Effectiveness Of Smart And Digital Door Locks

The smart lock is an electronic lock that allows incredible functionalities. It is the lock that is undergoing the changes and its evolution allows raising the level of security to levels unknown until recently, avoiding, in a very high percentage, forced intrusions into homes.

Advantages of the smart lock

So, if you are thinking of buying a smart lock or you are going to turn your home into a smart home, these five advantages are going to interest you.

1) They are more secure locks. When you see a lock without mechanisms and without light bulbs, it is sometimes inevitable to think that they are more vulnerable than normal, however, this thought is completely wrong.

The truth is that the absence of light bulbs or cylinders means that the lock cannot be forced by the extraction or bumping technique, among others.

2) Configurable functions. It is almost impossible to imagine the possibilities that an Electronic Door Lock offers you when it comes to protecting your home. You can configure alarm sounds, activate the alarm itself or not, for example. You can even install more than one lock of this type in your home and control them all from the same mobile application.

3) Ease of installation. Forget spending long hours waiting for a locksmith to finish installing a traditional lock. A smart lock mainly consists of two pieces, one on the door frame and one on the end of the door that is to be joined with the frame. However, there are other variants with a knob, which we will see below in our recommendations.

4) High-end materials. Smart locks should be small vaults so that the chip and Bluetooth systems are not vulnerable to forced knocks. Some examples of materials used to make electronic or smart locks are nickel, brass, or steel.

5) Great autonomy. Almost all smart locks have an autonomy of around 12 months. This means that you will not have to change batteries every month. In addition, most of them incorporate a function that alerts the user that the battery is running low and that it needs to be replaced.

What do you think of these five questions? Surely there are many more advantages, such as its low price, the fact of not forgetting the keys again because now a simple smartphone is the control unit for the locks.

Even this type of device is applicable to any type of access (swinging, lifting, tilting, sectional doors and windows, etc.) and material (wood, aluminum, PVC, iron, stainless steel, etc.).

To correctly choose the security lock, the first step is to seek advice from a professional, to find out which is the most appropriate lock according to the type of business or property. There are different models of security lock, so it is important to choose the most recommended.

But it is essential to choose a good Electronic Door Lock, to protect either our home or workplace and prevent the entry of intruders.

For Which Situations Are Electronic Access Systems Suitable?

An access control system ensures security, manageability and ease of use in your premises. It enables authorized access to (certain parts of) the building and keeps unwanted visitors away from the building.

For optimized throughput and efficient visitor registration. Three important factors play a role in access control: person, location and risk analysis. Who has access to which locations and what is the level of security? The software grants users authorized and controlled access.

There are several situations to name for when an electronic access system is suitable. Below you will find an overview.

Office: Don’t feel like having keys made or worrying about burglary if employees lose keys? Electronic access systems enable good access control for your business premises.

As an administrator you can set who has access to which room when. If your employee loses a tag or telephone, access is easily disabled.

At home: Private use of Door Access Control Systems is increasing. Children playing outside no longer need a key, but can always enter by means of a finger scan.

Guest house: do you have a hotel? If yes, then you can easily give your guests access to the apartment by using an electronic access system in combination with a code panel.

You simply set a time period in which the code is active and you communicate this code to your guests. Actually handing over a key is no longer necessary.

Until not long ago, access control systems were used mainly in business and industry. However, they are increasingly used in areas ranging from event organization to public administrations.

Security Access Control Systems in India are a tool that guarantees safety within buildings and enclosures and allows keeping a count and history of entries and exits. This can be very useful in an emergency or as a mere control system.

Probably one of its main benefits is the possibility of limiting access for people and/or vehicles to restricted areas. It allows you to configure profiles that will determine who can access, the days, what hours and the zones to which they will have access.

The installation of an access control system prevents untrained or authorized personnel from entering sensitive or dangerous areas. As entry is restricted and there is a record of entries and exits, the possibility of incidents of damage and theft is reduced.

The access control system allows you to control more than one entrance, with card readers for example, and receive real-time information on the capacity inside. This is a great advantage for security personnel at mass events for example.

