How to choose a video surveillance system for your home or office?

As businesses are expanding at a fast pace, the need for security getting more vital. To fulfill the security requirements, modern video surveillance systems are getting more smart and effective.  The new design of video surveillance comes with a sharp edge camera, motion sensor and automatic mobile notification.

Whether you want a widespread system that covers multiple locations, there is always a solution for everyone. Still not sure how to choose the best video security system?

Consider the following points, while choosing the video security system:                 

  • Model

There are various models of video cameras available in the market. Dome cameras, bullet cameras, and rectangular box cameras are some of the most commonly used video security systems. It depends on your need, what type of cameras you choose for your home or office security.

  • Resolution

It’s one of the important things that you should consider when selecting a camera. If you want sharp images, go for the camera that can shoot at least in 720p high definition. A high-resolution camera will assure to have clear-cut images without any distortion of images.  

  • Frame rate

To record smoother videos, a higher frame rate video security system is important. The video comprises a collection of images stitched together to create a motion picture. The motion depends on the frame rates of the system, so the higher the frame rate, the better the footage.

  • Storage Capacity

Storage is another key factor that you should consider before buying video security cameras. If multiple cameras are shooting with high resolution, then the system will consume high space. To resolve this issue, choose high storage cameras, or you can set a video recorder to overwrite the oldest footage once you reach the system’s capacity.

  • More Lights

Most of the cameras have low light features, which enables them to record the better quality of the video. The better quality cameras can record crisp and clear quality footage at night. If you need the best quality of night vision video capturing cameras, then make sure the camera has plenty of IR LEDs.

  • Audio Recording

Some cameras are not able to record clear audio at all, but the good quality of cameras does. But if you want cameras for recording and communication, go for two way audio camera.

  • Compression

Last but not the least, compression is the most important feature of a camera to eliminates unnecessary data from the footage transmitted to your video recorder, thereby saving space. However, the compression method is quite complex and varies according to its application, depending upon the needs and hardware. 

Why You Should Choose Video Intercom Systems For Security?

Every year in India, thousands of homes and businesses throughout the country are burglarised.  Do you want to keep your home or business safe from being burglarized? If yes, consider installing a video intercom system to your existing security system.

Working of Video Intercom System

A video intercom system is known as a stand-alone communication tool used in the home, apartment, business or building. It’s a two-way communication device that transmits and receives audio communication.

It means that with the device, someone can speak into a microphone and can be heard by folks in another part of the building via a speaker. They are widely available in the market in various styles and designs, you can choose according to your need and preferences.

What are the benefits of a video intercom system?

A video Intercom system comes with various security benefits, some of them are:

Easy Screening

One of the crucial benefits of video intercom systems for home and business is that make it easier for those to screen visitors. The intercom system ensures you that you’re only allowing those people who belong there to enter your home or business.

More Convenient

The intercom system makes screening of visitors and general communication easier. With the system, you don’t need to get up to answer when someone outside. All you need to do is just push the button and see who’s there or let them in.

Integrate With Other System

Most of the video intercoms are well design to connect with any other security equipment. You can integrate it with your existing system to enjoy the extra security. This will also help you to find what best works with your current system and intensify its capacity.

Detect Theft

Having a video intercom system integrated with other security cameras can easily detect the criminals who are trying to break your home or office building. This is the key reason why people purchase an intercom.

Better Comfort

Comfort is the second most important thing that people think about before buying a video intercom system.  Think of elder family members or visitors, who can’t open or close the door easily.  An intercom system helps them to open the door or see the visitors without moving.

Conduct Meetings

An intercom system with video capability can help you to conduct quick business meetings in your comfort. You can use it to reach out to your employees who need to ask or speak questions or get feedback in the most proficient way possible.

Final Words

If you’re convinced of the benefits of a video intercom system and want to install one for your home or office, contact us today. We are the best in business and provide the best quality security systems with no obligation quote.

Why Door Access Control System is an excellent choice for your security?

