Important Tips To For CCTV & Security System Installation

Not everyone’s requirement is the same, but everyone wants to protect their property. Having a security cameras system is a great choice to give you an extra eye on your property at all times. The layout of your property, budget and home security prioritize are different than your neighbours, so there is no particular size fits all rule for security camera minimums.

If you’re planning to install CCTV and security system,there are few things that you need to examine while installing CCTV cameras in your office or home.

Area Coverage

While planning to install the CCTV and security system, you will have to determine which areas are most vulnerable and need to be covered. The firm where you will buy the CCTV cameras will send an analyst to help figure out the best feasible location to mount the camera and get optimal coverage. You can also choose the particular area you require the camera to cover.

Choice of CCTV Cameras

Nowadays, wireless CCTV cameras are the most commonly used cameras system.  These cameras eliminate the need for wires and can easily be controlled.  The old-style traditional cameras have fixed and point only in one direction. On the other side, dome cameras can be seen in corporate offices and malls, provide 360-degree coverage around them. Thus, cameras need to choose based on the quality and coverage you require.


The choice of CCTV cameras also depends on the area you’ve decided to place them. The quality of the camera that you place outside the home or office will not be the same as an indoor camera.

Today, the burglars are getting better at avoiding outdoor cameras and even the complete area coverage can also be defeated by masked intruders. Placing a low-light dome camera indoors can save you a lot of trouble down the line.


In some areas, before installing the CCTV, you may need to get official permission from relevant authorities. If you want to install CCTV cameras outside your home, the chance is they cover a portion of neighbouring areas. Most residential conies require that you inform the civic body before installation.  Before installation, make sure to take permission from the civic body.


Considering the following points will help you install the CCTV cameras without any issue.  If you’ve decided to install the CCTV cameras then go for new IP cameras that can easily connect over a wireless network. But if you have the old CCTV cameras then it may be difficult for you to scale.

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