Electronic Door Locks for The Front Door of Your House

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door lock on the front door is one of the most popular products for a good reason. The reliability of the electronic lock for a long time does not cause grave concern and level of safety at times exceeds the expectations. It should be remembered that the convenience and comfort of with modern security systems and outputs the product to the first step in home security. For different door systems, there are a variety of electronic door lock systems; they vary a lot regarding safety, reliability, and design.

The main requirements for such locks except modern automated filling and extra reliable mechanical parts. The average number of openings and closings of the castle is more than 150 000 times if you do a little calculation that the intensive use it will be more than ten years under the condition that we will open and close the door. You agree that such a result is impressive reliability and mechanical locks behind at times than electronic.

Types of Electronic Locks For The Doors

–    Rim locks with a control panel on the outside

–    Biometric electronic locks with the fingerprint scanner

–    Automatic door locks for glass doors

 All of these models differ in the functions of opening, installation and programming, and on our website are provided reliable and time-tested model.

 Leading manufacturers of electronic door locks have taken care of the design and at the moment there are a lot of models that meet the latest requirements of technical equipment and modern design of electronic locks. Of course, considered the most reliable electronic mortise locks for doors. The number of functions in one lock can exceed tens of course, not all of these features, we will use it, but for convenience, offers almost everything.

Electronic rim locks are also filling the most advanced electronics, but slightly inferior to the classic design, there are mostly traceable modernity and usability. Code panels, made in ultra-protective style – always look attractive and stylish. Reliability overhead locks is also quite high, and is convenient because they can be used without further modification, the doors by simply setting as an additional or auxiliary lock.

The real professionals of the theft are increasingly prepared to burgle the most rudimentary locks as the most sophisticated. The search for a system which prevents access to malicious is pushing manufacturers to adopt increasingly sophisticated mechanisms. The most innovative electronic keys, which interact with the home automation system of the house, combine the convenience of operation of the mechanical security cylinder lock that are burglar-proof. It is important to change the electronic locks you have more than a decade: they are attacked as less secure than the current ones.

Access Control Systems Provide Comprehensive Security to Your Property

Access Control Systems

At the outset, to guarantee our safety, we used conventional alarms which had a unique function: to make a sound when detected by a person or an intruder; these sound signals were not adequate to ensure the tranquility of homes or premises.

It is how Security Access Control System in India are born; we can define them as a set of devices that includes alarms but in turn much more technological materials such as sensors, cameras, central, infrared, etc. Through multiple access control systems, households could be secured by making them quiet and comfortable.

One of the primary objectives of Security Access Control System in India is to achieve a pleasant place in all aspects. From the standard household appliances to the leisure and entertainment equipment, automatic remote control has also reached the safety of the home.

The market currently offers a multitude of access control systems for different types of houses, as we know that, According to the dimensions of the same we will agree one option or another. In residential buildings, or housing complexes, we can establish different levels of security based on the physical location of the control areas.

To be a little clearer, we will offer some examples. The first level of security refers to the surveillance in the areas surrounding the property, in these environments is intended to detect the presence of a suspect, to observe and follow their movements in the vicinity.

The second level can be framed in common areas, within the private parts of the building, here the access control system will be very rigorous as it will monitor the lower and upper entrances, parking areas, gardens, community pools, basements, decks, Terraces, etc.

Types of Access Control System

An effective way to detect the intruders that prowl around our property are the GPS pressure sensors. They are installed under the ground. They create an invisible security ring of several meters that, when interfered by any individual, emits an alarm signal that activates the cameras of closed circuit advising to the police or the private security service.

Another of the most popular proposals for access control systems are biometric and proximity readers for home presence control; These are integrated into the lines of home automation systems and allow to create security scenarios activated according to the user that is identified by the sensor.

Some access control systems have not such technological devices but are equally efficient, one of them is the autonomous proximity controller, it is installed in controlled access doors and consists of a memory card reader that Stores up to 30 user cards.

The exit button and the lock are connected directly to the user, and the lock is configured as a push button; the fingerprint reader is another surefire way to secure our home or office. The inputs and outputs can be made through a secret code, a fingerprint or with an emergency key.

