Electronic Locks: A New Home Security System

Technology has never stopped evolving to adapt to the different needs of the human being. In this regard, safety has always been a key issue, regardless of sector and product. We are investing more and more to ensure it, and electronic locks are an excellent example!

In addition, if you are a rather distracted person and often lose your keys, an electronic lock can be an excellent ally.

Thanks to it, in fact, you will save on expenses for locksmiths and you will live much more peaceful. And, since there are many types of locks, you can install them not only on the front door of your home or office, but also on any other door, to limit access to the various rooms.

In a world where there is more and more hustle and bustle, security plays a crucial role. We see it every day on the news: wild assaults on private property. It is normal, therefore, to look for something that offers extra tranquility. Not only for your home, but also for your office, for example.

Digital door locks are now a custom in every new and dated building. In fact, even those who did not have an electronic door certainly thought of making a replacement by changing the old normal door with a much safer and more reliable one.

Digital Locks For Doors are easy to install. If not, in any case, you can always call a professional who does the work for you. But you must make sure that the electric lock you are looking for is suitable for your door, otherwise security will be at risk, and it is not a good thing!

Security is not a whim, it is a real necessity. In a world in which, however hard one tries, it is difficult to be really calm, it is useful to have tools that can lock the access to our home or office.

In fact, these locks do not require the use of keys, and can be controlled through convenient applications directly from your smartphone, thanks to the Wi-Fi technology.

Technology and home automation has introduced an important novelty in the field of home security. Unlike a traditional lock, this type of lock is opened electronically via a signal, which opens the door only to authorized persons.

With an appropriate app, you can then automatically unlock the door as soon as the authorized person approaches you. It is also possible to unlock the electronic door lock remotely. Some Bluetooth locks are even controllable via voice commands.


A very important aspect to evaluate is the compatibility of the smart lock with the part on which it will be installed. This is because some types of locks can be easily mounted on the door, while others require the intervention of a specialized technician.

Having a smart Digital Door Lock certainly has many advantages. On the one hand you can do without the classic key of the front door, but also unlock the door remotely and allow guests temporary access.

Furthermore, the automatic unlocking of the front door is particularly useful, as the electronic lock can open the front door as soon as you approach it with your smartphone.

Why Digital Door Locks Are Best?

In recent years we have been witnessing the ever increasing spread of smart locks: what is it about?

The smart locks are represented by all the different types of open electronic door, and are able to completely transform the security of any place that is important to us, opening the way to the abandonment of the traditional key.

There are now many different models of Electronic Door Locks in the market, and this makes them perfect and adaptable to any type of door and property.

Since this security system is fairly recent, many people are still reluctant to choose them, obviously wondering if and how safe they can be compared to their classic counterparts.

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That’s why in this article we will clarify all the key points on the installation and use of the electronic lock for armored door. Read it all the way and you will find out everything you need to know about this innovative product.

What is the electronic lock and how it works

The digital lock is a type of door opener mechanism that has been debating for several years. Not only the home security experts question this system, but also the consumers, who are increasingly informed and attentive.

The electric lock is able to open a window, an armored door or a remote gate: to do this, it uses an external device, generally a button integrated into the intercom, but also a keyboard, a remote control or a badge.

It is then the electric current (on average low voltage) to do the bulk of the work, making the lock open thanks to the impulse received.

The digital lock represents the future, thanks to its motorized piston system capable of operating automatically as soon as the door approaches the frame, with closing bolts that allow its motorized movement.

The actual functioning of the electric lock is practically identical to that of the classic lock, but in the first one an electromagnet is used to unlock the lock.

Intended use: where it is good to install the electronic lock

These innovative security systems are advantageous especially in apartment buildings , since when they are installed on the main door (and perhaps even in the apartments ) it is difficult for outsiders to access the building; in addition, tenants will be much more protected from unwelcome visits by thieves and attackers.

Not only that, the electronic locks protect against forgetfulness: many thefts occur precisely because of very secure armored doors that are not locked! With the Security Access Control System in India it will never happen again.

In addition, Digital Door Locks India are also useful in factories, especially in cases where workers operate in areas distant from the main door. In these situations, in fact, the employees do not have the possibility to continuously monitor all accesses, nor to run every 2 × 3 to open. This way, opening and closing the door will no longer be a problem or a waste of time.

Digital locks work together with the classic key or even without! In the latter case there is no longer the real danger of losing it, and there is no longer the risk of being closed out of the house (or inside) and thus having to contact the specialized staff to free the trapped people by breaking and changing the lock.