The door access control system ensures authorized access to your building.  This digital security system makes sure that only authorized personnel are entering your building while keeping unauthorized personnel are out. It’s extremely important to avoid vandalism, trespassing and other criminal activities.

In addition, they are more efficient in providing security than the traditional lock and key systems. Plus the door access control system interprets the entry to your building. Except for employees and other personnel, no unauthorized person can unlock the door.

To unlock the door access control system, you can use various users’ convenient forms of entry like key fobs, mobile app barcodes, card keys etc.

Why you should choose door access control system?

Despite the availability of traditional lock and key systems, door access control systems give you much more effectiveness and convenient because:

High Quality Security

Mechanism locking for access control systems tends to be more secure than the old traditional lock system.  These locks come in magnetic or electric form. They can easily be connected with any other additonal security system.

Digital Security

Businesses are getting more digital with their security systems. It makes your business much easier by unlocking doors with digital methods such as mobile apps. Plus you can digitally combine your door access control system with back-end software and monitor remotely.

Flexible and Convenient

Door access control systems are much easier to access compared to the traditional lock and key systems. With this digital system, you don’t need to carry a bunch of keys everywhere you go. You can use various digital unlocking keys like cards, mobile apps and fingerprint scanners.

No Need To Re-Keying 

Having an electronic user database means you don’t need to change locks at your sites. If you ever lost the keycard, you can immediately be removed from the database and request a new one. If the employee is no longer working in your company, his/her access can be deleted within seconds. 

Easy Management

If you’ve accomplished access control and network monitoring with a single system, means you’re doing a great favour for yourself and your company. Integrating your remote monitoring manages from a central location, greatly lessening truck roll costs.


Your site’s security needs can be challenging, but if you find it hard to find the multitude of responsibilities then it would be notably too time-consuming to properly assess your existing access control system and remote sites.

But with us, you don’t miss any opportunities to tighten your security – and give you both control and peace of mind.

Important Tips To For CCTV & Security System Installation

Not everyone’s requirement is the same, but everyone wants to protect their property. Having a security cameras system is a great choice to give you an extra eye on your property at all times. The layout of your property, budget and home security prioritize are different than your neighbours, so there is no particular size fits all rule for security camera minimums.

If you’re planning to install CCTV and security system,there are few things that you need to examine while installing CCTV cameras in your office or home.

Area Coverage

While planning to install the CCTV and security system, you will have to determine which areas are most vulnerable and need to be covered. The firm where you will buy the CCTV cameras will send an analyst to help figure out the best feasible location to mount the camera and get optimal coverage. You can also choose the particular area you require the camera to cover.

Choice of CCTV Cameras

Nowadays, wireless CCTV cameras are the most commonly used cameras system.  These cameras eliminate the need for wires and can easily be controlled.  The old-style traditional cameras have fixed and point only in one direction. On the other side, dome cameras can be seen in corporate offices and malls, provide 360-degree coverage around them. Thus, cameras need to choose based on the quality and coverage you require.


The choice of CCTV cameras also depends on the area you’ve decided to place them. The quality of the camera that you place outside the home or office will not be the same as an indoor camera.

Today, the burglars are getting better at avoiding outdoor cameras and even the complete area coverage can also be defeated by masked intruders. Placing a low-light dome camera indoors can save you a lot of trouble down the line.


In some areas, before installing the CCTV, you may need to get official permission from relevant authorities. If you want to install CCTV cameras outside your home, the chance is they cover a portion of neighbouring areas. Most residential conies require that you inform the civic body before installation.  Before installation, make sure to take permission from the civic body.


Considering the following points will help you install the CCTV cameras without any issue.  If you’ve decided to install the CCTV cameras then go for new IP cameras that can easily connect over a wireless network. But if you have the old CCTV cameras then it may be difficult for you to scale.

What Is Access Control?

Access Control is an excellent security system that regulates who or what can use or view resources in a computing environment.

