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Advanced voice & data convereged solution for office environment
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OfficeServ Call
OfficeServ EasySet
Office Serv Data View
key features for greater functionality and cost-efficiency:
OfficeServ Link
OfficeServ News
OfficeServ OpenTSP Driver
OfficeServ Operator
OfficeServ ACD

OfficeServ Call provides customer information service such as caller ID, company name, address, trade information and the various advanced services on the LCD screen of the key set and(or) the PC monitor.

Caller ID and Callerís details, Call control services
Maintain multiple phone books, Share phonebooks
Drag & Drop Call Control with BLFs
Station Set Up Services, Scheduler services
Call log Services(Maintain records of all calls)





OfficeServ EasySet provides Easy Operation Service by setting key set from userís own PC. Frequently used functions of MMC are serviced by web server

Station Lock, Change Password
Call Forward, Station Name
Speed Dial, Date Display
Alarm Reminder, Programmed Message
Send Message, Call Accounts





Office Serv Data View
The OfficeServô DataView application is the Samsung solution for live monitoring and historical reporting on IP-enabled iDCS and OfficeServ platforms.

OfficeServ DataView comprises three components:
Data Collector: Collects and analyzes callevents on the system
Data Manager: Calculates and saves statistics from collected data
Scheduler: Provides database and scheduled report management






Key features for greater functionality and cost-efficiency:
∑ System wide On/Off License Model
∑ Data is stored in Microsoft? Access database or SQL server formats
∑ Built-in warning for Access database storage limits
∑ Database backup with reporting capabilities
∑ Web-based application designed specifically for Internet Explorer software
∑ User accounts with multiple permission levels provide data access
∑ 45 statistical reports track trunk, station, Voicemail(VM) and Automatic Attendant (AA) usage, as well as Uniform Call Distributor (UCD) and operator group statistics
∑ 14 live monitors track trunk, station, UCD, operator and VM/AA activity
∑ Report scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly statistics
∑ Up to 18 reports can be generated for each interval
∑ Configurable agent PC wallboard-type window displays up to 22 statistics using programmable alarm thresholds
∑ Any and all reports exported to Microsoft? Excel with one click
∑ Abandoned Call List displays details of each lost call
∑ Station and trunk port statistics list all calls to orfrom specific station or trunk, including detailed call information
∑ Multilingual support per user account - English, Korean,German and Italian






OfficeServ Link
is a software product that intervenes between CTI applications, based on the TAPI 2.x that supports the call processing under the condition of Samsungís DCS Key telephone system. All kinds of CTI applications based on the TAPI 2.x interact with Key telephone system through the intervention of Link. Besides, all kinds of call processing events generated from the PBX system are transferred to each CTI applications through the intervention of Link.





OfficeServ News, On-Line News Service provides Samsung KP customer with a new value. iDCS News delivers the various news such as weather and traffic information from web and the official news within a company through LCD of digital key set.





OfficeServ OpenTSP Driver
interfaces with the Samsung key telephone switch through the TCP/IP system, based on TAPI 2.x/TAPI 3.x, and enables call control and call processing of the Telephony Application Programming Interface(TAPI) service through the TSPI. The OpenTSP driver is installed on a PC using the Windows O/S. The TAPI 2.x/TAPI 3.x was designed by Microsoft based on the TAPI standard.




OfficeServ Operator are fully integrated with your voice and data infrastructure to maximize the responsiveness of a customerís first point of contact with your organization. With the convenient keyboard operation, and with the simplicity of configuration utilizing system information, external or internal incoming calls can be more effectively managed to their final destination using variety of features including:

Busy Lamp Field Indication
Separated Views for incoming, holding, active calls
Call Manipulation by Drag & Drop
DID based Service, Block/Urgent CIDs
Contact Information

Contents developing module for various web services
The official announcement within a company using w.samsungnetwork.com
News-choice service to each station user(later version)
Grouping services(later version)





OfficeServ ACD facilitates the call center managers to efficiently service the needs of the callers, minimize response time for caller service, minimize call center resource requirements, manage and control call handling priorities and maximize productivity, value and stability of the call center staff.

- Agent Application: Agent Application provides an interface to efficiently handle Calls, Email, Chat, VoIP, and Escorted Browsing within the business environment.

- Admin Application: The Admin application authenticates the Administrator to avoid unauthorized access to the configuration data. The information entered through the Admin client is stored in a configuration file on the ACD Server.

- Monitoring Application: OfficeServ ACD Monotoring helps to view the status of Group, Service, IVR, Queued Time, Campaigned group, Life cycle Port Status etc.

- Statistics Application: Statistics Application provides an interface to get the statistic information on the OfficeServ ACD efficiently. It gathers the raw records from the log datavases of the OfficeServ ACD components and shows organized information in tabular of graphical format.

- IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Application: IVR provides an auto attendant of customer ' s call and recoding the conversation between customer and agent.

- Customer Tracking: Customer Tracking Application helps the agent to view, query or add customer/client details to the database.


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