The Electronic Lock Has Come To Stay

If you think that you currently have the door of your house protected, the same is not the case. The protection systems are advancing rapidly, by leaps and bounds, so the techniques used by thieves as well.

digital door lock for hotels

That is why it is important to always stay one step ahead and protect yourself well, to avoid making it easy for thieves and a possible assault or theft of property.

Security locks for armored doors

It is common, for security, to reinforce armored doors with security locks. It is a way to protect more, to prevent them from entering, so it is an interesting option to consider especially in those cases in which you have a lot of goods or things of value.

In this case, the best security lock for an armored door is the multipoint lock. They have from 3 to 5 anchor points and they match very well for this type of door, they are also located in the lateral, upper and lower area, making it one of the best and resistant options.

The smart locks are connected objects increasingly popular around the world. Are you tired of looking for your keys in your handbags, slamming the door and forgetting your keychain inside your house or having to redo your keys in case of loss? The smart connected lock replaces all your hassles to make your life more pleasant.

A connected lock with multiple functions

This key less Fingerprint Door Lock has many advantages that give it added value compared to traditional locks. It offers you optimal security while allowing you to monitor events concerning the entry and exit of your property.

The electronic lock gives you a tamper alarm that goes off if a malicious person tries to force the lock with false codes. From your mobile application, you can see your access log in time, which includes all existing accesses.

You can issue an access code to the person of your choice directly from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Your door automatically locks after each closure, giving you added peace of mind.

The convenience of keyless entry

The Automatic Door Lock gives you quick and easy access by reducing the time it takes to open your front door thanks to different entry modes. You can use PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID cards, so many solutions that make it easier for you to access your property.

You no longer need to move to open the door to your guests, or to your cleaning service. A code personally assigned remotely on the mobile application allows the opening of the secure connected lock. Family members can have a permanent code assigned and occasional guests a unique code.

A secure smart lock with a neat design

In addition to its practicality, the smart digital lock offers you a clean design and a touch of modernity. It adapts to any decor thanks to its universal and elegant aesthetic. The digital lock is made of hardened steel which is a noble and sturdy material.

What You Need To Know About Fingerprint Locks

You cannot have a better choice to beef up your house security than a digital fingerprint door lock. This smart choice made once can result in great benefits as it uses biometrics – mostly fingerprints – to provide access and monitor entry to and from the building.

Maximum Security- The days of conventional door locks using pin tumbler mechanisms are long gone. And why not? Their keys can be easily replicated for these doors or practised thieves could even pick the lock without much difficulty. On the other hand, a fingerprint lock uses the keyless mechanism. From the house of the Security Access Control System In India, the fingerprint door locks enable access only to an authorized fingerprint is captured in the scanner.

Increased control over visitors- A biometric lock can be programmed to store fingerprints of thousands of users. It is a huge boon for large offices and other commercial complexes, that have a large number of employees entering and exiting the campus at all times. The fingerprint scanner mounted as part of the access control system gives access only to the authorized persons in the office premise. Moreover, there is an added functionality of configuring the locks in the sensitive areas of the building like server rooms, network centres.

Tamper Proof– Very often, people assume that a fingerprint door lock is a fragile device that is easy to break into. Smart door locks from reputed manufacturers are made of high-grade steel and other durable materials.

Besides these features you get additional benefits like:

Automatically Shuts the Door when you Leave– Digital locks not only unlock the door but also close the door automatically, when a person leaves the room. It is a huge benefit for homeowners. There is no need to go to the door physically and ensure it is bolted properly.

Prevent Piggybacking Entries- This applies to offices. Generally, in offices, there multiple employees who managed to enter when one person swipes his/her ID card or fingerprint to unlock the door. This can be troublesome for the employees in the HR department tracking attendance as they are unable to to pinpoint the actual entry times of every employee.