Access Control for the Security of Your Business or Housing

It is imperative today to control and limit access to spaces, be they public or private, professional or personal. The reasons can be related to security, confidentiality or simply the desire to choose your visitors for reasons that are unique to you.

By putting in place appropriate solutions, it is necessary to check, at each determined point, whether a person has the rights required to enter a traffic zone or a defined building (warehouse, company, workshop, house, and apartment).

Limited access by zone or in full.

It is possible, within the same space, to determine sub-areas and to restrict access to identified users.

Because of the confidentiality or security that must be maintained in certain sensitive areas, it is possible to set permissions according to identity criteria and extremely precise schedules.

All trips can be reviewed and recorded for continuous monitoring. This gives you the ability to know the history of determining the cause of malfunctions in the authorization process if any.

To accompany you throughout the process, we intervene upstream to define, with you, the areas at risk, choose the best solution, proceed to its installation and provide after-sales service.

Of all the available Security Access Control Systems in India, let’s choose the one that best suits your situation and budget.

Access Control System

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We will help you to know and respect the laws and regulations in force.

Who does access control apply to?

At present, access control concerns everyone, whether private or professional. A house or apartment can be equipped with an access control system. It is basic protection against burglars, and it is a particularly suitable tool for a shared place when several people live there – in family or colocation – or for housing proposed for rental, seasonal or long term. Of course, access control is ideal for building entrances: it is not for nothing that almost all modern buildings are equipped with intercoms, more or less effective, unfortunately.

Car parks adjacent to homes are sensitive places that it is particularly appropriate to equip, both for the safety of residents and their vehicles.

For small businesses, there may be no sub-areas to be determined, but general access may be controlled and therefore restricted.

For larger companies, spaces can be differentiated according to the categories of staff and the level of security and confidentiality. This applies to all types of buildings: warehouses, offices, covered and non-covered car parks, shops, laboratories, factories, construction sites.

Public or private buildings, receiving public such as hospitals, clinics, institutions organizing fairs and exhibitions are particularly concerned.

Digital Locks For Doors are an excellent replacement for security companies. An SME does not have the means to afford permanent custodians 365 days a year, while an adequate access control system, once installed, will be effective regardless of staff time constraints.

Evaluate the risk areas for which you must control access.

You know your apartment better than anyone else, but you do not necessarily know the security flaws. Some places may seem perfectly secure while a professional can identify, on the contrary, a fragility to strengthen priority. The first phase of our intervention is to determine with you the areas at risk and to define the level of safety to apply them.

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