Covid 19

In line with the guidelines of the Government to stop the spread of this virus, we offer Cameras( CCTV ) as well Handheld devices which can read Human Body Temperature with face recognition and host of other features. These can be installed at entry points of any offices( corporates ) , school, commercial complexes like mall, movie theatre, showrooms We offer much more :-

  • AI integration with ONVIF cameras sharing economical solution for social distancing , face mask detection and more
  • Thermal camera integration with your existing access control ( 2 tier security ) safeguarding your offices and employees

Product Line up

Thermal Fever Screening Cameras

  • Dual Sensor (Thermal+ Sensor) IP Camera
  • 3Mode Display Support (Visual / Thermal / Overlay)
  • Up to 10 Points of Temperature Probing
  • Visual / Thermal Overlay Mode
  • Alarm Activation by Temperature Threshold
  • Onvif-compliant

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Face Recognition with Wrist Sensor

  • ≤0.3℃ temperature measurement accuracy
  • Automatic temperature measurement, the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Support voice linkage, real-time alarm of fever people
  • Display and record the data of human face and temperature measurement in real-time
  • Integrated delivery, be used directly at the moment of arrival.
  • The bracket can be adjusted up and down,suitable for all kinds of people

Handheld Fever Screening Cameras

  • 160 × 120 resolution (thermal), and 8 MP resolution (optical)
  • Thermographic accuracy up to ±0.5 °C
  • Display fusion of thermal view and optical view.
  • 640 × 480 resolution 3.5” LCD touch display
  • Support live view on PC, mobile device or external monitor
  • Support audio intercom
  • Support color highlight alarm and audio alarm

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Measurement Gate with metal detector and wrist sensor

  • Highly sensitive metal detector can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects.
  • The numbers of alarms and people passing the gate are displayed on LCD screen in real time.
  • Multiple detection zones can pinpoint locations of multiple metal objects and sound alarms simultaneously.
  • Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist, can sound an alarm when a high temperature is detected.
  • 30℃~45℃measurement range, high accuracy (precision to 0.1℃ , measurement deviation ≤0.3℃
  • Modular design, easy to install.

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