How To Keep Your Digital Door Locks Last For a Long Time?

Digital Door locks come with inbuilt technology that does not require physical keys. You can use the digital keys to replace your conventional mechanical lock. They make your door locking easy and enhance security.

The digital door locks use pin code and can be accessed by smartphones, fingerprints and other technologies for operating. Just like any other type of technology, digital door locks in India also required maintenance for last long working. Usually, the digital doors last long for 4 or 5 years depending on the brand and quality. 

Make sure your Door Hung Correctly

A lock only works efficiently if the door is installed correctly. A door with drop or sage could make a huge pressure on the lock’s bolt or latch that leads to a mess that devises you locked in or out of your house. Thus, some proper gaps between the frame and door should be uniform across the top and sides.

Use Long Screws

Make sure that the screw securing the top hinge from the doorframe is long enough to connect the door wall framing around the door. If you want to prevent the door from sagging and break-in resistance, add a long 3-inch screw to each hinge.

Check Deadbolt and Deadlatch of Lock

Whenever you close your door, the deadlatch shouldn’t fall into the strike plate. Deadlatch is a crucial security feature built into the modern entry locks but won’t work if not rightly aligned with the strike plate. Make sure that the deadlatch is correctly aligned with the strike plate.

Keep the Door Lock Clean

Similar to internal maintenance, internal maintenance is also very important. To do so, first, avoid the abrasive or heavy chemical that can dame the lock. The proactive coating of the door lock can withstand normal cleaners’ usage for many years, but not with hard chemical cleaners.

Use Lubricant For Internal of Locks

After cleaning the lock from the outside, for inside you can use lubricants. One of the important yet most commonly overlooked maintenance factors for your door locks. To do that, spray some lubricant inside the lock, and move your key in and out of the lock.

Final Words

Doing such simple things can make the difference between a working key to one that you have to jiggle, or what doesn’t work at all. So, whenever you install a new door lock, it’s is best to put aside one of the original keys specifically to use for creating copies.

Why Do We Need Automatic Door Locks?

The automatic door locks security technology allows users to open or closed locks automatically, remotely and keyless. It gives easy access to users for locks or unlocks at pre-set specific times.    

The automatic door locks enable no human intervention. They can also integrate with panic, intrusion door position sensors and fire alarm systems. This prevents the entry or release of individuals in specific areas. 

Types of Automatic Door Locks

When it comes to automatic door locks, there are various advantages you will get when using residential or commercial automatic locks. Conciliation with frenzy, delay, and entryway position sensor and fire alert frameworks are likewise credible with programmed entryway locks to circumvent the section or return of people in particular areas. The different types of Automatic Door Locks are:

Electric deadbolt door lock

The door locks are used for large cabinets and high-security doors. The locks are compatible with nearly all access control systems. The deadbolt door locks eliminate the costs of re-keying and replacing worn-out manual deadbolts.

Electric strike door lock

The locked door operates with a 12 volt or higher electric current. It’s also called electric strike locks or fail-secure devices. The door locks remain locked during a power outage. Besides, these doors allow people to open the door from inside the room.

But a fail-safe electric strike locks or unlocks during power disruptions. These door locks can be upgraded with buzzers. The buzzing of locks offers extra security when you can not physically be in on the other side of a multi-room building.

Electromagnetic door lock

Electromagnetic door locks consist of an electromagnet and armature plate. The door lock becomes magnetize when an electric current passes through them.  The passing magnetic field secures the door and electronically controls when doors are locked and unlocked.

Magnetic shear door lock

Magnetic shear door locks are excellent for entrepreneurs and homeowners who are looking for an esthetically attractive, fail-safe security system.  The door locks are well suitable for timber, aluminum and armour-plated glass doors. People often construct them to be morticed into the frame and door but you can these locks vertically or horizontally.

Wireless Automatic Door Locks

The wireless automatic door locks are quite handy and you can access them with your smartphone, tablet or any other internet supporting device. You can also program these door locks automatically at specific times.


Having smart technology door locks won’t necessarily make your home completely safe, but they will give you easy access. The smart door lock provides an excellent security system for your home or business. A home as smart as what has been outlined here is within your limit. If you want to step your door locks into something smart, check our exquisite range of smart automatic door locks.

Top 7 Benefits of Door Locks

If you’re operating a large business, then security must be your first preference. While alarm system and CCTV cameras are an excellent way to dissuade potential intruders and assure the security of the building, in a similar way a strong and secure lock is as important as these two.