Leave Your Home Safe And Secure With Digital Door Locks

Do you want to install an electronic lock at home to make it easier for the whole family to travel? Make an informed choice by choosing among the models of Electronic Door Locks available in the market.

Digital electronic and Fingerprint Door Locks are a more reliable device for securing your home, office, safe or hotel than the average mechanical lock that can be opened with a regular key. When using an electronic lock, only authorized access is possible.

Lack of public awareness about new technologies and biometrics, among other things, makes people doubt the reliability of a digital electronic lock (with finger opening, RF card) to protect their property.

Questions of this kind arise: what is the reliability of an electronic lock? How strong is the strength of biometric locks? Can the sensor be tricked?

The main advantages of digital electronic locks are: very high reliability, functionality, convenience and impeccable appearance.

It is much easier to disable a mechanical lock than an electronic lock. In order to harm the mechanical lock, it is enough, for example, to insert a toothpick into the cylindrical slot of the lock.

How to prevent a breakdown?

The proper functioning of the automatic mechanism of an electronic lock depends on the condition of the batteries. An indicator light alerts you when the batteries are low. It cannot, however, do this if the batteries are already dead, which can happen if you are going to be away for a long time outdoors, for example.

To deal with unforeseen events of this kind, manufacturers equip most of their electronic locks with a cylinder which allows the door to be unlocked exceptionally with a metal key. Consider keeping this key in a safe place, outside of the house, of course.

The use of electronic locks is becoming increasingly popular as their use is very practical and is able to offer excellent functional performance for any use.

The security of an electronic door depends not only on its structure, but above all on the type of closing mechanism as it represents the point of greatest vulnerability.

Who thought, over 3o years ago, that all cars would be opened by clicking on a remote control and that there would be no need for keys?

Well, this digital revolution has affected all areas a little, and now it has arrived at the door par excellence, which in addition to being increasingly modern, practical and safe, has now also become intelligent.

The main advantage of Digital Door Locks is that every time you close the door, the bolts close automatically: in this way your door is always armored.

If we accidentally forget to turn the key, the attacker can enter in a few moments by using, for example, a simple card or the famous “plate of rays”. Through a Digital Locks for Door, this is no longer possible.

With a click, you can give access to your child who has forgotten their keys in the house, or to the cleaning lady or the babysitter , even if you are on the opposite side of the planet.

Optimize Your Home During Covid-19 With Digital Door Locks

For many centuries, mechanical locks have been the best option for access control. These have two fundamental parts: the key and the cylinder. It seems simple. However, the challenges with mechanical locks are increasing at an alarming rate.

For example, how to prevent keys from being copied? What to do when a key is lost? How do you have to manage your keys in large properties with many locks? How to reduce the impact on the environment? How to reduce the management costs of the locks?

This is why the intelligent digital lock appeared: electromechanical locks that close or open doors based on access permissions granted to a digital key or mobile key. It is for this reason that when we talk about maximum control and security for our assets, inevitably we must think of digital locks as the first option.

Properties with Electronic Door Locks have greater security and save on maintenance, giving more value to the property.

The Covid-19 virus has taken us all by surprise this 2020. No one was prepared for the arrival of a pandemic, nor for such a long quarantine, our home has become the place we spend the most time. For this reason we are increasingly aware of the importance of optimizing our spaces and keeping them clean to avoid the spread of the virus.

Next, we will give you some tips to improve your home by keeping it clean and effective during the pandemic era.

First: Avoid constant contact of your locks

For this we recommend you have a digital lock that you can open through your cell phone without direct contact and that additionally has automatic closing incorporated, this will avoid physical contact with your door.

On the other hand, we recommend the use of handles since they can be easily opened with the elbows and thus avoid the use of your hands, which are very likely to have contact with your face.

Second: To have a more efficient quarantine, adapt a place in your home to do your “Home Office” work.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to work from home because there are more distractions than in a company, so we recommend that you adapt a space in your home to function as your office.

One of the things that can help you organize this space is to choose a room or study and put a digital lock on it so that no one can enter to interrupt you during your working hours. For more effective prevention, you should clean and disinfect your digital products, locks, and hardware frequently.

The advantages of having a Fingerprint Door Lock are many, however, many times we do not know how to take advantage of all its features. One of the main advantages of having a digital lock is that you can forget about the keys, our locks can be activated with a numerical code, fingerprint or card, facilitating access to your home.