Why Use Digital Door Locks for Safety?

Digital Door Locks

Even the best security door may not be sufficient to protect a house if it is not combined with a security lock up to its stable structure. Similarly, it is useless to have a good lock on a door not sufficiently robust.

The Digital Door Lock for the armored door must, therefore, constitute a further guarantee of safety because of the thief, having regard to the difficulty of pick it using brute force, will prefer to act with skill attempting to open it.

Digital Door Lock is a much more reliable opening mechanism of a standard lock because it presents the bars that penetrate both in the floor and in the side walls.

The level of security and the cost will be proportional to the length of the bars and the shots. In any case, leave inserted the key in the lock does not guarantee greater safety, but rather promotes a possible burglar who may be anchored to it for groped to open it.

Features a safety lock

A security closure is considered to be reliable when it can resist to burglary attempts for at least 5 minutes.

In particular, it must provide excellent protection against theft attempts made by the following methods:

  • electric screwdriver with a self-tapping screw inserted in the keyhole and used as a lever to break the block at the weakest point.
  • the technique of bumping, with the utilization of a key to shock.
  • Pick lock.

Since the armored doors are often installed outwards, their locks must be able to withstand weathering without rust and oxidize.

Other Types Of Security Lock

The Digital Door Locks, also known as anti-shock , have an inner and outer steel protection, so as to form a single very resistant block, a real armor cannot be attacked by common tools used by the burglars.

The Electronic Security Lock

The real future of the industry, however, is represented by the electronic door lock, also called digital lock.

In this type of lock is no more classic patch where you insert the key. The opening takes place instead through means such as electronic cards, remote controls or electronic keys.

In more advanced versions can be an alphanumeric keyboard where to type a code for entry.

However these locks have their limits. In fact, the more they are sophisticated electronic technology, the more easily may be subject to burglary attempts to a greater extent compared to manual burglary attempts.

In case of power failure or malfunction of the batteries it is therefore also necessary to guarantee the possibility of mechanical opening.

Are Safety Lock Costly?

If you’re buying a new security door, make sure that the lock is adequate. If you have an old door still in good condition and safe armored, choose the right lock to be installed by qualified personnel.

Typically, the price is proportional to the resistance to break-in attempts but not always the highest price is synonymous with good quality.

Why Should You Consider Installing Automatic Door Lock On Your Home

Automatic Door Lock For Your Home

Ensuring the safety of your children is the prime thing you should consider while installing the modern day locks on the doors. Thus, you must keep in mind to choose something kids-friendly. Fortunately, there are companies that offer Automatic Door Lock for the doors that are kids-friendly too. You do not need to get worried about the safety of your children or the entire house when you install this kind of lock on the doors.

Door locks are meant to offer optimum security to the house and its habitats. The best thing you can do is to find out the lock which does not need your additional supervision. What can be apter than an automatic door lock in such situation?

Sometimes, you need to leave your kids (not the toddlers) alone inside the home. In such cases, having the automatic door locks on the main door or the other rooms can help you to feel secure about the safety of your kids. How? Let’s check it out.

  • First of all, you can make the rooms of your house kid proof. They cannot enter inside those rooms when you are not there. Sometimes, these rooms may have important documents, devices or objects that may not be used or even touched by the kids. Those objects may harm your kids if they touch or use it without your observation. With the help of the Modern Electronic Door Locks, you can easily keep these rooms unreachable for your kids when you are not at home.
  • Secondly, these locks cannot be opened with keys, so they offer more security to your house rather than the traditional lock and key system. Your kids cannot open the doors when you are not at home and go outside.
  • Thirdly, as a parent, you cannot expect your kids to be so attentive about locking the doors every time they go out or come in. Kids live in their own world, and it is quite normal that they forget about the lock of the doors. When you install the modern automatic door locks, then you do not need to get worried about this matter. Even if your kids forget to lock the door, it will not remain unlocked.
  • Fourthly, it is easy to install and maintain these locks. You do not need to carry the bunch of keys with you all the time. With the help of the Electronic Door Lock, you can remain free from this burden. Moreover, it is very simple to maintain these locks without any special care.