Today, it’s a crucial concept in security that lowers the risk to the business or organization. The access control system can be physical or logical.

  • Physical ACS provides limited access in building, room campuses and IT assets.
  • Logical ACS limits access control limits connections to computer data, network and system files.

Why Do You Need Access Control?

Having an access control system is an excellent security option for your home or business. The access control system can enhance your security without any hassle.  The data generated by the system not only boost security but also productivity, creativity and performance.

The Access Control system can also increase happiness and fulfillment. This is very important for users because security isn’t only about technology.

Why use an access control system instead of physical keys?

The digital key system is a need of today’s dynamic world; it’s the simple form of physical access control and the method many organizations use. The digital keys come with several flaws and limitations especially an organization expanding.  The most common limitations that organization can face with physical keys are:

  • As long as you use the physical keys, you will never know how many unauthorized copies have been made and who is holding them.
  • If you missed placed or lost the key, this can cause chaos and at the end you need to replace the lock.
  • With physical keys, you can’t see when or how many times someone’s uses a key, so you don’t have any access to your security.
  • Physical keys don’t provide user-level and time-of-day control access. It means you can’t restrict the access time with physical keys.
  • If you have multiple locks then you need a number of keys, which is very inconvenient to carry and use. Also, it is difficult to remember the keys of each lock. 

Common benefits of access control System

The electronic access control system help you to avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and give you much more control. Some common benefits this are:

  • Hard to make duplicate copies of keys and the holder is certain of the number of keys in circulation.
  • Only one key is required for all the doors it needs to open – no more carrying bunches of keys!
  • The access control system keys come with digital encryption, so no one can see the code.
  • No worry to change the lock if the access right of lost keys is simply removed from the system. 
  • Most of the digital locks are connected to some sort of network that access rights can be changed remotely. 


Good access control gives you even more control that lets you set these parameters for each individual. This allows you to quickly update them whenever you need to. You can record who’s accessed where and when, so you can easily determine who might have been involved.

Why Samsung Door Phone is best for your home?

As the demand for home security increasing, the need for video phones security has become an essential part of home security. Samsung video door phones are most installed inside and outside the residential apartment due to various security reasons.

Most of the visual door phones come with an alarm system to alert the security guards for emergencies. These door phones have various functions with a bar code system to welcome more than one person. Following benefits you will avail after purchasing a Samsung door phone:

Better Visitor Communication

The door phone Samsung helps you to communicate with your visitors without opening the door.  The inbuilt speaker of the invention helps to pass the voice clear and non-disruptive to sustain the proper identification and authentication of the visitor.  It assures a precise two-way interface for selective access to the house.

Increase Security

The door phone system provides great security for homeowners. It provides you complete access to home security through its tool for old age people, children and women.  In the worst scenario, you can raise the alarm and notify the security people for safety.  This helps the homeowners to say no to the salesmen without even opening the door.

Complete Security

The door phone security features 360-degree protection. One of the upgraded feature of the technology is that it allows users to identify a visitor at night. It gives a visual picture of visitors even in dim lights.    The technology used in the door phone can work in almost all weather conditions.

Simple Installation Process

Unlike the other complex installation of door phones, installing Samsung door phones is quite easy. The system used it elegantly designed to enhance the modern looks of the house.  

Recording When You’re in Home

Nowadays, almost everyone is working means that during the day, so the house remains vacant at the day time. Installing this device start recording the image of the visitor when the doorbell ring.   In any case of theft or fraud, the user can recognize the culprit in real-time.


It works as a great device to maintain security in the societies as well as in the colonies. All admire its advantages and benefits. Thus, make sure that your home is properly adjusted to keep your belongings and family safe.

How To Keep Your Digital Door Locks Last For a Long Time?

Digital Door locks come with inbuilt technology that does not require physical keys. You can use the digital keys to replace your conventional mechanical lock. They make your door locking easy and enhance security.