Need For Access Control Systems In Enterprises

Do you want to ensure order, discipline, and security at the office or at the enterprise? Install an access control system, because it guarantees:

  • Lack of strangers;
  • Convenient and simple control of the movement of employees and accounting of their working time;
  • Effective registration and registration of visitors;
  • Fixation of movement of vehicles in the territory;
  • The modern look of the checkpoint, which positively affects the reputation of the company.Door Access Control System

What devices are related to access control?

The installation of Automatic Door Locks and access control is best trusted by professional specialists (companies) with experience in this area. Access control systems are simply irreplaceable for large companies, various trading organizations, and various objects with the expensive property. It is access control that provides reliable security and a full guarantee of the safety of the property.

Software, as well as devices that read, store and transmit information, make up an access control system. There are 2 main groups:

  • Autonomous;

A simple but effective autonomous system is ideal for guarding a small object with a single passage point. It has a low price and works without a computer.

For a large enterprise with high traffic, where you need to collect data and keep records of them, choose a network control system. Higher cost fully justifies and pays for its wide functionality. Time management of employees will improve your business: make your workflow as efficient as possible, encourage workaholics and motivate others.

The installation process should be approached from a comprehensive perspective. That is, it is understood that along with the horizontal bar located at the entrance to the building, a complete system will be equipped for convenient control of the access system. Often, a group of video cameras is included in the access control system, and therefore, in addition to the employee monitoring the entrance, specialized cameras record everything that happens in constant mode. All this and much more significantly increases the efficiency of your security personnel, as well as the level of reaction and speed of response to various disturbing situations.

So, Door Access Control System usually includes the following systems:

  • Full-fledged video surveillance system;
  • A system for recognizing objects (by this parameter most often specialists mean identification systems);

the perimeter security system and the barrier system (perhaps it will be a door, turnstile or any other device that restricts access to the room or to the production, which is set in motion only when the visitor presents his identification key of a certain type);

  • Card (or any other) control of workers’ access to the premises;
  • Constant power system.

Often, when installing access control at enterprises, the following is also installed:

  • Fire-fighting systems;
  • Evacuation lighting;
  • Emergency alert.

Numerous consumers often ask questions: what is the price of installing a complete access control system? The answer, in this case, cannot be unambiguous, it all depends on the installation features, the complexity of the system and the type of equipment that you would like to see in your production.

The Importance Of Access Control At The Entrance Of A Sports Club

Access control: why are universities moving to a “smart card” solution?

95% of higher education institutions and universities still rely on aging technologies such as magnetic stripe cards or simple proximity cards for access control. Problem: These old technologies expose to security vulnerabilities.

As academic populations have increased and technological advances have been made, many institutions are now seeking safer, more economical, and more rational solutions to meet the needs of students and their staff. – not just for the backup of people, assets, and data – but to connect students to a multitude of services and applications across the campus – from access to physical facilities and logical network to payment without cash and the monitoring of time and attendance.In order to provide their students, faculty, and staff with a safer, more convenient, and flexible solution on campus, universities are moving away from traditional low-frequency magnetic-stripe and proximity card technologies in favor of a single contactless, high-frequency card for their student identification programs.Security Access Control System In India

Better security

Upgrading to contactless Security Access Control System in India improves the security of physical access to buildings while enhancing logical access to student networks, computers, documents, data, health, and financial records. In addition, integrated smart card technologies inherently prevent the fraudulent use and cloning of cards, not only by providing secure access to buildings but also by protecting other uses of the card such as purchases or Bank transactions. Migration to a “smart” secure identification system can also eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be easily copied and are known to be lost or stolen.

The comfort of the holder

Student card with photo, residence key card, library card, cafeteria pass, bus pass – how many cards do today’s students have to juggle? With contactless smart cards, institutions can combine all of these features into a highly secure campus “single card”, thereby not only streamlining their operations but also dramatically improving the academic experience for students and staff.

Greater flexibility

Beyond convenience on campus, multi-application smart cards enable secure interoperability with off-campus applications such as transit and banking. In addition, with the additional flexibility offered by smart card technology, new applications or updates to existing applications such as library rights or restaurant room entries can be added or changed at any time without have to issue new cards.