Digital Door Locks

If your workplace has an old traditional lock or an outdated one it may be time for an upgrade to a digital one.

Electronic door locks are an exemplary substitute for those looking to magnify the security of their business and develop receptiveness, eliminating the necessity for a set of keys that can be easily lost.

Nowadays, you can find lots of different Digital Door Locks on the market to suit all different types of organisation and businesses. From a biometric system that requires fingerprint access to electronic keypads that require a simple code or smart cards that allow multiple employees to access the entrance and exit without any hassle.

Let’s explore some more benefits of installing an electronic door lock in large work premises where lots of people walk throughout the building frequently.

Intensified security

One of the most prominent advantages of installing electronic door locks in your business premises is that it intensifies safety. Digital door locks come with a pick-proof design ensuring that the intruders or burglars cannot access your property by picking or breaking the lock – a most common method used by criminals.

Keep Intruders Away

Electronic door locks only allow the authorised personnel to enter or exit from the premises and make sure that no intruder will step in the certain areas or buildings. Its locking mechanism makes it more difficult for savvy burglars to trespass by installing multiple locks on the doors.

Eliminate The Use of Keys

Removing the requirement for keys and substituting them with codes or cards means you don’t have to worry about lost keys that may be an issue in a large office block where lots of employees are carrying sets of keys. They eliminate the need for keys, assuring that no intruder will ever come across a key that provides them access to your property.

Secure Your Confidential Items

You keep all your valuable items and expensive pieces of equipment at your workplace which needs some extra protection. Installing electronic door locks is one best way to ensure that no one can access your confidential items without your concern. Plus, you don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing keys.

Tough To Go Through

Digital door locks act as a visual deterrence for break-ins that keep away burglar and potential intruders. Mostly burglars are opportunists who look for a simple and quick entrance to buildings, such as open window and weak locks. However, the keyless lock needs a card, fingerprint or code, therefore, they are much tougher to crack into than mechanical locks that need a key. 

Easy Monitoring and Access 

If you’re running a large business then there is likely a lot of foot traffic throughout the premises. Installing electronic door locks assure allow only selected employees have access to the areas. There may be certain areas where you want to keep the restriction from others, then the keyless lock is a perfect choice for you to go with.

Having an Electronic Door Lock is always giving you extra security along with CCTV and an alarm system. Some applications only require security at fussy times, but digital door locks always give your free passage throughout the day.

Are Digital Door Locks Safe for Your Business or House

We’re living in the era of technology where everything is fast and digital. Every industry and aspect of the average person’s life is being directly or indirectly affected by technology, and if recent events are any cursor, technology has now become a medium of people uses to move in and out of and guard their home security.

Digital Locks For Doors

 It’s not too long since the Digital Locks For Doors replace the traditional key and lock system because of security concern.  However, digital door locks have replaced the limitation of traditional lock-and-key with the innumerous possibilities of a tech-savvy digital lock.

The following are some of the most advanced types of door locks system:

Biometric door locks– Locks that allow the entry only after the scan and detecting the fingerprints of the user.

Smartphone-controlled Door locks– These locks work with the connectivity of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to allow users to access the lock door locks via their Smartphones.

 • Surveillance Door locks– Such locks work on the code that the user set. Once the code is fixed, the door only open with the correct code only.

Key fob locks– This type of lock also known as proximity locks and they require the user to carry around a key fob which, when detected by the lock-in its instant vicinity, signals it to unlock the door.

Are Digital Locks For Doors Safe?

Technology has changed the perspective of people toward their home security. The digital lock has set a new standard of security that makes people to move on from keyed lock to an electronic lock.

Well, not the question comes that the change from keyed to digital lock is good or not? Are digital door locks safe? Yes! Digital door locks are well safe and secure, but only as much as, if not lesser than, traditional, keyed locks.

Getting past the keyed lock is a hard nut to crack for a typical intruder, but because they are made of subpar materials which make them prone to being broken by intruders. On the other hand, the digital door locks are made up of tough and solid material that make it hard for an intruder to break it and also easily monitor and access by a smartphone. 

Almost all the electronic locks use fingerprints, WI-FI or Bluetooth that wouldn’t work in the event of a power outage in which case a person has to use the backup security key to unlock the door.

With multiple unique pin codes programmed into the lock, enabling easy access to the user without getting keys cut. Thus, having a digital door lock is a great way to secure your home without worrying about the loss of a key.