The digital door locks use pin code and can be accessed by smartphones, fingerprints and other technologies for operating. Just like any other type of technology, digital door locks in India also required maintenance for last long working. Usually, the digital doors last long for 4 or 5 years depending on the brand and quality. 

Make sure your Door Hung Correctly

A lock only works efficiently if the door is installed correctly. A door with drop or sage could make a huge pressure on the lock’s bolt or latch that leads to a mess that devises you locked in or out of your house. Thus, some proper gaps between the frame and door should be uniform across the top and sides.

Use Long Screws

Make sure that the screw securing the top hinge from the doorframe is long enough to connect the door wall framing around the door. If you want to prevent the door from sagging and break-in resistance, add a long 3-inch screw to each hinge.

Check Deadbolt and Deadlatch of Lock

Whenever you close your door, the deadlatch shouldn’t fall into the strike plate. Deadlatch is a crucial security feature built into the modern entry locks but won’t work if not rightly aligned with the strike plate. Make sure that the deadlatch is correctly aligned with the strike plate.

Keep the Door Lock Clean

Similar to internal maintenance, internal maintenance is also very important. To do so, first, avoid the abrasive or heavy chemical that can dame the lock. The proactive coating of the door lock can withstand normal cleaners’ usage for many years, but not with hard chemical cleaners.

Use Lubricant For Internal of Locks

After cleaning the lock from the outside, for inside you can use lubricants. One of the important yet most commonly overlooked maintenance factors for your door locks. To do that, spray some lubricant inside the lock, and move your key in and out of the lock.

Final Words

Doing such simple things can make the difference between a working key to one that you have to jiggle, or what doesn’t work at all. So, whenever you install a new door lock, it’s is best to put aside one of the original keys specifically to use for creating copies.

Why Do We Need Automatic Door Locks?

The automatic door locks security technology allows users to open or closed locks automatically, remotely and keyless. It gives easy access to users for locks or unlocks at pre-set specific times.    

The automatic door locks enable no human intervention. They can also integrate with panic, intrusion door position sensors and fire alarm systems. This prevents the entry or release of individuals in specific areas. 

Types of Automatic Door Locks

When it comes to automatic door locks, there are various advantages you will get when using residential or commercial automatic locks. Conciliation with frenzy, delay, and entryway position sensor and fire alert frameworks are likewise credible with programmed entryway locks to circumvent the section or return of people in particular areas. The different types of Automatic Door Locks are:

Electric deadbolt door lock

The door locks are used for large cabinets and high-security doors. The locks are compatible with nearly all access control systems. The deadbolt door locks eliminate the costs of re-keying and replacing worn-out manual deadbolts.

Electric strike door lock

The locked door operates with a 12 volt or higher electric current. It’s also called electric strike locks or fail-secure devices. The door locks remain locked during a power outage. Besides, these doors allow people to open the door from inside the room.

But a fail-safe electric strike locks or unlocks during power disruptions. These door locks can be upgraded with buzzers. The buzzing of locks offers extra security when you can not physically be in on the other side of a multi-room building.

Electromagnetic door lock

Electromagnetic door locks consist of an electromagnet and armature plate. The door lock becomes magnetize when an electric current passes through them.  The passing magnetic field secures the door and electronically controls when doors are locked and unlocked.

Magnetic shear door lock

Magnetic shear door locks are excellent for entrepreneurs and homeowners who are looking for an esthetically attractive, fail-safe security system.  The door locks are well suitable for timber, aluminum and armour-plated glass doors. People often construct them to be morticed into the frame and door but you can these locks vertically or horizontally.

Wireless Automatic Door Locks

The wireless automatic door locks are quite handy and you can access them with your smartphone, tablet or any other internet supporting device. You can also program these door locks automatically at specific times.


Having smart technology door locks won’t necessarily make your home completely safe, but they will give you easy access. The smart door lock provides an excellent security system for your home or business. A home as smart as what has been outlined here is within your limit. If you want to step your door locks into something smart, check our exquisite range of smart automatic door locks.

