How To Choose An Electronic Lock For The Front Door: Four Major Questions

With all the variety of smart protection for home and office, a solid front door remains the main obstacle to intruders. At the same time, a reliable door lock is no less important than the thickness of the door leaf or the number of bolts.

In general, hidden electronic locks have a high degree of reliability. Although it is necessary to recognize that, depending on the manufacturer, some of them are not without drawbacks. Therefore each specific model should be considered separately. To choose a quality hidden electronic lock, ask the seller five questions.

The first question. How is the control of the electronic lock?

Some Electronic Door Lock are controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, using mobile applications, SMS messages, and mobile calls. In this case, it’s important not to chase after different and, in fact, useless “gadgets,” but it’s possible to choose simpler but safer. Easier- does not always mean more primitive. Today, an attacker does not need to be a hacker to gain access to a home network or router: the more control options, especially remote ones, the more “holes” in home security.


The second question. How is the locking mechanism actuated?

Another critical point. Locking devices are divided into several types.

Electromagnetic locks- as in the front doors on the door, equipped with an intercom. When energized, the electromagnet, attracting a steel plate attached to the door, keeps the door closed.

Electric gables- the bolt extends from the body of the lock under the action of the electromagnetic field that occurs inside the lock when power is applied to it.

Electromotive- inside the lock is a drive, shifting the bolt in one direction or the other when power is applied.

The third question. How long does the battery last?

Power supply. It can be the Achilles heel of an electronic lock. Especially with a long absence of owners. Electric gates and electromotive locks must be continuously energized. In the event of a power outage, they switch to a backup power system- the battery- until the electricity is switched on again.

The fourth question. How does the lock behave when applying electric discharge doors to metal elements?

Cheap Digital Door Locks have another major drawback. Lack of protection of electronics against voltage surges or high-voltage discharges. This is a vulnerability that everyone needs to be aware of because very often the lock is incapacitated by supplying a powerful electric discharge to it or even just the steel door itself, which makes the further opening of the door no more than fun for intruders.

The front door protects our cozy home world from external threats. House is a place where you feel secure. Without a sense of security, there can be no confidence, and as a result, there can be no complete comfort. High-quality electronic lock installed in the armored door can provide the highest level of protection. Savings or security? The choice, as always, remains for the buyer.

Electronic and Electromagnetic Locks: Fail Secure Vs. Fail Safe

The access control system (ACS) is a set of specialized equipment and software designed to organize a system of control, accounting, registration and restriction of access for people and vehicles through the “access points” (doors, gates, checkpoints, etc.) in a given territory. The functions of the system are the identification and accounting of visitors, preventing unauthorized access to the object, ensuring the safety of personnel, material, and intellectual values. Additionally, the access control system can solve the problems of organizing the recording of working time, vehicles, parking places, interact with other security systems (video surveillance, security, and fire alarms) and other functions.

Electronic and electromagnetic locks: Fail Secure vs. Fail Safe

The electromagnetic locks and electronic locks are not the same. When we speak of an electronic lock, we refer to a mechanism that locks the door (like the pin of a traditional lock), and when we speak of an electromagnetic lock, we refer to a magnetized device that forces the closing of the door from the electric current.

An electromagnetic lock works from 2 pieces: on the one hand the electromagnet, which is placed in the frame of the door; and on the other side a metal sheet called a moving piece that is placed on the door. When circulating current, a magnetic field is generated that joins both pieces, and when the current stops working this field disappears, allowing to separate the pieces and open the door.

The main difference between Electronic Door Locks and electromagnetic locks answers the question: what happens when the light is cut off?

The electromagnetic locks are of the “Fail Safe” type which means that they are kept closed while there is an electric current, but before a cut in the supply the lock unlocks and the door remains open. Instead, the electronic locks work in the “Fail Secure” mode, and they operate oppositely: when there is no electricity they remain closed.


The main difference is in which is the priority that is wanted to give before the power cut, already in the case of the “Fail Safe” locks, it is prioritized that people can leave since it could be an emergency. In the case of “Fail Secure,” the priority is to keep the place closed and secured, despite the power cut.

Therefore, the first significant problem with electromagnetic locks is that, in the event of a power cut, they would no longer be able to enter the building. Most models mitigate this problem by using a battery or UPS, which keeps the lock with electric current for several hours. However, in areas where power outages are often frequent or prolonged, it is a matter to be considered.