Thanks to the monitoring and follow-up carried out by the access control, it is possible to know the exact number of people who are inside the facilities at all times.

In this way, emergency teams can work more efficiently since they have the possibility of knowing how many people are still to evacuate.

The installation of an access control system in a company has many advantages. Today’s business world not only wants to be competitive in the products and services that a company offers, but also in the quality of the technologies it applies.

Leave Your Home Safe And Secure With Digital Door Locks

Do you want to install an electronic lock at home to make it easier for the whole family to travel? Make an informed choice by choosing among the models of Electronic Door Locks available in the market.

Digital electronic and Fingerprint Door Locks are a more reliable device for securing your home, office, safe or hotel than the average mechanical lock that can be opened with a regular key. When using an electronic lock, only authorized access is possible.

Lack of public awareness about new technologies and biometrics, among other things, makes people doubt the reliability of a digital electronic lock (with finger opening, RF card) to protect their property.

Questions of this kind arise: what is the reliability of an electronic lock? How strong is the strength of biometric locks? Can the sensor be tricked?

The main advantages of digital electronic locks are: very high reliability, functionality, convenience and impeccable appearance.

It is much easier to disable a mechanical lock than an electronic lock. In order to harm the mechanical lock, it is enough, for example, to insert a toothpick into the cylindrical slot of the lock.

How to prevent a breakdown?

The proper functioning of the automatic mechanism of an electronic lock depends on the condition of the batteries. An indicator light alerts you when the batteries are low. It cannot, however, do this if the batteries are already dead, which can happen if you are going to be away for a long time outdoors, for example.

To deal with unforeseen events of this kind, manufacturers equip most of their electronic locks with a cylinder which allows the door to be unlocked exceptionally with a metal key. Consider keeping this key in a safe place, outside of the house, of course.

The use of electronic locks is becoming increasingly popular as their use is very practical and is able to offer excellent functional performance for any use.

The security of an electronic door depends not only on its structure, but above all on the type of closing mechanism as it represents the point of greatest vulnerability.

Who thought, over 3o years ago, that all cars would be opened by clicking on a remote control and that there would be no need for keys?

Well, this digital revolution has affected all areas a little, and now it has arrived at the door par excellence, which in addition to being increasingly modern, practical and safe, has now also become intelligent.

The main advantage of Digital Door Locks is that every time you close the door, the bolts close automatically: in this way your door is always armored.

If we accidentally forget to turn the key, the attacker can enter in a few moments by using, for example, a simple card or the famous “plate of rays”. Through a Digital Locks for Door, this is no longer possible.

With a click, you can give access to your child who has forgotten their keys in the house, or to the cleaning lady or the babysitter , even if you are on the opposite side of the planet.

Home Security Starts With A Digital Door Lock

We all want to feel safe and calm when we go out and when we are inside our house. In this sense, in recent years many innovations have appeared in smart homes that try to increase protection against thieves and squatters.

The clearest example is that of electronic locks. They have no keys and open or close the door using fingerprint readers, code keypads, electromagnetic cards or remote controls.

Based on experience, we can say that people know little about Digital Door Locks India and find it difficult to choose the right one in the store.

After completing the construction of a house, which requires a lot of time, knowledge and patience, you may not have the strength to think over the locking systems in detail, as a result of which the choice of one of the most important details of the house- the door lock, is left to chance.

In new apartment buildings, the conditions are dictated by the developer who chooses and installs the locks himself. If you manage to insert your own word, you can get a more convenient and reliable solution.

Today people are trying to make their home more secure. When choosing a door lock, first of all, they pay attention to its reliability, safety and convenience. Then comes the compatibility with the interior and exterior.

Although a huge number of sites are devoted to locks on the Internet, it is better to contact a manufacturer such as Magnum Telesystem specializing in door locks for comprehensive advice.

It is advisable to choose the lock before the door is ordered. The decision depends, first of all, on whether you choose a lock for a private house or apartment, and on who will use the lock- a family or one person, whether there are children, elderly people, and animals in the family.

How to keep your house safe when nobody is there?

Having Digital Door Lock on the doors of your home will allow you to travel with ease for as long as you want and keep your home safe for long periods.

