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Caller Identification - See Who Is Calling

The Caller ID option on the DCS phones shows the caller's name and number, even if you are on the other line. In addition, a single keystroke will save the caller's number so that you can easily return the call. The Caller ID can store up to 250 names.

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Uniform Call Distribution - Sophisticated Call Handling
The DCS provides a sophisticated call handling facilities to optimize its services to callers. When a group receives a call, the DCS will direct the call to the first available person in that group. If no operator is available to answer the call, the system will play a message which reassures the caller that assistance will be provided as soon as possible.

System flexibility enables group supervisors to monitor the status of all incoming calls, and to bring the staff in and out of a group as necessary.

Reports and statistics available to group supervisors include
Total calls
Number of calls waiting
Average queue time and longest waiting time
Number of times all agents were busy
Average number of rings before the calls were answered
Average service time after the calls were answered

Voice Dialer - Automatic Voice Recognition Dialing

With the optional DCS Voice Dialer, memorizing or hunting for phone numbers is a thing of the past. Just lift the handset, press a button and say the name of the person you want to call. The DCS does the rest for you. What could be easier?

TThe DCS Daughter Cards - Easily Add Handsets, Fax Machines or Modems
You can add a fax machine, a modem or an additional handset - even a cordless type - to an existing DCS keyphone without a problem. With the optional DCS Daughter Card, the additional devices operate completely independently. The fax machine or the modem can have its own extension number so you can send and receive faxes or data while making calls.

Dect Compatibility - The Freedom To Move
With cordless handsets utilizing the power of the DCS and DECT digital systems, you have the freedom to move around the office. Wherever you are in the office, people can contact you.

Auto Attendant - DCS' 24-Hour Receptionist
With the DCS Auto Attendant option, you can be sure that the incoming calls are never on hold for long. The Auto Attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously and provide individualized greetings. External callers are prompted by the Auto Attendant to directly dial the extension number of the person, and thus bypassing the operator. If no extension is dialed within a specified time, the call will be automatically connected to the operator or another extension. The Auto Attendant can either work independently or together with a voice processing system.

TTeleconferencing - Group Discussion Facility
The DCS allows for any combination of up to five extensions or trunk lines for a teleconference. People can be added to or remove from the group once it is established, so you can drop in or out of the teleconference when it suits you to do so.

Call Management - Comprehensive Telephone Management Facilities
The DCS system provides a variety of comprehensive data for management purposes, including cost reports and detailed reports of both incoming and outgoing calls. The system can also be programmed to restrict certain types of calls (for example, international or premium rate numbers) to help eliminate any abuse of the telephone system. And with the comprehensive cost saving function, the DCS ensures that all calls are made at the most economic rate

Integral Paging - Paging Facilities Available To All Users
The DCS keyphone system provides an integral paging system, which can be tailored to suit the caller's needs AVA(Automatic Voice Announcement)
   ----- SMS(Short Message Service)
   ----- Data Control
   ----- Call Status Monitoring
   ----- MAP
   ----- Diagnosis
   ----- Statistics


AC Input 48 ~ 60 Hz or Free Input Voltage for som countries
Power Consumption(Max) 100 Watts Max Per Cabinet Fuse Rating 2 Amp
DC Output +5 Volts 2.5 Amps Max
-5 Volts 0.5 Amps Max(on the Motherboard)
-55 Volts 1.2 Amps Max
ModelSingle CabinetWidth(mm)Depth(mm)Weight(kg)
DCS Compact II Basic System 4643631487.5
Expansion Cabinet 4641021485
EquipmentCableAWGMax FeedMax Meter
Digital Keysets 1 PR. Twisted241300400
AOM 1 PR. Twisted241300400
Single-Line Station 1 PR. Twisted2430001KM
Operating Temperature 0- 40
Storage Temperature -80
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