Need For Access Control Systems In Enterprises

Do you want to ensure order, discipline, and security at the office or at the enterprise? Install an access control system, because it guarantees:

  • Lack of strangers;
  • Convenient and simple control of the movement of employees and accounting of their working time;
  • Effective registration and registration of visitors;
  • Fixation of movement of vehicles in the territory;
  • The modern look of the checkpoint, which positively affects the reputation of the company.Door Access Control System

What devices are related to access control?

The installation of Automatic Door Locks and access control is best trusted by professional specialists (companies) with experience in this area. Access control systems are simply irreplaceable for large companies, various trading organizations, and various objects with the expensive property. It is access control that provides reliable security and a full guarantee of the safety of the property.

Software, as well as devices that read, store and transmit information, make up an access control system. There are 2 main groups:

  • Autonomous;

A simple but effective autonomous system is ideal for guarding a small object with a single passage point. It has a low price and works without a computer.

For a large enterprise with high traffic, where you need to collect data and keep records of them, choose a network control system. Higher cost fully justifies and pays for its wide functionality. Time management of employees will improve your business: make your workflow as efficient as possible, encourage workaholics and motivate others.

The installation process should be approached from a comprehensive perspective. That is, it is understood that along with the horizontal bar located at the entrance to the building, a complete system will be equipped for convenient control of the access system. Often, a group of video cameras is included in the access control system, and therefore, in addition to the employee monitoring the entrance, specialized cameras record everything that happens in constant mode. All this and much more significantly increases the efficiency of your security personnel, as well as the level of reaction and speed of response to various disturbing situations.

So, Door Access Control System usually includes the following systems:

  • Full-fledged video surveillance system;
  • A system for recognizing objects (by this parameter most often specialists mean identification systems);

the perimeter security system and the barrier system (perhaps it will be a door, turnstile or any other device that restricts access to the room or to the production, which is set in motion only when the visitor presents his identification key of a certain type);

  • Card (or any other) control of workers’ access to the premises;
  • Constant power system.

Often, when installing access control at enterprises, the following is also installed:

  • Fire-fighting systems;
  • Evacuation lighting;
  • Emergency alert.

Numerous consumers often ask questions: what is the price of installing a complete access control system? The answer, in this case, cannot be unambiguous, it all depends on the installation features, the complexity of the system and the type of equipment that you would like to see in your production.

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