There are many homeowners who have shifted the locking system of their home from the traditional one to this new version of door locks. They find it extremely efficient, safe, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective. Further, they also understand that it is almost impossible to break these locks without advanced software system that are not easily available in the market. That means you can leave your house as well as your family inside the house and go for your daily works without any tension when you have the modern day automatic or electronic door locks on the doors of your house.

Security With The Electronic Fingerprint Door Locks- Questions And Answers

Fingerprint Door Locks

Some models can also be opened with chip cards, while others contain a number code. It is also possible to coordinate several so- called biometric door openers and provide them with the same access possibilities. In this way, several chip cards need not be used for different access points.

Whether for private purposes at doors and garage doors or commercial purposes, the new Fingerprint door openers are available for a wide variety of access points.

How Can A Fingerprint Door Lock Ease My Life?

The keys are once again very low in the bag and difficult to reach. Also, there is the cumbersome effort of searching and introducing when the hands are full of purchases, or just children are born. As easy as the key can be a map disappear, codes can be forgotten.

Not so with a Fingerprint Access Control System. In this case, it is sufficient to hold the corresponding finger briefly or to pull it over the reading surface. The door is already opening. The life of Fingerprint door-open owners is further facilitated by the fact that no key or the like has to be thought of. Consequently, they cannot be forgotten or lost.

A further advantage is that neither replacement keys have to be distributed among friends and neighbors or hidden in unsafe places to prevent the lockout.

A Fingerprint Door Opener Increases Security

Have the previous tenants or former owners handed out all the keys or is a copied key still in foreign hands? Can the landlord or caretaker enter the apartment freely and unintentionally during the absence of the residents?

If you ask yourself at least once in a while, you cannot feel safe in your home. The same happens when a key is lost. Replacing the door lock is the only solution in this case. If this is the case anyway, a fingerprint door lock should be considered, because it brings some advantages with it.

Also, the installation of a fingerprint door lock is also possible for laymen without problems and hardly more difficult or more complicated than the replacement of conventional locks.

The last and most significant advantage: a fingerprint door opener increases safety. At least according to the manufacturers of the compact devices. But is that true?

High-quality fingerprint access controls are, in fact, able to increase security.


Can I Lock A Fingerprint Access Control System?

An injury to the finger, dressing, dirty fingertips or power failure – it can happen that the “key finger ” is prevented or changed. Or sometimes an interruption of the power supply is present.

Against such problems, a fingerprint door opener must be protected naturally. This is a matter of course for the residents to take into account when selecting the products and to take preventative measures themselves.

The device should be protected against power outages so that it is still possible to enter your home in these if not rare cases. Also useful is a mechanical emergency key, which works when all other kinks tear.

Against the modification or prevention of the key finger, there is also a simple solution: A fingerprint door lock comes with numerous storage spaces. Instead of storing only one finger as an opener, five or even ten prints of each resident can be stored. If a finger is injured or if it is easier to use the left hand instead of the right hand, this is easily possible.

Fingerprint Door Locks- Yes, They Are A Reality And Not So Expensive!

Digital Door Locks

Security, today, is one of the main goals we must have in our lives. Taking the necessary measures and supporting with tools that assure us well-being, this will manage to provide a safer environment for your home or business.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Being one of the latest technology alternatives, comes the fingerprint lock to offer you one of the best options on the market, you can expect in these times.

All you need to do is check their functionality and see if it is according to what you are looking for right now. This lock was created with a mechanism, where it lasts less than 3 seconds, to recognize its footprint.

Built with the latest technology tools, this promises to be one of the best options for your home in some particular area or this business case.

They are some of the safest locks on the market, and even if you do not believe it your prices are accessible, and you can buy it in any supplier of electric locks or in this case until you have the possibility to request it through the internet.

Fingerprint Door Lock today are often used in banks, private and public institutions, laboratories and offices that handle sensitive and confidential information, so if you have doubts about how good you can investigate in the various businesses that sell this fantastic alternative.

However, as time has passed, such locks have become more popular to use in various houses, for greater security of people and valuables that you can have and want to be safe from any eventuality.

