How To Maintain Your Digital Locks Last Long?

In today’s world, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. Similarly, digital door locks have also changed the aspect of home security. 

The technologies require maintenance and extra care because of their probability of ending up in few years. In the Case of Digital Locks, they can last long for about 5 years depending on the brand and quality. 

Automatic Door Lock

Electronic Door Locks have their advantages and can stay last long if you do proper care. If you’ve  Automatic Door Lock then these simple tips will help you to take care of it so it’ll last longer.

Regular Cleaning

Electronic door locks can be damaged by dirt, grime and dust because they are not foolproof. If you don’t clean it regularly, then dirt could come into contact with your locking mechanism and that lead to malfunctions. Also, cleaning the digital lock is good hygiene practice that prevents the buildup of germs and bacteria on the surface.

Choose The Right Product For Cleaning

Just like keeping your electronic locking mechanism clean is important, the same way doing it with the right products is also important. Choose chemicals that are extremely hard they could speed up the rate with your luck is depreciating despite your best intentions to keep it tidy.  Just remember to choose petroleum-free products for cleaning the digital lock surface.

Electronic Locks Are Not Toys

For children, Digital Locks appear as a toy because of an amusing combination of noises, letter and light. Such features attract young children and without your knowledge children will repeatedly press on digital keypads that will eventually cause them to jam, malfunction or get stuck. So try to build your digital door lock out of the reach of children.

Fix Digital Lock with Faulty Deadbolt Operation

Some homeowners find it difficult to handle keypad control door locks and after a few years, they stop working as well. To fix this problem, you can purchase a new keycode from the market and replace it with the damaged one.  


With these simple tips, you can extend the lifespan of your electronic lock, following the above tips will help you to maintain your digital lock last longer.

Expert Tips To Enhance Your Home Security

Home is the only place where you spend most of your time and keep important items there. Therefore, your home security is extremely crucial and it should be your major priority.

Cctv & Security System

To do this, here we’ve created a list for you that helps you to make your home more secure and burglar free. Let’s dig out the list and find out the best possible way to make your home secure and safe.

Check The Alarm and smoke detectors

The first thing that you need to do to enhance your home security is by testing your alarm systems and smoke detectors. Mostly people forget to check their alarms system and in an emergency, it could be very dangerous. In order to stay on top of security, make sure that the alarm is working properly along with the smoke detector.

Upgrade Lock System

Almost every year many of us get spare keys cut for several reasons, whether it’s given to a family member or to keep one for a backup option. Installing digital door locks would be an excellent option to get rid of the problem of caring for keys. If you’ve any Digital Door Lock System yet then have it now because it provides you significantly advanced and improved security and keeps your home secured.

Install Security Camera

Many years ago,Cctv & Security System were used as luxury security for a large property that covered a lot of ground. Today the situation has changed and the CCTV system becomes a vital security component for all sizes of properties. Also, they can detect motion and record audio that you can directly access and monitor directly through your phone even when you’re out of the house.

Update Old Panel Board

Last but not the least, updating the security control panel could also enhance your security system. In simple words, replacing out your control panel board with a new one will give your system far greater capabilities.

For example, the older ones can’t be controlled via smartphone because of the old technology. However, upgrading the panel gives you more flexibility to control your home remotely, anytime, from anywhere through your smartphone with no hassle.

By following the above tips, you can enhance your home and family security whether you’re at home or outside. With these tips, you can fully relax and avoid any danger at home. 

5 Expert Tips How Not to Lose your Keys

It’s always a dreaded feeling of reaching home and searching keys into the bag or pocket and realise that they’re not there. Losing or misplacing the keys can be remarkably stressful, especially to search or remember exactly where you may have put or lost them.

Electronic Door Locks

If you’re among those who constantly find it hard to keep the keys in a pocket or bag, then it’s the perfect time to get on top of it with the following tips.

Create a system in your home

When it comes to carrying keys without losing them, the best trick is to make it hard to lose them. It’s the best and easiest way to carry keys. To do this, you can design a place at your home for your keys and make a habit of placing them there whenever you get through the door. 

Make a Fix Place

To keep keys safe and avoid misplacement, you can make a hook right in front of the door or make a decorative bowl on the hallway table to place keys.

Fixing a place for your keys close to the door for quick and easy access but make sure they are only visible to those who need them. Remember that never place the keys in a visible area from your windows or the front door, so that no intruder can find them.

Use Key Tracking Device

If you’re someone who loses or misplaces keys quite often, then it’s well worth investing in key tracking devices. These devices could be very helpful for you to save your time on searching.

These devices are a nifty little gadget that attaches to your keys and you can easily track them with your smartphone. All you need to do is log onto the app and find the location of the keys whenever they misplaced or lost. 

Track Your Keys when out

It’s not always inside of the home you need to worry about of losing keys but also when you’re out. Whether you’ve lost them when paying for items or placed them on the seat next to you on the bus while you look for something in your pocket or bag could be incredibly anxious.

Apart from having an assigned place for your keys in your house, make sure you’ve another place for them while you’re out. 

Have An Extra Pocket

If you use carry keys in your bag or pocket, then having a secret pocket for your keys can be helpful. A small secret pocket in your bag or jeans will save your keys from loss.