Beyond whether they are electromagnetic or Digital Lock for Doors, there are certain advantages that we should consider these types of locks. The main one is the ease with which you can write off lost or stolen keys. Since each key is unique and has identification, it suffices to eliminate from the system that lost a key or all those that belonged to the neighbors that are no longer and never returned.

How feasible is the use of electronic door locks for residential buildings?

Electronic locks (sometimes called electric) are a modern, reliable means of ensuring security. Generally, they are installed in hotels and office places. Is it right to install an electronic lock on the front door of your house?

Every year, the electronic lock is increasingly used in individual houses and apartments.

What are the benefits of an electronic lock for home?

The main advantage, due to which many people conclude that it is essential to buy an electronic lock, are superb indicators of resistance to hacking. Currently, locks of this type have a large number of advantages over their mechanical counterparts. Some users are also concerned about the question whether it is possible to fake an electronic type lock? Of course, if a fraudster has specialized knowledge and equipment, almost any key and even an electronic one can be forged.

Types of locks

Another useful characteristic of some types of electronic locks will come to the rescue here: if the reader triggers an electromagnetic signal, the lock may be invisible from the outside. The invisible electronic lock can be mortise or invoice, but there are no signs of its presence outside. It opens from the same way that the doors of a car open at the signal of an electronic key.

It is difficult to break into such a lock: it is unknown where the doorway is installed, there is no hole for the master key, and the fact of having such security is not instantly apparent if there is a regular lock in the door. If the hacker does not have special equipment, then it will be tough to determine where the lock unit is located, and therefore the possibility of damage to the electronic lock is reduced to a minimum. Minus – if the keychain is accidentally forgotten in an apartment, even the owner himself will not be able to get into it.

A coded Electronic Door Lock involves dialing a combination of several characters, and therefore it will be quite difficult for an attacker to pick this code on his own. For example, if the combination will consist of four characters, you will require to try a thousand possible choices to open the door. The necessary thing, in this case, is to remember the access code yourself, but in no case do not write it down anywhere so that the sheet does not fall into the hands of a cracker.


The electronic lock is especially useful for people who often leave home for a long time. A pair of conventional mechanical locks on the front door will reliably protect the house. If you add an electronic stealth lock to them, then this is not only another additional level of protection but also a method of control. The trigger can be sent to the owner’s smartphone in real time. Also, installed electronic locks on the door can be easily unified with the alarm system.

Does it make sense to install a Digital Door Lock India on the front door of your house? Yes, definitely. This will increase reliability and protect against unauthorized access. But since the device works only with the presence of power supply, a situation may arise when there is no power from the network, and the battery is completely discharged. The door will open. This is unlikely, but for reliability, the electronic lock must be installed in tandem with a conventional mechanical lock.

Electronic locks – The Future of Security Systems

One of the most commonly used choices is to use an access code for an electronic lock. In this case, you do not need to carry a key or card regularly. It is enough to know the code of several numbers specified as a password. The user can independently set the access code and report it, if necessary, to trusted people. This option of using the lock is one of the most convenient. The scope of electronic locks is expanding every year.

Can technology threaten our security? In today’s risk society, this is no longer news for anyone. But technology is also the foundation of this security. And this is serious: our community without them is unthinkable. And now the delicate balance of these two sides of technology determines our life, providing us with the tools to both protect ourselves and threaten others.

These are residential and office premises, industrial enterprises, shopping centers, etc. They cannot be used only for places where it is not possible to provide access to the electricity network, or it is not possible to change the source of energy, such as during long-haul transportation where seals for containers offer additional security.

The main advantage of the Electronic Door Locks is high resistance to cracking. For example, with a password of only four characters, we get 10,000 possible combinations. And adding one more digit gives 100,000 options. The electronic lock can be integrated into any complex security system, used in conjunction with alarms, video surveillance cameras, and other elements. The system will instantly report an attempt to guess the password, which is impossible when using mechanical methods. However, additional protection never hurts, and you can use metal seals with a unique number.

IMAGE02 800

Open the door is very simple and does not take much time. Moreover, their durability is higher than that of mechanical systems. An additional advantage is the possibility of fixing the access time in the room to monitor the work of the staff. The modern market offers a vast selection of such systems from the simplest to the most complex. But, no matter what kind of lock you install, it is always necessary to observe some conditions ensuring their safety.