Forget about looking for the keys, to open this door, with its practical system, the only thing you need will be your fingerprint. It has a fantastic facility and at the same time the highest security you can find in the market, with respect To the types of electronic locks, which are sold today.

If in this case, you need to add more people, you can do it quite simply, create the accesses and individuals can enter just like you. It has a capacity of up to 100 tracks, which you can program easily without any inconvenience.

Each piece that forms the Electronic Door Lock, allows it to have durability over time, the optical prism of the scanner, survives and has resistance to various climatic or temperature changes that may occur.

If you want to use Electronic Door Lock, the cost is extremely low, and you will not be expensive if you choose this option will be extremely economical, and you will not have to pay significant amounts of money for electricity consumption.

You can save hundreds of records, which you can process easily, the installation of this lock will be the same day and in a short time, without the need to hire professionals, to help you install a practical lock as is.

But if this were not enough, its modern style makes it one of the best locks on the market, being simple and sophisticated. You can opt for part of its fantastic security, a unique and modern design that you can enjoy from your home or office.

Password Lock- The Best Kind Of Digital Door Lock India

Digital Door Locks

A current option, you can consider in your home or business, to have full security, we bring you the option of password lock, which is the favorite of banks and laboratories, for its wonderful benefits, we are sure that they will enchant you.

Usually, very few people worry about picking the right locks for home, without taking into consideration that a good lock, will help you have a safe environment, away from any intruder who wants to get into your home in some way.

Digital Door Lock India practical design allows this lock, easy to install, without taking up much space, ideal for placing it on wooden doors or in this case metal.

If you want to get a quick installation of the lock, then if in doubt, you will have to opt for this fantastic option, which we are sure you will love.

Digital Door Lock in India is for interior and exclusive applications, with which you can choose to place in any part of house or office that you wish to have extra security.

You can use it in areas such as closets, cellar, room or any particular room, in case the banks use them exclusively, where they have money or extremely important documents, which cannot be in sight of anyone.

Its operation is with four double A batteries, which have a long life and functioning, you will not have to worry for a long time when using this type of lock. Between 12-15 months, you will have to think about changing the battery, when it is already starting to fail. But if you are wondering how you will know when the battery runs out, it is simple; this lock alerts you when you have to change the batteries automatically.

Its other structure is made of stainless steel, which is perfect because it guarantees for life quality in its design, without having worries that the lock will be damaged at any time.

Likewise, digital door lock has the significant advantage that it is resistant to any temperature or shock that can suffer.

It will remain intact and work correctly, so if you want to have this type lock, do not waste more time, you can get it in any supplier or buy it on some website, take it to the door of your home.

It is one of the best options in types of electronic locks that you can find at comfortable prices and that offer you the security that you always looked for in your house or business.

Technology for Security: Home Automation and Access Control to Rescue!

Technology for Security: Home Automation and Access Control to Rescue!

The technology and the new communication systems have allowed the jump from the traditional “telephone” to the new video door phones IP that become key elements for the control of access to a building with a high guarantee of security and efficiency. Digital systems bring many variants and possibilities to the electronic doorman. Long-distance communications, door opening using codes or proximity cards, and integration with other applications instead of being a separate device to create a truly efficient and secure access control system.

The doorman is an indispensable element in any building, whether it is a community of neighbors, institutions or companies since it is the primary mechanism of communication and security that is used to control the doors to the building.

An electronic Door Access Control System, in its most basic version, is a double – street door intercom, with the possibility of operating an automatic door that unlocks the lock and allows the door to be opened to allow passage into the interior.

New features are being added year after year, technology imposes itself on our life and makes it safer and simplifies access control tasks.


Applications for the Smartphone

We are united to our smartphones, and for that reason, the technology for the security uses this fact to adapt the doorman to the new ways to communicate and to operate.


The Mobile Phone for Receiving Calls From the Video Intercom

The door phone pairs with the mobile applications where you can view the images of the door intercom camera on the screen of a mobile device. Thus, you will always know who is in front of the door and will have the power to decide if you want to open to let the visitor enter.


The Mobile Phone as an Access Key

Applications that convert the mobile phone into a card that allows you to access a building. The application communicates with the intercoms via NFC and Bluetooth technology to identify the users.


