How to Implement Access Control System in Your Office

To control the access system at the enterprises trust the installation with the abbreviation ACS- access control system. Today, it has densely entered the life of companies of different directions: from parking lots and garages to hotels and business centers. And the usual intercoms, and turnstiles in public transport locks with a key card in the locker room of the fitness center- they are all representatives of the access control.

ACS is a set of technical tools that help distribute access rights to certain premises for office employees and keeps records of working time. For example, you want to prevent outsiders from entering the company’s office after 18:00. We program the access system, issue the key cards to the employees and everything is ready. After the specified time without this key, it is impossible to enter the office

In general, the list of Access Control System capabilities is very wide:

  • Access control;
  • Improving the quality of protection;
  • Accounting of working time;
  • Control of objects on which there is no permanent presence of security or personnel;
  • Saving and the ability to provide input and output data;
  • Integration with existing its infrastructure;
  • Integration with already installed fire alarm systems, security system and video surveillance system;
  • Differentiation of access control for different groups of employees;
  • The ability to scale the system to the interregional level.

If the fire alarm system gives a “Fire” signal, the automatic or manual unlocking of the doors is triggered. The ACS also stores all data on entry/exit, malfunctions, alarms, which can be viewed at any time.

Fingerprint acces Door Locks

In the event of emergency situations, the access point can be locked and unlocked if necessary. ACS can transmit an alarm to the AWP in case of unauthorized entry.

What are the control systems?

All access control systems by management method are divided into autonomous, network and combined.

Fingerprint Access Control System operates without a central computer, do not require central cable lines, remote control or operator control. Their cost is not very high, but the functionality is not so great. For example, they cannot keep track of working time.

The central computer manages network access control systems. Through the exchange of information with access control devices (turnstiles, barriers, etc.), they keep track of working time, create reports on various events. They can also integrate with other security systems: video surveillance, fire alarm systems, photo-verification, etc.

Combined, or universal access control systems, combine the advantages of both systems. They work as centralized systems, but in an emergency, they go offline.

Choose the type of “barrier.”

It remains to decide what exactly will block the way to outsiders and how it will be protected from hacking. If you need to restrict the passage through ordinary doors, then for this purpose, select the latches or electrically controlled locks. The protection against hacking is extremely weak, but the electric latches in this regard are reliable.

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