One of the big concerns people have when going on a trip for some period of time is the uncertainty that someone with bad intention breaks into the home by forcing the lock. Having a system of appropriate locks so that they cannot be violated by strangers is the key to tranquility.

An electronic lock is suitable for a family

There are several ways to open an electronic lock: proximity card, remote control, digital code, mobile phone. If there are schoolchildren in the family, then an electronic lock would be the best choice.

Since kids are constantly losing their keys, the new locking system that opens with a mobile phone is perfect. If a child loses a mobile phone, then parents can remotely open the lock from their phone.

Later, parents themselves can revoke the right to open the locks from the lost phone. Since the installation of an electronic lock requires additional wiring, the lock system should be thought out at the design stage of the building or before ordering the doors. If additional wiring is not installed, then you can choose an electronic lock that runs on batteries.

Choose The Ideal Door Lock For Your Home In 2020

The security of your home is one of the most important factors, and among these factors are the locks that you usually use for main entrances, so it is important to reinforce the door with a good security lock, as this will prevent the chances of any robbery inside the home.

But do you know how to choose the ideal security lock?

That is why Digital Door Lock experts brings you the best advice so that you can obtain an immediate solution to this question.

Before choosing the ideal lock, you should consider the following:

– Always and at all times, close the door completely, whether you are at home or not

– Give continuous maintenance to the lock with lubricants, which will help its function

The locks that you choose to install on the doors must meet 3 characteristics:

– Resist skill / manipulation attacks

– Counter the violent attacks of breach of the security bowler hat

– The location of the bolt in the frame must be effective


 What is the safest lock for my home?


The Electronic Door Locks are those that do not require keys to lock and unlock. These types of security locks generally run on batteries that can last a long time.

Some models have a keypad or card system where a special code or key can be used to unlock the door.

Some models of Electronic Door Lock even come with a remote entry system where you can open the lock to people you know using your smartphone or computer when you are away from home. And there are some models that allow the opening with the fingerprint.


One of the locks that provide the most security to a home or business today is invisible locks. This type of locks is installed on the inside of the door and it does not have any external part that shows the existence of the bolt inside. In this way, it is more difficult for criminals to try to force them.

The invisible Door Handles and Locks are opened by remote control and often change their codes automatically when thieves try to hack them. They are powered by long-lasting batteries that allow the latch to open and close hundreds of times before you have to recharge them. They have a security system that allows you to open the door if the battery is low. Plus, it alerts you to recharge or replace it.

There are invisible locks that are opened by a remote control and have a built-in security alarm that emits an acoustic signal when it detects signs of vandalism. It is an invisible lock from the outside, which makes it the ideal complement to your traditional lock.


Smart locks are the latest generation of locks to enter the scene. With this type of lock, a smartphone acts as the key. This allows remote access to your home from virtually anywhere in the world.

However, these locks or Smart Locks are often more than just locks. Some Automatic Door Locks can be part of a complete video and audio monitoring system. They can also incorporate other smart and home automation functions that give you total control of your home.

The most common connection types for smart door locks are via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

If you are about to go on vacation, go with complete peace of mind. Decide to buy security locks for accesses to your home.


Locks: Traditional Or Electronic But Without Compromise

To protect yourself effectively and safely against intruders, the first and fundamental step is to choose the most appropriate electronic door lock. So the questions to ask are: what is the level of security offered? Which level of safety according to the regulations?

In this way, an appropriate choice will be made which is compatible with the needs and expectations of the end-user. Aesthetics become important for the locks to be applied, i.e. mounted on the external part of the frame.

We can define a lock as “safe” when its intrinsic security level respects the following security parameters: innovative design features, high resistance to conventional and non-conventional attacks, a high number of combinations, patented mechanical technology, key duplication control, patented key.

Over time, the key, as a symbol representing ownership, has assumed increasingly important roles and meanings in the security field. For the final consumer, the mechanical key still represents a symbol linked to security to which it is firmly anchored.

The magnetic cards currently represent only the smallest part of the choices of ordinary people, who still prefer to touch the “iron” with their own hands and feel the opening and closing movement commanded by the hands.

