How To Keep Your Digital Door Locks Last For a Long Time?

Digital Door locks come with inbuilt technology that does not require physical keys. You can use the digital keys to replace your conventional mechanical lock. They make your door locking easy and enhance security.

The digital door locks use pin code and can be accessed by smartphones, fingerprints and other technologies for operating. Just like any other type of technology, digital door locks in India also required maintenance for last long working. Usually, the digital doors last long for 4 or 5 years depending on the brand and quality. 

Make sure your Door Hung Correctly

A lock only works efficiently if the door is installed correctly. A door with drop or sage could make a huge pressure on the lock’s bolt or latch that leads to a mess that devises you locked in or out of your house. Thus, some proper gaps between the frame and door should be uniform across the top and sides.

Use Long Screws

Make sure that the screw securing the top hinge from the doorframe is long enough to connect the door wall framing around the door. If you want to prevent the door from sagging and break-in resistance, add a long 3-inch screw to each hinge.

Check Deadbolt and Deadlatch of Lock

Whenever you close your door, the deadlatch shouldn’t fall into the strike plate. Deadlatch is a crucial security feature built into the modern entry locks but won’t work if not rightly aligned with the strike plate. Make sure that the deadlatch is correctly aligned with the strike plate.

Keep the Door Lock Clean

Similar to internal maintenance, internal maintenance is also very important. To do so, first, avoid the abrasive or heavy chemical that can dame the lock. The proactive coating of the door lock can withstand normal cleaners’ usage for many years, but not with hard chemical cleaners.

Use Lubricant For Internal of Locks

After cleaning the lock from the outside, for inside you can use lubricants. One of the important yet most commonly overlooked maintenance factors for your door locks. To do that, spray some lubricant inside the lock, and move your key in and out of the lock.

Final Words

Doing such simple things can make the difference between a working key to one that you have to jiggle, or what doesn’t work at all. So, whenever you install a new door lock, it’s is best to put aside one of the original keys specifically to use for creating copies.

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