What Is Access Control?

Access Control is an excellent security system that regulates who or what can use or view resources in a computing environment.

Today, it’s a crucial concept in security that lowers the risk to the business or organization. The access control system can be physical or logical.

  • Physical ACS provides limited access in building, room campuses and IT assets.
  • Logical ACS limits access control limits connections to computer data, network and system files.

Why Do You Need Access Control?

Having an access control system is an excellent security option for your home or business. The access control system can enhance your security without any hassle.  The data generated by the system not only boost security but also productivity, creativity and performance.

The Access Control system can also increase happiness and fulfillment. This is very important for users because security isn’t only about technology.

Why use an access control system instead of physical keys?

The digital key system is a need of today’s dynamic world; it’s the simple form of physical access control and the method many organizations use. The digital keys come with several flaws and limitations especially an organization expanding.  The most common limitations that organization can face with physical keys are:

  • As long as you use the physical keys, you will never know how many unauthorized copies have been made and who is holding them.
  • If you missed placed or lost the key, this can cause chaos and at the end you need to replace the lock.
  • With physical keys, you can’t see when or how many times someone’s uses a key, so you don’t have any access to your security.
  • Physical keys don’t provide user-level and time-of-day control access. It means you can’t restrict the access time with physical keys.
  • If you have multiple locks then you need a number of keys, which is very inconvenient to carry and use. Also, it is difficult to remember the keys of each lock. 

Common benefits of access control System

The electronic access control system help you to avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and give you much more control. Some common benefits this are:

  • Hard to make duplicate copies of keys and the holder is certain of the number of keys in circulation.
  • Only one key is required for all the doors it needs to open – no more carrying bunches of keys!
  • The access control system keys come with digital encryption, so no one can see the code.
  • No worry to change the lock if the access right of lost keys is simply removed from the system. 
  • Most of the digital locks are connected to some sort of network that access rights can be changed remotely. 


Good access control gives you even more control that lets you set these parameters for each individual. This allows you to quickly update them whenever you need to. You can record who’s accessed where and when, so you can easily determine who might have been involved.

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