Buying access control systems is one of the best way to safeguard goods, data, people and information. On the contrary to what many would believe, teams are easy to access and install for individuals, as well as profitable and suitable for businesses.


Wondering How An Access Control System is Connected To Everyday Life?

  • Door Access Control System: You can leave access only on a particular niche for a defined user, for example, the housekeeper. This configuration will be done by programming your keypad which allows activating codes on a predefined time range.
  • Temporary opening: from a distance, you can open the door to the plumber who comes to make the repairs. This configuration is feasible, for example, by creating a temporary code on your keyboard that you will provide to your craftsman.
  • History: you know precisely at what time the door was opened and by whom. Convenient to monitor that children are well back from school.
  • Scenario: You can integrate the opening of the door into a scenario so that the alarm is deactivated as soon as you open your door.

Home Automation in Hotels is No Longer A “Must” But Merely A “Standard”!

Talk about what you could do and achieve with home automation in hotels is quite difficult because there is no limit to achieving integration of all plant systems supplied to the hotel. The entire control system is easily manageable with a click of a computer station at the reception or even from a tablet or a smartphone with a simple touch that allows us to have an eye on the status of the hotel and customers before the receptionist.

The integrated automation systems dedicated to hotels and accommodation facilities allow a double benefit for those who work in these areas:

  • Optimize the work, making it more effective, efficient and safe, saving on operating costs and the activity of those linked to consumption.
  • Make it a comfortable customer lounge, offering an innovative service and is sure to charm.
  • The entire management of rooms and public areas such as reception, restaurant, elevators, can be controlled by the staff of the facility, through any control interface, such as the central desk of the lobby. Similarly, customers can use tablets, remote controls, push buttons or touchscreen to communicate with their room or reception.

What Solutions To Manage Access?

The Most Commonly used Materials are:

1:-  The coded keypad (for example, the digicode): it replaces the key with a stored code which transmits an opening command to the electric lock, or an electric strike. An electric strike makes it possible to electrify a mechanical lock without modifying it. Its installation is simple: an electrical connection is necessary, as well as the replacement of the back plate located on the door jamb.

2:- The audio gatekeeper: similar to the encrypted keypad, it also allows access to a third party via a voice connection via a telephone line, radio frequency or power line transmission (intercom) and of a remote opening command.

3:- The video door entry system: identical to the audio gatekeeper, it also allows the transmission of the image of the person requesting access. The occupant can also communicate with the visitor and open (or not) his door at a distance, to a delivery man or a housekeeper for example. This system operates with a door release button or an electric strike.

This hardware can have a time management, allowing a virtually free access (a simple press of a button to obtain access). They are mostly treated as “anti-vandal” and some work with badges instead of a key or stored code.

1:- The video: it is booming. A camera can be integrated into the Detector of individual alarm systems. A series of photos or a film are made during the intrusion attempt and can be received remotely on a smartphone via a transmitter to give the alert. Security cameras with facial recognition are also beginning to develop (photo below). They learn to recognize faces and identify the people they see entering the dwelling. If this is an unknown, the owner is alerted to his smartphone and can immediately notify the police.

2:- The electronic locks: Finished searching for lost keys at the bottom of the handbag. They work with different wireless communication modes (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, radiofrequency) and facilitate everyday life: opening and closing the door remotely by smartphone; access is given to selected person in the absence of keys, etc.

3:- The Fingerprint Access Control System also makes its appearance: It allows entering the housing by putting the finger on a Sensor. The fingerprints of the occupants are recorded beforehand. Permission to access certain hours can also be given to third parties.

Satisfactory Level of Security With Digital Door Access Control Systems

The level of satisfaction achieved with the installation of an Access Control System depends on the level of integration that you want to reach with other systems that you have installed in your company – System of Sensors, Alarms or Fire Prevention Systems, etc.

Through our Proximity Access Control System you can obtain an ONLINE Monitoring System- with a direct and immediate connection to the database.

