Top 5 Problems of Automatic Doors

Often, the most significant number of problems with automatic doors that are received by Locksmiths by telephone are due to the same reasons. Fortunately, most of them have simple arrangements that you can make yourself at home.

Through all those requests, we have made our TOP 5 of problems that you can find with the automatic doors of your home. You will realize that it is not so complicated to keep your digital locks in excellent condition and functioning. Of course, most of the automatic doors require regular maintenance that you can also do yourself with only a little care and love. We will give you all possible advice, through our articles, so that its maintenance is a simple task and you do not need the help of a professional regularly.

# 1.Bugs/Insects that get in the door a problem to solve!

The bugs and ants seem to be a common problem that prevents an automatic door open/close. They hide in warm places, such as security sensors and control boxes. Thus, you need to be sure to check these areas are free of them from time to time. You have to use a soft and dry cloth to clean the garbage gently.

# 2.Mouth of the automatic gate

Sliding doors are the most common doors used for domestic and commercial use. Sticks, leaves, stones and other obstacles could cause the door to stick, so check it and make the motor run smoothly. Sliding doors tend to get these obstructions in or around the door, and a simple garden broom will do the trick in removing this debris.

# 3.Manual Mode

From time to time you may need to put your Digital Door Lock India in manual mode. There are so many reasons for it and to name a few of them: it is possible that you have a loss of power due to a blackout and that is why your door does not open / close automatically.


Until a technician arrives, the manual release mode is essential so that the opening/closing of your door is released and that no tension is being placed on the motor of your door and can be released from work at some point.

# 4.Interruption of the power supply

Often the reason why a Digital Door Locks India does not work in its opening/closing is something very mundane and domestic, something much more straightforward than it seems. As much as we like to visit our customers, we also believe that the biggest hidden secret of this is that the button in the door position has been ‘off.’ Do yourself a favor and make sure the switch is on.

However, if the button is ‘on’ and the door motor is still not opening and closing, try another device in the socket to make sure that the problem is not in the socket. If that device works, it’s time to put your door motor in “Manual Mode” and call a technician.

# 5.Remote Controls

The “timbre” or “controller” are just some of the names that the remote control has known, but when it is not working properly, it could be called something else!

As you know, these small devices work with batteries. Most have a red light on the right and above or above that flashes and indicates that you have asked to open or close the automatic gate. When the light on your remote control is no longer flashing, this usually means that the battery is no longer working. Replacement batteries can be purchased at any supermarket.

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