What Is Home Automation?

The smart and wireless home automation devices connect appliances, switches and gadgets, allowing you to control those devices in safe and convenient ways.

Things such as command groups of lights to turn on or off when you open the front door, receive alerts when a leak springs or program. Smart automation devices make your home more spacious, comfortable, and secure than ever.

How Does Home Automation Work?

The home automation devices work via the network of devices that are directly connected to the Internet through different communication protocols, i.e WI-FI, ZigBee, Bluetooth etc.

The electric interference can be managed remotely through controllers, either a voice assistant like Google Assistance or Alexa.  With the electronic interference, the devices can be managed remotely through the controller, either a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant or an app.

However, many of these IoT devices have sensors that monitor changes in motion temperature and light so the user can get information about the device’s surroundings.  To do some changes to the device, the user triggers actuators, the physical mechanisms like motorized valves or motors that allow devices to be controlled remotely.

Components of Home Automation System 

Some home automation systems require hubs, mobile applications connect directly to a router, which connects directly to an IoT device. Of course, it’s preferable when there’s no hub, as that’s just an added cost on top of the cost of the IoT device itself.

Is Home Automation Secure?

With IoT devices, digital security can be more of an afterthought, not originally built into many first-generation models. As security breaches become more commonplace, many manufactures are changing their ways. It’s making their IoT devices less hackable. But eventually, it’s up to the user to take account of these digital security features. Here’s how:

Does automation increase security?

In some of the IoT devices, digital security can be more of an afterthought but not originally built into many first-generation models. However, with the improvement of security breaches, it becomes more commonplace. Many manufacturers are changing their ways making their IoT devices less hackable.  But ultimately, it’s all depends on the user to take advantage of these digital security features.


Just like building a home take time and planning, similarly automating your home can’t be done in a day. Despite accounting for all things simultaneously, you can start with small and then build up your home automation system over time. Every day, new IoT devices are coming into the market, there’s truly no limit to what you can automate, making your life safer and more comfortable than ever before.

Are Electronic Door Locks Safe for Your Business or House

fingerprint access control system in india

We are living in the era of technology where every aspect of the average person’s life is being affected by technology. Also, technology becomes the mediums of person uses to move in and out of securing their home.  The advancement of technology has changed locks, and it has done so thoroughly.

Types of Electronic Door Locks

Here is the list of some of the latest types of electronic door locks:

 • smartphone-controlled locks- These locks accessed either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to enable users to control their door locks via their Smartphones.

 • Surveillance locks- Surveillance door locks based on codes that users require opening them and also take pictures of anyone who opens them and get in.

• Biometric door locks- Biometric door locks scan the fingerprints of the user to approve their entry.

 • Key fob locks- Key fob door locks, also known as proximity locks that need the user to move around a key fob which, when identified by the lock in its direct vicinity, signals it to open the door.

Are electronic front door locks safe?

The advancement of technology has changed the lock system that we knew for a very long time. The electronic door locks system replace the old lock and key system. Now, the question comes to mind that “Is this change good or bad?”

Indeed, getting past an electronic door lock is not an easy task for the typical intruder. The electronic door locks are made up of high-quality materials, making them difficult to being broken by intruders.

Besides, all the locks that use a sensor like fingerprints, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tend to cease functioning in the event of a power blackout. In such a case, a person has to use a backup key to unlock their door.

Intruders can readily exploit the backup key slot in electronic locks as any person who comprehends their way around a lock can use nothing but a paperclip to circumvent an electronic lock via its backup key slot.

On the other side, forced entry is a major risk that comes with keyed locks but it could happen with electronic locks. However, the risk of forceful damage can be decreased substantially by simply reinforcing their door with impact plates that are made of heavy-duty metal.


Compare to keyed locks, electronic door locks are just as safe as keyed locks. But if a person is tech-savvy and wants ease of access rather than having to search throughout on their person for the keys to their home door, an electronic door lock is most unquestionably a good idea.