The Electronic Lock Has Come To Stay

If you think that you currently have the door of your house protected, the same is not the case. The protection systems are advancing rapidly, by leaps and bounds, so the techniques used by thieves as well.

digital door lock for hotels

That is why it is important to always stay one step ahead and protect yourself well, to avoid making it easy for thieves and a possible assault or theft of property.

Security locks for armored doors

It is common, for security, to reinforce armored doors with security locks. It is a way to protect more, to prevent them from entering, so it is an interesting option to consider especially in those cases in which you have a lot of goods or things of value.

In this case, the best security lock for an armored door is the multipoint lock. They have from 3 to 5 anchor points and they match very well for this type of door, they are also located in the lateral, upper and lower area, making it one of the best and resistant options.

The smart locks are connected objects increasingly popular around the world. Are you tired of looking for your keys in your handbags, slamming the door and forgetting your keychain inside your house or having to redo your keys in case of loss? The smart connected lock replaces all your hassles to make your life more pleasant.

A connected lock with multiple functions

This key less Fingerprint Door Lock has many advantages that give it added value compared to traditional locks. It offers you optimal security while allowing you to monitor events concerning the entry and exit of your property.

The electronic lock gives you a tamper alarm that goes off if a malicious person tries to force the lock with false codes. From your mobile application, you can see your access log in time, which includes all existing accesses.

You can issue an access code to the person of your choice directly from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Your door automatically locks after each closure, giving you added peace of mind.

The convenience of keyless entry

The Automatic Door Lock gives you quick and easy access by reducing the time it takes to open your front door thanks to different entry modes. You can use PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID cards, so many solutions that make it easier for you to access your property.

You no longer need to move to open the door to your guests, or to your cleaning service. A code personally assigned remotely on the mobile application allows the opening of the secure connected lock. Family members can have a permanent code assigned and occasional guests a unique code.

A secure smart lock with a neat design

In addition to its practicality, the smart digital lock offers you a clean design and a touch of modernity. It adapts to any decor thanks to its universal and elegant aesthetic. The digital lock is made of hardened steel which is a noble and sturdy material.

Smart Door Locks: Open Your Door Without A Key

In recent years we have been witnessing the ever-increasing spread of smart locks: but what are they all about?

The smart locks are represented by all the different types of open electronic door, and are able to completely transform the security of any place that is important to us, opening the way to the abandonment of the traditional key.

There are now many different models of digital locks on the market, and this makes them perfect and adaptable to any type of door and property.

As this security system is quite recent, many people are still reluctant to choose them, obviously wondering if and how safe they can be compared to their classic counterparts.

That is why in this article we will finally be able to clarify all the key points on the use of the electronic lock for armored door.

When it comes to smart homes and digital door locks in particular, there is some skepticism about the security aspect. That is understandable, after all, it is about access to your own home.

The Digital Door Locks India is a type of door opening mechanism that has been causing various debates for some years.

Not only home security experts are wondering about this system, but also consumers, who are increasingly informed and attentive.

The Digital Door Lock is able to open an armored door or a gate at a distance: to do this, it uses an external device, generally a button integrated in the intercom, but also a keyboard, a remote control or a badge.

It is then the electric current (on average at low voltage) that does the bulk of the work, making the lock open thanks to the impulse received.

The digital lock represents the future, thanks to its motorized piston system capable of operating automatically as soon as the door is approached to the frame, with closing bolts that allow motorized movement.

The actual operation of the electric lock is practically identical to that of the classic lock, but in the former an electromagnet is used to unlock the lock.

These innovative security systems are especially advantageous in condominiums, given that when they are installed on the main door (and perhaps also in the apartments) it becomes difficult for outsiders to access the building; in addition, tenants will be much more protected from unwelcome visits by thieves and thieves.

Not only that, electronic locks protect against forgetfulness: many thefts occur precisely because of very secure armored doors that are not locked! With the digital door opener it will never happen again.

In addition, smart locks are also useful in factories, especially in cases where workers operate in areas away from the main door. In these situations, in fact, the employees do not have the possibility to continuously guard all the accesses, nor to run every 2 × 3 to open.

In this way, opening and closing the door will no longer be a problem or a waste of time.

Fingerprint Door Locks: An Integral Part Of Your Home Security

Digital locks work together with the classic key or even without it! In the latter case there is no longer the real danger of losing it, and there is no longer the risk of being locked out of the house (or inside) thus having to contact specialized personnel (to be paid!) To free the trapped people, breaking and changing the lock.

fingerprint door locks

In addition, the electronic locks are easy to use and open, even if the patrons are disabled or young children.