Access Control System is actively available and ready to operate in 24×7 environments- continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It consists of elements such as Access Control, Proximity Cards, Electric (or electromagnetic) locks, Door Closed Sensors, Alarms, sirens and CCTV etc.

The Access Control System can be installed in Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and all types of offices.

Come to the professionals, and we will evaluate your requirement, we will propose the best Access Control System of the market, for this we need to know important aspects, such as:

  • Door Type (Glass, Wood, Metal)
  • Device to activate (Door, Tranquera, Windlass)
  • Desired Technology (Fingerprint, Proximity – RFID)

What Is A Fingerprint Door Opener?

Keys for opening the door everyone knows. Maps, whether provided with magnetic strips or hole patterns, are also familiar. Transponders are less well known, but they have not been novelties for a long time.

Prefer Fingerprint door locks. Instead of placing an element that can be easily lost or manipulated, only your fingerprint is used for opening. And this is precisely where the advantages of this system lie.

Enhanced Security

  1. A fingerprint door lock does not rely on keys, cards or codes. It may sound more insecure than conventional and well-known locking systems. But it is not.
  2. Door locks with fingerprint even represent an increase in security in their home. And for good reasons.
  3. Neither keys nor cards can be lost. Thus, owners of such a lock can neither exclude themselves nor can they accidentally gain access by losing one.
  4. The code cannot be forgotten. And empty batteries, as it can happen in the transponder, do not lead to the fact that the inhabitants are helpless in front of the locked door.
  5. Another important advantage, Fingerprint door openers represent a lower risk of burglary than conventional locks. Although professional can track them too, this procedure takes a long time and appropriate tool.

Corporate scale

The primary requirement for a biometric system access control (ACS) – their compliance with the organizational structure of the enterprise. This concept includes the following aspects:

  • There is no limit on the number of users;
  • Support for the territorial network – the company’s remote offices;
  • Unified management of all ACS (including territorial separation) from the central office with the synchronization of the main and branch server ACS in an automatic mode through the internet;
  • Minimizing the costs associated with the dispersal of staff in the territory – for example, the remote registration of ACS users working in remote locations;
  • Support the management hierarchy (divisions, departments, etc.), when, say, the head of a part of management has access to the data only for the staff of the division.

Why Access Control is Necessary For Offices

Just like your home, you must be careful about the access system of your office. This is your second home from where you earn bread and butter for your family. Hence, you must not take any chance with the security system of that place. As the owner of the office, it is your major duty to take care of this matter and try to avail the best security system for the same. The latest Access Control Systems for commercial buildings are designed and developed for the modern offices. The developers of this system understand the needs of commercial buildings regarding security. They also understand what type of security a commercial building should have.

As the owner of the office, you should realize the importance of access control. It is not all about installing a machine to check the entry and exit time of your employees; rather, this system can add value to your work process and help you to achieve growth in business. Access control is necessary for three main reasons.

  1. To keep the premises completely free from any kind of unauthorized entity.
  2. To keep a regular track of the entry and exit time of your employees.
  3. To determine who and how long can get the access to certain parts of your office.

All these three things are highly important to maintain proper security and work culture inside the office. You can control the access of your employees, vendors, business associates, partners, clients and other important entities inside the building whom you think should get that access.

  • The access granted to certain people means individuals who do not have that access cannot get an easy entry into the office. That means your office will stay secure from such entities; no matter whether you are in the office or not.
  • You can record the entry as well as the exit time of your workers with the help of the Fingerprint Access Control System. You can clearly see which employee is getting into the office at which time and how long they stay in the office. This will help you to calculate their weekly or monthly working hours and decide their payments as well.
  • In your office maybe there are areas where the access to the general employees should be restricted for the sake of the confidentiality of the company. When you install the access control machine in those particular areas, then you can easily restrict that access for some people and allow the others (whom you think should have the access) to enter that area and perform their tasks.

Apart from that, the Security Access Control System In India is necessary to offer the workers a safe premises to perform their daily tasks. When they see that the office is totally secured, then they also feel protected inside that premises and concentrate on their works. They also try to maintain the time of their entry and exit so that they can get the right remuneration for their hard work.

Therefore, you should not waste time and try to buy the top-class access control system for your office or commercial building.