E-waste is any electronic product or accessories which is not useable and it is at it’s end of life for example old defective products like Refrigerators, CPUs, LED TVs, Telephones, Electronics product etc.

E-waste has been defined as “waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded”. Whereas Electrical and electronic equipment has been defined as “equipment which is dependent on electrical currents or electro-magnetic fields to fully functional”.

E-waste generally consists of those substances contained in an electronic product which can bring adverse effects to the atmosphere and hence managing it in a proper way is important. Apart from affecting the environment it can also affect the health of the people


Recycling of old electronic product is beneficial in following ways:

There is need to encourage recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste so as to conserve the ever depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize waste.

Also scientific disposal of e-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.


Followings are negative consequences of disposal of product if not done in scientific way:

Toxic material present in e-waste get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues.

Batteries contains highly hazardous element

Burning of rubber & Plastic in open area causes air pollution.

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