Why Do We Need Automatic Door Locks?

The automatic door locks security technology allows users to open or closed locks automatically, remotely and keyless. It gives easy access to users for locks or unlocks at pre-set specific times.    

The automatic door locks enable no human intervention. They can also integrate with panic, intrusion door position sensors and fire alarm systems. This prevents the entry or release of individuals in specific areas. 

Types of Automatic Door Locks

When it comes to automatic door locks, there are various advantages you will get when using residential or commercial automatic locks. Conciliation with frenzy, delay, and entryway position sensor and fire alert frameworks are likewise credible with programmed entryway locks to circumvent the section or return of people in particular areas. The different types of Automatic Door Locks are:

Electric deadbolt door lock

The door locks are used for large cabinets and high-security doors. The locks are compatible with nearly all access control systems. The deadbolt door locks eliminate the costs of re-keying and replacing worn-out manual deadbolts.

Electric strike door lock

The locked door operates with a 12 volt or higher electric current. It’s also called electric strike locks or fail-secure devices. The door locks remain locked during a power outage. Besides, these doors allow people to open the door from inside the room.

But a fail-safe electric strike locks or unlocks during power disruptions. These door locks can be upgraded with buzzers. The buzzing of locks offers extra security when you can not physically be in on the other side of a multi-room building.

Electromagnetic door lock

Electromagnetic door locks consist of an electromagnet and armature plate. The door lock becomes magnetize when an electric current passes through them.  The passing magnetic field secures the door and electronically controls when doors are locked and unlocked.

Magnetic shear door lock

Magnetic shear door locks are excellent for entrepreneurs and homeowners who are looking for an esthetically attractive, fail-safe security system.  The door locks are well suitable for timber, aluminum and armour-plated glass doors. People often construct them to be morticed into the frame and door but you can these locks vertically or horizontally.

Wireless Automatic Door Locks

The wireless automatic door locks are quite handy and you can access them with your smartphone, tablet or any other internet supporting device. You can also program these door locks automatically at specific times.


Having smart technology door locks won’t necessarily make your home completely safe, but they will give you easy access. The smart door lock provides an excellent security system for your home or business. A home as smart as what has been outlined here is within your limit. If you want to step your door locks into something smart, check our exquisite range of smart automatic door locks.

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