study and information digging made me feel that this is what I was looking for as the answer for all my security concerns.

I was greatly impressed by the SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock as seen on the internet but at the same time I was not willing to get carried away by the mere appearance. So I decided to give it a shot and ordered the Automatic Door Lock from an authorized Samsung dealer. To start with, the delivery time was absolutely impressive and the company was very prompt and helped me with the entire installation process, made me familiar with its operations and also gave me some more tips on security improvement.

After almost a year’s use, I can safely vouch for the fact that this Automatic Door Lock has given me the most fail-safe security system for my office. Not to mention, the peace of mind and freedom from continuous fear that my property could be encroached!

The SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock has now increased the privacy. I must say that the decision to buy this high-end Digital Door Lock has well and truly been the best decision of mine. I am literally at the business end of the things. Hats off to Samsung for producing this piece of beauty!

  • Mr Sunil Kumar (Real Estate Agent)

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