Keyless Entry And Smart Ways To Enter Into Your Home

In a residential environment or small-scale application, it is in some cases quite possible to use a smart door lock. The name smart door locks has meanwhile become a collective name for electronic door locks for which electronic access control is possible to a greater or lesser extent.

Access control system

Whether the locks are also smart for your budget in the long term mainly depends on whether you use the lock in the right way. Typical of a smart door lock, we believe that the lock should be able to independently turn the lock electronically.

With a smart lock, a smartphone app can also be used with which you can set the lock. Some smart locks can only be operated locally if you are in the vicinity of the door within the Bluetooth range of the smartphone with which the door is to be opened.

There are also Digital Locks for Doors available that can be connected directly to the internet via Wi-Fi so that you can also open the door remotely. This can be useful if, for example, you want to open the door remotely for a friend or parcel delivery person.

Electronic door fittings can be installed in combination with an ordinary mortise lock. The existing mortise lock can often be used for interior doors. If necessary, such a mortise lock can be replaced by one with automatic deadbolt locking or latch lock.

The electronic door fitting has a controlled door handle, which means that the door handle can only be operated when a suitable access control card or drop with rights has been offered. The door fitting is equipped with batteries that last for at least one year, this of course depends on the intensity of use.

The battery consumption of an electronic door fitting is of course only less because of the actual opening of the door lock is carried out by the user himself.

An important point of attention is that an electronic door fitting only makes a link with the part of the lock that operates the latch.

When a day/night lock is available, you can choose not to lock the door at all, but there is also the option of providing a mechanical cylinder lock in the door fitting so that the night lock can be turned off with a normal key.

Not an ideal situation, but the latter is one of the possibilities. With a good access control system you naturally want that mechanical keys are no longer needed in daily use. The aforementioned options with an automatic locking lock and latch lock offer a solution for this.

An access control system is made up of several access points. You can think of an access point as an electronic door fitting, an electronic cylinder or a wall reader. Access points for exterior doors are often more expensive than a solution for an interior door.

This is partly due to the burglar resistance requirements that are set for the lock. And whether the door is part of an escape route.

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