On the other hand, it is also true that the consumer today is attentive and informed, recognizing the true heart of the lock in the security cylinder, thus requiring cylinders with a duplication key controlled by Security Card and Patented Key.

In addition, the “trained systems” (master key) that allow highly flexible and secure access management are spreading.

Digital Door Locks

Traditional or electronic lock?

It is clear that on a numerical level, demand has a clear advantage in favour of traditional locks since Digital Door Locks normally finds applications in specific fields. However, the trend is changing. Today, in fact, there is an increasing demand for electronic locks in the field of residential armoured doors.

Also, for this reason, the research and development departments of companies are directing their studies towards mechanical products combined with electronics.

In fact, the electronic evolution in the security sector has taken great steps in miniaturization and cost reduction, making mechatronic systems more attractive. The entry of these technologies in the lock sector has introduced significant innovations in access control considered by the end-user as innovative and intelligent ideas “.

Relying on brands that have been operating in the sector for many years dispel any doubts about it, such as in the case of Magnum Telesystem whose products combine high reliability, safety, ease of use with efficient after-sales support.

Some advice for choosing

“Design, comfort, safety: in a word, high quality”. It is enough to observe a model notice that the roller latch gives a particular comfort in closing the door; the gears and levers that make up the Maico lock control box also allow for ease of maneuver of the mechanisms to ensure comfortable opening and closing. The product will, therefore, maintain its handcrafted quality characteristics and a level of security equal to a standard armoured door.

Samsung SHP-DP728 Door Lock: an Inspired Change in Home Security System

Samsung SHP-DP728 Door Lock

Many of us have had to lose our sleep over getting one foolproof home security system which addresses all our concerns. The worries seem to grow even more in the nuclear family that has both the head members out for work whilst their children are left alone.

Given the fact there is a need to give an all round security system with regard to Digital Locks For Doors, the Samsung SHP-DP728 can definitely be the choice for the working moms and houses with dual working members who struggle with the task to balance work and family. The lock is the supreme of all solutions for even the big businesses that always face threat of burglary and break-ins.

As one of the key players in the Indian market, Samsung needs no formal introduction as it has been one of the most reliable names in the home security system market. Innovation is the fodder which the company is heavily fed with and as a result, Samsung has been successful in producing one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the form of the Samsung SHP-DP728. The automatic door lock is packed with features like:

  • Family arrival notification- The feature allows you to get real time notification on the installed app for the Samsung digital door locks once your family members (children or elderly parents) arrive at home. This way you can also ensure that it is only the authorized people who get access to your home and that you do not have to call your neighbors to check for any suspicious activities.
  • In & out records- As many as 30 records can be stored to view the door usage records. The process is rather simple; you simply download the app and set your Digital Locks For Doors with the same so you have complete information.
  • Bluetooth unlock- Arguably the biggest boon of all the modern day home automation system is its compatibility and connectivity features with Bluetooth. Using the sHome app, you can open the door by a simple tap on the “door open” button in the app’s interface. In addition, you also have the unlocking options like RF Cards, password, or fingerprint.
  • Welcome” feature- If there is a movement, the ICR sensor detects such movements within the range of 50cm. This results in the activation of the keypad lights and pairing with Bluetooth.
  • Automatic motion detection- These door locks have an intriguing feature of detecting even the slightest of movements. This is possible due to the embedded IR sensor that gets activated in case there is a suspicious movement for more than a minute and a warning siren is raised immediately.

In terms of sustained home security system for protection against burglary, the Samsung SHP-DP728 could be your “forever” pick as there is no additional cost involved in regards to maintenance. The lock uses the simple function of pull-and-push door handle that allows you to open the doors easily.

Samsung locks have an abundant supply of its complete digital door locks and other home security system in the market. It’s time you picked one to safeguard your valuables and family members.

How Digital Door Locks have Become an Important Part of our Lives?

Present day innovation, especially mobile gadgets, takes digital door locks to the top level of popularity. They might seem like a cutting edge techno gadgets that are out of your financial plan, however believe us – these are reasonably priced locks that you really cannot manage without in the coming future. Here are a few things that make them an important part of modern day home security.