If to open power seals playing the role of a lock, a particular device is needed, then for an electronic lock, it is enough to know the code. Therefore, it is not recommended to write it down on paper and use well-known numbers (for example, your date of birth). Provide a password only to trusted people. Also, it is recommended to change it regularly, at least once every six months, to exclude the possibility of unwanted person’s access to open power seals playing the role of a lock, a particular device is needed, then for Digital Door Lock India, it is enough to know the code.

Therefore, it is not recommended to write it down on paper and use well-known numbers (for example, your date of birth). Provide a password only to trusted people. Besides, it is recommended to change it regularly, at least once every six months, to exclude the possibility of an unwanted person’s access.

How to Open an Electronic lock: the Impossible is Possible?

Electronic Door Locks are increasingly in demand among owners of offices, hotels and other official institutions. They are also moving to the doors of apartment houses, apartments and, of course, entrances. The scope of such high-tech locks grows more and more every year: and it is not surprising, because the service life, reliability and convenience are a definite plus of models.

The doors are opened with the help of various keys- magnetic key fobs (for sure you have a similar one from your entrance), cards or the method of entering a digital code.

There are such types of Electronic Door Locks as electromotive, electromagnetic, electromechanical, as well as locks of the transom type, control systems and electric latches.

IMAGE02 800

First of all, one should weigh the urgency of the operation: whether hacking is required urgently or can wait a certain amount of time. It depends on several factors:

  • How often the premises are used, the entrance to which is blocked;
  • Whether there is anyone inside the building;
  • Whether the lock was subjected to hacking.

Despite the fact that the manufacturers claim that it is impossible to open the electronic lock without a key, there are still loopholes. Otherwise, how would emergency situations end?

One on one: How without the key itself to cope with an electronic lock

Of course, you can always try to solve this problem yourself. However, due to innovations in the field of electronic protection, old “housekeeping” methods are unlikely to help the man in the street.

For example, to open the door of the entrance you can, thanks to the magnetic force, a special device. However, this is still necessary to buy – and it is not a fact that you will not spend two hours in unsuccessful attempts to get inside the desired house and do not damage the device.

It is possible to use a multichannel that sends an electronic pulse when the invisibility lock is opened. However, this option, probably, will only lead to damage to property, since it is not sufficiently reliable.

The most preferable, and, surprisingly as it may sound, the economical method is to challenge the master, because a professional knows exactly how to open an electronic lock without unnecessary damage and breakdowns.



What are the Advantages of an Electronic Lock for a Home ?

Every year the number of spheres where the electronic lock is successfully used is steadily growing. They are installed in hotels and offices, commercial and industrial enterprises. The lock is opened with magnetic cards or chips, which is often found in hotels, or an access code, the advantage of which is that there is no need to carry a key with you, it is enough to know the code (access password).

Every year, the Electronic Door Locks is increasingly used in individual houses and apartments.

The main advantage, thanks to which many people conclude that it is necessary to buy an electronic lock, are excellent indicators of resistance to break-ins. Currently, locks of this type have more advantages over their mechanical counterparts. Some users are also worried about the question whether it is possible to forge an electronic type lock? Of course, if the swindler has specialized knowledge and equipment, almost any key and even the electronic one can be forged.

Types of Electronic Door Lock

Here another useful feature of some types of electronic locks comes to the rescue: if an electromagnetic signal triggers the reader, then the lock can be invisible from the outside. Electronic lock-invisible is mortise or invoice, but outside there are no traces of his presence. Opens from the same way as the doors of the car open on the signal of the electronic key.


It is difficult to crack such a lock: it is not known where the door is installed, there is no hole for the master key, and the very fact of having such a lock is not immediately obvious if the door is also equipped with a conventional lock. If the burglar does not have specialized equipment, it will be complicated for him to determine where the lock is located, and therefore the possibility of damaging the electronic lock is minimized.

Electronic Code lock involves a combination of several characters, and therefore it will be challenging for an attacker to select this code independently. For example, if the combination consists of four symbols, you will need to try a thousand possible options to open the door. The most important thing, in this case, is to remember the access code yourself. But in no case is it anywhere to write down, so that the sheet does not fall into the hands of the burglar.

The Electronic Door Lock is especially useful for people who often leave the house for a long time. A pair of conventional mechanical locks on the entrance door will reliably protect the home. If you add to them an electronic invisibility lock, then this is not only another additional level of protection but also a way of control. The alarm signal can be received on the owner’s smartphone in real time. Besides, the installed electronic locks on the door can be easily integrated into the alarm system.