This is why they are particularly suitable and widespread opening (and closing) mechanisms in hotels, as in general in public facilities (gyms, schools, libraries, etc.), where many doors now open only with codes or badges.

Obviously, all these great qualities make them useful and increasingly appreciated even in residential homes, whether they are large villas or simple houses: digital locks are very functional even when they are installed on the doors of external cellars.

Digital Locks For Doors are also very popular because they easily allow relatives and friends to carry out checks at home (for example feeding pets), without the need to scatter keys, which can be lost.

Cleaning ladies, workers, couriers: anyone can have access to the house, if necessary, and then with a simple change of the code provided you can quickly and safely return.

Why install a biometric recognition system in the home? Well, the possible reasons are many.

To never run the risk of losing your keys again, for greater security of your home, to keep up with the times but also because, unfortunately, the crime rate is increasing.

Traditional armored doors, moreover, are no longer considered as safe as they once were and the bad guys have learned to break into almost any type of mechanism with extreme ease.

The biometric technology is also at the forefront and is in line with the home smart future.What if I don’t have to be there but need, for example, to let family members into the house?No problem, just record a larger number of fingerprints or retinas in the system.

Parents, siblings, children, grandparents and even neighbors, if you see fit, could then have access to one or more rooms in the residence.

But that’s not all because with the biometric lock you could even authorize the cleaning lady or the plumber to enter only a certain time slot.

If the appointment, for example, with a certain professional is at 11 in the morning, it will be sufficient to program the entrance with that particular fingerprint only from 10 to 12 and access on any other day or time would be automatically denied.

The maximum comfort that anyone who plans to install one of the new locks for armored doors on the market could wish for at home.

Keyless locks: the advantages of biometric systems and Security Access Control System in India              

  • With the so-called biometric key it is impossible to lose the keys in the traditional sense of the term
  • Unable to shut out inadvertently
  • A door can be opened without a key at any time
  • This type of modern armored door guarantees maximum security
  • No more wasting money to change locks and redo all sets of keys
  • Controlled access by whoever you want to let in at a certain time
  • No more bulky bunches of keys: green light for very small bags or morning jogging without baby carriers or shoulder bags

Effectiveness Of Smart And Digital Door Locks

The smart lock is an electronic lock that allows incredible functionalities. It is the lock that is undergoing the changes and its evolution allows raising the level of security to levels unknown until recently, avoiding, in a very high percentage, forced intrusions into homes.

Advantages of the smart lock

So, if you are thinking of buying a smart lock or you are going to turn your home into a smart home, these five advantages are going to interest you.

1) They are more secure locks. When you see a lock without mechanisms and without light bulbs, it is sometimes inevitable to think that they are more vulnerable than normal, however, this thought is completely wrong.

The truth is that the absence of light bulbs or cylinders means that the lock cannot be forced by the extraction or bumping technique, among others.

2) Configurable functions. It is almost impossible to imagine the possibilities that an Electronic Door Lock offers you when it comes to protecting your home. You can configure alarm sounds, activate the alarm itself or not, for example. You can even install more than one lock of this type in your home and control them all from the same mobile application.

3) Ease of installation. Forget spending long hours waiting for a locksmith to finish installing a traditional lock. A smart lock mainly consists of two pieces, one on the door frame and one on the end of the door that is to be joined with the frame. However, there are other variants with a knob, which we will see below in our recommendations.

4) High-end materials. Smart locks should be small vaults so that the chip and Bluetooth systems are not vulnerable to forced knocks. Some examples of materials used to make electronic or smart locks are nickel, brass, or steel.

5) Great autonomy. Almost all smart locks have an autonomy of around 12 months. This means that you will not have to change batteries every month. In addition, most of them incorporate a function that alerts the user that the battery is running low and that it needs to be replaced.

What do you think of these five questions? Surely there are many more advantages, such as its low price, the fact of not forgetting the keys again because now a simple smartphone is the control unit for the locks.

Even this type of device is applicable to any type of access (swinging, lifting, tilting, sectional doors and windows, etc.) and material (wood, aluminum, PVC, iron, stainless steel, etc.).

To correctly choose the security lock, the first step is to seek advice from a professional, to find out which is the most appropriate lock according to the type of business or property. There are different models of security lock, so it is important to choose the most recommended.

But it is essential to choose a good Electronic Door Lock, to protect either our home or workplace and prevent the entry of intruders.

Why You Should Trust Digital Door Locks?