Efficiency gains and long-term savings

Multifunction smart cards provide enhanced security operations, more efficient workflows, and easier management of identification programs for students, faculty, and staff. Due to better risk management with increased security of smart cards, universities can also benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

Path to the future

Reasons Electronic Door Locks Continue to Grow in Popularity

It can be said that basic pin/key and tumbler door locks are the most ubiquitous invention in human history. But the question is that how many times in a day you find a cylindrical pin and tumbler lock? The answer is, of course, many. There is probably one on the front door of your house, one on the bank door, and the list goes on. The traditional door locks were trustworthy, reliable, and familiar. But the technology keeps on improving, and this is why individuals and organizations are selecting the electronic door locks because of several reasons as they provide better security, convenience, and affordability.

With each passing day, more and more office building, condo complexes, business premises, and even residential complexes have started to install electronic locks in their home as part of their fully integrated security system.

Just like other security solutions, electronic locks are sometimes not the best solution for every person or situation.

However, here are some reasons why the demand for digital door locks India is growing at a fast rate:digital door locks india

In the old days, the installation of electronic locks required highly trained technicians and also needed to hire an electrician as well. This is because those locks had hard-wired locks that worked with compatible card readers which in turn made their installation somewhat complicated and the cost high.

But as electronic locks became common, their manufacturers offered a variety of different wireless locks having many sizes, shapes, and appearances. With the passage of time, the new electronic locks were made in such a way that their installation became easy, which in turn increased their demand.

Some of the digital door locks can be installed in a standard cylindrical door, needing nothing more than a screwdriver and few minutes. As the locks are wireless, separate card readers are also not required.

This additional feature made these locks accessible for people and then increased their market share.

The best advantage of having an electronic door lock is that they are used in combination with some type of management program, no matter if it is a full-featured access control system or an app of the smartphone.

The feature of managing these locks provide security directors and administrators the control on all aspect of the site security.

Let us take an example, suppose that there comes a situation where you need to lock all the doors of your house. If you have installed a traditional door lock, then you would be walking around to lock each door manually. But if there is an emergency, then this may cost valuable time and put people in harm. And if you have an electronic door lock installed at your home, then you will be able to disable or enable any individual lock without any problem only by using a smartphone or desktop computer.

As the level of threats is increasing day by day, several organization believe that having a digital door lock means a lot as they provide lockdown capabilities to the users.

Why are Electronic Digital Looks Comfortable ?

The electronic lock is a door locking mechanism familiar to us, but having an electronic functionality for specific functions. In fact, such devices have existed for quite some time, for example, one of their types – an electromagnetic lock – is probably still installed on your intercom door. However, we will not be interested in magnetic locks, since they are entirely unsuitable for home doors (in the absence of external power supply, they open).

Another thing – electromechanical lock. Such a device is based on the usual steel bolt (locking unit), which is triggered when the necessary signal is sent from the control module. That is, here we are dealing with reliable mechanics that will calm our nerves and keep the apartments, and with electronic functions that will make life more convenient.

“But the electromechanical lock also needs power!” – You will say. True, but self-contained batteries installed in the device solves the issue. This makes the lock independent from the external power supply as well as from power outages and power surges. The digital door lock just works for itself – just like its mechanical counterparts. Usually, the batteries last for a year of work, and so that they do not suddenly sit down, electronic locks notify the owner about the early discharge by indication, sound signals and even notifications to the smartphone.

So, with the security, we half figured out – now move on to the most interesting.


Why is this convenient?

Science fiction starts from the moment we open the electronic lock. The fact is that such devices not only allow you to do this quickly and conveniently but also, as a rule, make it possible to choose the principle of action.

The most straightforward technology to open an electronic lock is a dial code. We approach the door, we dial a digital password on the touch panel, we have set it in advance, and the door opens. This is convenient in the first place because you can forget about the problem of keys forever, or at least not be afraid to forget them at home. You returned from work, and there were no keys in the bag- it doesn’t matter: we type the password.

The second method is an electronic key or RFID card. Attached such an element to the lock- the door is open. In this case, as before, you need to carry the keys (map) with you- but there is no need to mess around with the keyhole. With bags, whether we are from a store, with a dog, whether on a leash or with poor coordination of movements after a party- the door opens instantly.

More about security

All these methods are often present in the castle all at once, and the user is free not only to choose which one to use but also to combine them at his own discretion. For example, you can program a lock to open after entering a digital code and applying for an RFID card. Or after activating the function on the smartphone and triggering the fingerprint sensor. Combinations make electronic locks the safest of all that exists: even if the robber takes possession of the key, he will not be able to open the door. And vice versa: having learned the code, he will also need the key.