Does it make sense to install an electronic lock on the front door of your house? Yes, certainly. It will increase the reliability and protect against the penetration of strangers. But since the device works only when there is the power supply, there can be a situation when the power supply from the network will not be, and the battery will be discharged completely. The door will open. It is unlikely, but for reliability, the electronic lock must be paired with a conventional mechanical lock.

Reasons to Buy an Electronic Lock

The electronic locks are increasingly demanded when installing a new access door to a home or premises. An electronic lock is also handy when looking for a safety bonus, as we told you when we talk about how to improve the security of a door quickly.

When controlling the opening and closing of a door that offers security, you can find different types of locks:

  • The traditional lock, which uses a key to control the opportunity The closure or mixed lock, which is composed of a conventional or mechanical part that also requires a key, and another electronic component.
  • The electronic lock, which does not need a key and only needs to enter a digital code to give access to an enclosure or not.

5 Advantages of the electronic lock

The electronic locks offer a series of positions concerning mechanical or conventional locks:

  • The Electronic Door Lock allows increasing the security, regarding traditional or automatic locks. This type of lock has a mechanism that blocks the door in case of trying to be opened by an unauthorized person. It also locks when you try to force the opening by a drill. Or with a lever or other external element outside the system.
  • The keys are not lost. There is no danger that any of the people who have the access key will miss it. Or that someone makes a duplicate of it or they steal the key.
  • Limited Authorized Access. It only allows access and it opens with the people who are authorized.
  • The electronic locks allow to be programmed with different access codes, different for each person. So, you can regulate which person enters your home or office, what days you can access, and for how long. This increases the control of who is authorized or not to come.
  • For all types of doors. It can be fixed in almost all types of doors, depending on the model of electronic lock that we choose.

Types of electronic locks

Depending on your opening system, in the market you can find varieties of electronic locks:

Digital Door Locks with key: It is a conventional lock that opens or closes with a key, but that incorporates a screen in which you can configure an access pin or that allows you to read the fingerprint. In this way, the lock provides extra security to the system.

Automatic Door Lock For Your Home

Lock with password: This kind of electric lock allows access or locking of the door by configuring a password, code or pin. They are the type of electronic lock most used in private homes or offices. In general, they are simple to install and use, and cheaper than those that incorporate a fingerprint reader.

With fingerprint reader: This type of smart lock has a small digital screen on which you can configure the access for different people with your fingerprint. These locks are handy in offices or companies in which you have to give access to different people. They are beautiful locks in their materials, safe and very resistant.

Electronic Locks for Hotels, Offices and Residences

An efficient access management system adapted to the needs of your hotel, whether by chip, proximity or magnetic stripe cards, allows you to control the access of employees, guests or any other related person, being viable to program and audit by means of a software management at any moment the accesses, schedules, levels of hierarchies. Avoiding robberies, capital flight, or to take more strict, detailed and practically real-time control of the hotel’s administrative management; besides, it improves the image of modernity considerably,

Electronic locks for hotels, residences, and offices, specially designed for card opening, allow total control of access to the rooms. The electronic locks system works with chip or cards being more reliable than magnetic stripe cards. The system allows recording on the card the complete state of the room, being able to enable it at the moment of the entrance of the client and stipulating the date of departure of the same.

How electronic locks work

As we have seen previously, Digital Door Locks have an electromechanical opening and closing system. They have a small motor that is controlled thanks to the electric impulse. This motor can be activated in different ways, depending on the type of electronic lock that is: with a keyboard to mark a code, with a card reader, with a fingerprint reader, with remote control. In any case, this system only allows access when it receives the correct information. The closing of the system occurs thanks to a mechanical block that works with electromagnets. Thus the door closes more securely.

Therefore, an electronic lock requires a source of electric power to function. One of the cons to these locks is that they can block the door in case the electricity goes away. To avoid this drawback, many of the electronic locks combine an electronic lock control with a physical one. In this way, they provide extra security and reliability for the user. It is also recommended to integrate a generator or a supply source in case there is an emergency and the usual cause of electricity fails.

In summary, it can be said that buying a Fingerprint Door Lock for our home or premises is a good choice. The price of smart locks is higher than that of other locks. Despite this, buying an electronic lock is an investment in security that is worthwhile. Especially if we talk about the safety of our or our business.


And you? Do you already have an electronic lock in your home or business?