It is no longer just a vision of the future: the doors can be opened on request via smartphone, fingerprint, PIN entry or transponder. Those interested can equip apartments, houses and entire residential complexes with electronic door locks.

In addition to all the convenience, there are also security concerns and fear of hackers. We show whether the security concerns about electronic door locks are justified or not.

A smart door lock primarily increases the comfort in the smart home. Users no longer have to search for their key, they just pull out their smartphone.

They can be unlocked using a simple smartphone or a security badge, for example. There are also much more sophisticated locks that open with a biometric imprint or even with the iris. Their installation is quite simple in most cases since they can be inserted in place of a traditional lock.

An electronic lock opens when it detects the proximity of an electronic key, such as a smartphone or a magnetic card. Electronic keys and the rights associated with them are defined by an administrator, who is none other than the main user.

Some electronic door locks even notice when the residents approach the entrance door and open automatically. This is not only useful with arms full of shopping bags. We show which security aspects an electronic door lock entails and whether existing concerns are justified.

Security in the event of a lost key: It happens faster than you think and unfortunately more often than hoped. The front door key is lost and in the worst case the lock has to be replaced. A smart door lock no longer needs a conventional key, just a smartphone.

Should this ever be lost, the access rights can easily be withdrawn and no stranger has access to the apartment. A further relief is the unlocking via PIN entry or fingerprint.

There is a locking history: some electronic door locks track who last unlocked the door and when. This makes it possible to see transparently who literally walks in and out of the home.

Residents receive non-traceable activities via push notification. Nice side effect: Parents can understand that their children have arrived home safely from school.

Pay attention to a secure radioconnection: the shorter the radio connection, the more secure. This applies in particular to transponders or components that communicate via, radio-frequency identification (RFID) or Bluetooth.

Smart door locks – is it easy for hackers and burglars?

This type of smart door lock can be seen from the outside. More likely to deter burglars. Most criminals expect a classic lock that they can pick quickly with tools such as a lock pick. The time required to open the electronic component is greater and requires special expertise.

The security concerns when using electronic door locks are quite justified. Ultimately, users should not have to worry about a little security for a lot of convenience.

Overall, an electronic door lock is more likely to deter potential intruders, and the cracking of an electronic door lock is associated with a high level of risk and time.

The Safest Locks For Doors

There are several models of electronic lock, but they all have one factor in common: the charging mode. An electronic lock is charged with electricity, although its shape can vary, since there are small batteries that charge the lock for a certain time, power sources or power generators.

Thus, the three most common types of electronic lock are the following:

Electronic locks with a fingerprint reader. They are very common in gyms or in company lobbies accompanied by lathes or mechanized doors. It is a laser reader that scans a fingerprint and operates the mechanism if the person has previously registered their fingerprint in the system.

Electronic code locks. They are simpler than the previous ones and work similar to some safes with a keyboard. These are locks that obey a code to activate, in such a way that the person who operates them must know that code.

The code does not have to be superimposed on the lock, so it is common for the keypad and the lock to be physically separated.

Hybrid electronic lock. It is a mix between the previous two. They can be activated by the scanned fingerprint or a number code. However, they are rare and more expensive than usual.

When we have a home, one of the concerns regarding them is the possibility of being victims of a robbery. For this reason, technology continues to advance and we can already find new, safer door locks on the market that offer the highest efficiency.

From time to time, the locks change to incorporate the latest advances and thus improve the protection of homes. Each one of them has its own characteristics and mechanism. Depending on our needs or the degree of security we need, we will choose one or the other.

Biometric security locks

Biometric locks are characterized by the use of the fingerprint to open the door. When passing it through the lock, the system will proceed with the recognition of the same and within a time of three seconds, it will open. Everything will depend on the manufacturer, as well as the model.

In addition to fingerprint reading, some security locks of this type include a keypad for setting a password. The number of storable fingerprints can also vary.

They are usually installed more frequently in companies and premises, since the level of security they need is higher. Its installation, however, is quite simple.

Electronic locks

Both digital and electronic locks are gaining many followers; probably because we are in the age of technology. Within these, the variety of models and characteristics is very wide, as well as the opening systems themselves.

In addition to being safe, their installation is quick and easy and they are very comfortable to use. It is very likely that going forward, these will be the most frequently installed security locks.

Electromagnetic locks

These security locks, as with digital ones, are rare in homes. We find them especially in buildings or in areas whose entry is limited or requires access control. Therefore, we see them on business premises. Its operation includes an electromagnet that is what allows the door to open.