If you don’t have any secret or separate pocket, then you can have clips as an alternative option to ensure your keys stay in their special spot.

Make Keys bigger

Carrying small keys can be difficult sometimes to manage because they could slip from a pocket or bag easily. To make them bigger helps you to spot even in a congested place. However, if you’ve already small keys then attach any broch or keychain with that.

Conclusion As technology grow so fast, now its time for you to follow the same and move to Electronic Door Locks. It’s not only given you an easy access of the lock but also make you stress free from the tension of loss or misplaced keys.

Top 7 Benefits of Door Locks

If you’re operating a large business, then security must be your first preference. While alarm system and CCTV cameras are an excellent way to dissuade potential intruders and assure the security of the building, in a similar way a strong and secure lock is as important as these two.

Digital Door Locks

If your workplace has an old traditional lock or an outdated one it may be time for an upgrade to a digital one.

Electronic door locks are an exemplary substitute for those looking to magnify the security of their business and develop receptiveness, eliminating the necessity for a set of keys that can be easily lost.

Nowadays, you can find lots of different Digital Door Locks on the market to suit all different types of organisation and businesses. From a biometric system that requires fingerprint access to electronic keypads that require a simple code or smart cards that allow multiple employees to access the entrance and exit without any hassle.

Let’s explore some more benefits of installing an electronic door lock in large work premises where lots of people walk throughout the building frequently.

Intensified security

One of the most prominent advantages of installing electronic door locks in your business premises is that it intensifies safety. Digital door locks come with a pick-proof design ensuring that the intruders or burglars cannot access your property by picking or breaking the lock – a most common method used by criminals.

Keep Intruders Away

Electronic door locks only allow the authorised personnel to enter or exit from the premises and make sure that no intruder will step in the certain areas or buildings. Its locking mechanism makes it more difficult for savvy burglars to trespass by installing multiple locks on the doors.

Eliminate The Use of Keys

Removing the requirement for keys and substituting them with codes or cards means you don’t have to worry about lost keys that may be an issue in a large office block where lots of employees are carrying sets of keys. They eliminate the need for keys, assuring that no intruder will ever come across a key that provides them access to your property.

Secure Your Confidential Items

You keep all your valuable items and expensive pieces of equipment at your workplace which needs some extra protection. Installing electronic door locks is one best way to ensure that no one can access your confidential items without your concern. Plus, you don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing keys.

Tough To Go Through

Digital door locks act as a visual deterrence for break-ins that keep away burglar and potential intruders. Mostly burglars are opportunists who look for a simple and quick entrance to buildings, such as open window and weak locks. However, the keyless lock needs a card, fingerprint or code, therefore, they are much tougher to crack into than mechanical locks that need a key. 

Easy Monitoring and Access 

If you’re running a large business then there is likely a lot of foot traffic throughout the premises. Installing electronic door locks assure allow only selected employees have access to the areas. There may be certain areas where you want to keep the restriction from others, then the keyless lock is a perfect choice for you to go with.

Having an Electronic Door Lock is always giving you extra security along with CCTV and an alarm system. Some applications only require security at fussy times, but digital door locks always give your free passage throughout the day.

Are Digital Door Locks Safe for Your Business or House

We’re living in the era of technology where everything is fast and digital. Every industry and aspect of the average person’s life is being directly or indirectly affected by technology, and if recent events are any cursor, technology has now become a medium of people uses to move in and out of and guard their home security.

Digital Locks For Doors

 It’s not too long since the Digital Locks For Doors replace the traditional key and lock system because of security concern.  However, digital door locks have replaced the limitation of traditional lock-and-key with the innumerous possibilities of a tech-savvy digital lock.

The following are some of the most advanced types of door locks system:

Biometric door locks– Locks that allow the entry only after the scan and detecting the fingerprints of the user.

Smartphone-controlled Door locks– These locks work with the connectivity of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to allow users to access the lock door locks via their Smartphones.

 • Surveillance Door locks– Such locks work on the code that the user set. Once the code is fixed, the door only open with the correct code only.

Key fob locks– This type of lock also known as proximity locks and they require the user to carry around a key fob which, when detected by the lock-in its instant vicinity, signals it to unlock the door.

Are Digital Locks For Doors Safe?

Technology has changed the perspective of people toward their home security. The digital lock has set a new standard of security that makes people to move on from keyed lock to an electronic lock.

Well, not the question comes that the change from keyed to digital lock is good or not? Are digital door locks safe? Yes! Digital door locks are well safe and secure, but only as much as, if not lesser than, traditional, keyed locks.

Getting past the keyed lock is a hard nut to crack for a typical intruder, but because they are made of subpar materials which make them prone to being broken by intruders. On the other hand, the digital door locks are made up of tough and solid material that make it hard for an intruder to break it and also easily monitor and access by a smartphone. 

Almost all the electronic locks use fingerprints, WI-FI or Bluetooth that wouldn’t work in the event of a power outage in which case a person has to use the backup security key to unlock the door.

With multiple unique pin codes programmed into the lock, enabling easy access to the user without getting keys cut. Thus, having a digital door lock is a great way to secure your home without worrying about the loss of a key.