Are Electronic Locks Difficult to Install?

Are you looking for the safest lock on the market? The electronic locks have to take them into account yes or yes. They make sure that your home is one hundred percent protected. Keep in mind that if you have not changed your lock for years, your machine will be quite limited. In fact, this is how most of the locks in Spanish homes are.

Moreover, most of them do not have a quality anti-bumping system. That, without counting, with that with the continued use can already get damaged. For that reason, we suggest you take a look at this post and know more about electronic locks; we assure you that you will be surprised by its mechanism and its advantages. Make your home a safe place.

Are electronic locks challenging to install?

The truth is, no. Its installation is straightforward. In fact, anyone with a minimum of knowledge of DIY can get to install it without problems in a few minutes. Still, if you do not clarify, you know you can always call a professional. To establish an Electronic Door Lock, you have to follow the steps that the manufacturer marks and you will see how in a short time you have the lock fully installed. Of course, at the time of acquiring it, you have to take into account the size of the cylinder that is in your home to not fail in your choice.

Digital Door Locks

Do not leave an electronic lock adequately installed; it can lead to quite serious security problems. Of course, choose a time when you know you will have enough time to fix your lock. Do not do it in a hurry to prevent the installation is correct.

Advantages of electronic locks

We give now more reasons why the electronic locks are an excellent choice for you.

Installation. First of all, as we told you, the facility is quite simple and fast. In a few minutes, you will have your lock fully installed to start enjoying all your positive things. Of course, you should always follow the advice of the manufacturers or call an expert locksmith in case of doubt.

These types of locks are very reliable. In fact, they are practically impossible to open by thieves. They have a relatively active and safe system. So, you can be calm every time you leave home or even when you’re inside. There are many people (and we advise you too) that change the code every so often to avoid copy risks. If you follow that advice, you will get a 100 percent secure lock.

They do not need keys. Therefore, you do not lose them. As simple as that. Many people are specialists in losing the keys. Well, for them, these types of locks have arrived. With your finger, with a code or with your smartphone, you choose.

Is it worth installing an electronic lock?

The answer is yes. With them, you will avoid problems of theft or loss of keys. They are currently the safest in the market. If you bet on the Digital Door Locks, you will gain both comfort and security. In a time when robberies are the order of the day, reassures quite the fact of being able to enjoy the absolute tranquility that only this type of locks offer you.

Electronic Door Locks for The Front Door of Your House

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door lock on the front door is one of the most popular products for a good reason. The reliability of the electronic lock for a long time does not cause grave concern and level of safety at times exceeds the expectations. It should be remembered that the convenience and comfort of with modern security systems and outputs the product to the first step in home security. For different door systems, there are a variety of electronic door lock systems; they vary a lot regarding safety, reliability, and design.

The main requirements for such locks except modern automated filling and extra reliable mechanical parts. The average number of openings and closings of the castle is more than 150 000 times if you do a little calculation that the intensive use it will be more than ten years under the condition that we will open and close the door. You agree that such a result is impressive reliability and mechanical locks behind at times than electronic.

Types of Electronic Locks For The Doors

–    Rim locks with a control panel on the outside

–    Biometric electronic locks with the fingerprint scanner

–    Automatic door locks for glass doors

 All of these models differ in the functions of opening, installation and programming, and on our website are provided reliable and time-tested model.

 Leading manufacturers of electronic door locks have taken care of the design and at the moment there are a lot of models that meet the latest requirements of technical equipment and modern design of electronic locks. Of course, considered the most reliable electronic mortise locks for doors. The number of functions in one lock can exceed tens of course, not all of these features, we will use it, but for convenience, offers almost everything.

Electronic rim locks are also filling the most advanced electronics, but slightly inferior to the classic design, there are mostly traceable modernity and usability. Code panels, made in ultra-protective style – always look attractive and stylish. Reliability overhead locks is also quite high, and is convenient because they can be used without further modification, the doors by simply setting as an additional or auxiliary lock.

The real professionals of the theft are increasingly prepared to burgle the most rudimentary locks as the most sophisticated. The search for a system which prevents access to malicious is pushing manufacturers to adopt increasingly sophisticated mechanisms. The most innovative electronic keys, which interact with the home automation system of the house, combine the convenience of operation of the mechanical security cylinder lock that are burglar-proof. It is important to change the electronic locks you have more than a decade: they are attacked as less secure than the current ones.