Samsung digital door locks

With keyless door locks, you no more need to look your pockets or bobble around in your sack to find your keys. Rather, you can unlock the doors with your mobile gadget before you even come out of your car. This is particularly useful on the off chance that you have basic need packs in your grasp and can’t burrow through your satchel to discover the house key.

Keyless door locks can help in case you’re worried about being separated from everyone else outside for a really long time, particularly oblivious. Likewise, on the off chance that it’s raging or cold, you’ll get into the warm, dry house faster by not digging for your keys.


Having keyless passage to your home means you no more need to conceal a key under the doormat or some place outside your home. A concealed key is frequently one of the principal things a potential interloper will search for to locate a simple approach to break into your home. Likewise, on the off chance that you lose your keys and are concerned somebody can discover them and attempt to soften up, keyless door locks guarantee this won’t happen.


Supportive When You’re Not Around

Keyless door locks can give individuals access in and out of your home when you’re not around. Samsung digital door locks let you utilize your mobile gadget to check to ensure your doors are locked, and additionally unlock them remotely. In case you’re still at work and need to give your children access when they get back home from school, you can utilize your mobile gadget to open your door locks and after that lock them again once your youngsters are securely inside. You can even set your samsung system to send you notices when somebody locks or unlocks your door.

When you have a baby sitter or neighbor staying with your youngsters while you are out, you can open the door with a feature available in your smart phone when they approach at your door step.

You could likewise let in your pooch walker who may come while you’re not available. You guarantee your pet gets the consideration he/she needs notwithstanding when you are away, while as yet keeping your home secure. Digital locks for doors even come with a feature that automatically locks the door when you pull the door while going out.

As a helpful, safe, and convenient device when you’re not at home, digital door locks are one alternative you might consider incorporating into your home security system. With electronic door locks, never again do you need to bungle for or stress over the keys to your home.

Digital Door Locks – A Great Option for Home Security

We always need an excellent locking system to keep our home secure from the thieves. By opting for right lock that has all the features of a good locking system, we can live our life without any tension. At the present, there are many models in the market and many of them are quite effective as well and when they are used then the buyer can save his assets from the burglars. Different models can easily meet the distinct needs of homes and owners both. Know the benefits of each type and then choose the one that works best in line with the security plans. Among these systems, digital door locks can be picked that are utilized on door levers for the highest level of security and the maximum users prefer them too. Digital door locks are widely used by the homeowners who are very serious in protecting their children and properties.


How to Buy?

These door locks are available at affordable prices if you compare them with the features & functions embed in them and you really do not wish to waste your hard earned money on something worthless. It is must to purchase the best so that you may get the desired security level and this will give the maximum contentment too. Go for the reputed and reliable brand like Samsung Digital Door Locks as they use the finest parts to make the home security system. The highly experienced team is behind the best home security system provider company, SAMSUNG. Aside from this, check the used technology as well since the mechanism plays a very important role in such type of system. Always opt for the most advanced one because they have several latest functions that will make them easy to use. A famous brand will provide the top service to give the complete satisfaction to the user and thereby, they do not let the customer to face even a single issue.

Check the Functions

Prefer the locking system that offers the most convenient way to open the door i.e. push-pull innovation. No necessity to turn the lever, which has become the old fashion. Now, open the door in style and show your style quotient to pals and known. Finger scanning and dual password insertion offer the maximum security and they can be blocked also to prevent any external intruder. The intruder prevention mode can be switch on by one touch only. To open the lock, the user has to type certain codes on the digital door locks keypad. Without using the right code, the door cannot be opened and in case, the code is revealed accidentally to the other person then it can be changed in no time. Some of the digital door locks show their status on the touch panel and the availability of ‘manner mode’ allows the family members in night to sleep without getting disturbed by the machine. Many of them include an audible alarm system that gets activated upon forced entry or when fire occurs in home. To disable the alarm, the PIN number is used that can be effortlessly customized by the owner and has a combination of five to twelve digits. Additionally, they can be programmed to utilize a different code for every single person.

When the home security system is chosen then you will definitely have complete peace of mind knowing, you are offering top most security and safety to your home and family.