The third way is a smartphone, and here we are approaching, finally, to call the lock “smart.” From the point of view of opening the door, the method practically does not differ from the previous one; however, synchronization with the smartphone gives several exciting bonuses.

Security and Digital Locks

For those who are interested and concerned about the security of their homes and offices, they undoubtedly buy reliable locks that cannot be easily tampered with or broken.

A digital door lock will be able to offer an extremely effective level of security and protection. Previously, these digital locks are used only for high-level security such as at airports or for high-security offices. But today, digital locks have become much more affordable, and you can take advantage of this technology to offer security and effective protection of your home. Some of the advantages of digital locks are:

High level of security and anti-lock protection.

Relief of worry about losing keys or leaving keys in place when you leave.

If you think that your code or PIN has been compromised, then it is not necessary to change the complete lock, all that is required is to change the code to reset the lock.

A Digital Door Lock is also advantageous for commercial buildings, where there are so many people entering and leaving on a regular basis. Obtaining the keys for all can be a relatively expensive and impractical task, but the issuance of code is simple and profitable.


Digital locks are easy to install.

Mechanical Digital Locks

The digital door mechanical locks come in a wide variety of styles. They usually have a vertical column of four, five or ten numbers in a circle. To activate the block, the correct order of these numbers has to be pressed. These kinds of locks are very simple and easy to install since it does not require any power supply to operate.

Electronic Digital Locks

An electronic lock is a device that works by electric current. It has a touch screen similar to an ATM. The owner has to enter a predefined lock code to activate the lock. These locks are a bit more expensive compared to mechanical digital locks. One of the advantages of the electronic lock of digital doors that record the time that a person enters and leaves the place.

Digital Locks for Doors are not usually the cheapest option, but they are well known for their level of security. Some of these door locks are also designed with a key. However, the keyless locking of the digital door is widely suggested. Adding additional methods to use the lock will be more expensive. So the best idea is to make a selection of your spending budget before searching through the blocking category. By keeping your requirements in mind, you will be able to acquire a digital lock that is safe to serve you and your family’s security needs.

Electronic Locks, Security and Convenience in the Management of the Entrances

An important innovation in the locks sector is the fact that today we can even do without the key. With the new motorized door lock systems, the door can be opened using code to be typed on a special keyboard or with a fingerprint. This system allows you to remotely monitor the various activities that affect entry into the home.

Remote management of accesses in the home

Door-3Quarti- the operation of these Electronic Door Locks can be managed remotely, via an app to be installed on a modern smartphone or through simple SMS of old-generation mobile phones. This feature makes the motorized door locks systems particularly advantageous in cases where you own a house in another city to be rented to third parties: it will be sufficient to communicate a code to the new tenant when the keys to the apartment are handed over. This code can then be easily changed once the condo is available again to be rented to a new occupant.

The transmission of the code and its use is surrounded by a series of precautions that prevent entry to unauthorized parties. For example, there are mechanisms that, during an attempt to tamper with the keyboard, trigger an audible alarm on the receiver in possession of the owner of the house. In this way, even if he is in a different city, he will be able to alert the police and surveillance authorities in real time. The owner is also informed in case of abnormal use of the keyboard: when someone tries to type more codes on the console, in an attempt to find the right one, a signal warns the owner, who remotely can prevent the door from opening with a simple command.


Safety and comfort for a smart choice

Keypad-cut- The electronic locks to the easy remote management of the inputs in the home and a high degree of safety. Besides, locks of this type can be implemented with practical features of advanced home automation. For example, when the door is opened by code, it can be associated with lighting the room, opening the shutters or switching on an irrigation system in the garden. The same reasoning can be done with fingerprints, you can get to customizations where with the thumb we open or close the locks, and with another finger, we carry out a different domotics operation.

The kit of an Automatic Door Lock is composed, in general, in addition to the remote control device, a control unit and a keyboard, which can be installed directly in the door structure or on a nearby wall. The motorized cylinder is integrated perfectly into the aesthetics of the door and can, of course, also be operated from inside the home. The functioning of the same is guaranteed, in general, for several years.

The motorized locks are also particularly useful for revealing condos, garages, business premises or to manage the inputs of a bed & breakfast, adding from time to time users authorized to use the code. The electronic locks represent the new frontier of the opening and closing systems of the apartments and local entrances regarding safety and practicality without underestimating the convenience of being able to manage accesses in a home remotely.